Dreams About Squirrels

Is it good to see squirrel in dream?

Squirrels in our dreams have sort of a mixed meaning because on one hand they represent fun and excitement heading your way, but on the other hand since they love to find and horde food, may even point to greed or hard work paying off in the future. The squirrel may even show up in dreams connecting to new found abundance, wealth and ideas  heading your way — something stored within the all mighty tree and this growth has now been developing.

So what does the squirrel really mean in our dreams? Well if you paid attention to the squirrels behavior,  appearance or location than you have the key to open the door to the meaning of your dream. Remember the squirrel is not really a squirrel but a metaphoric clue that wants to see something that is hidden within you. What could this be?

Article: Symbolic nature of trees in our dreams

How the squirrel likes to appear in our dreams?

  • How the squirrel likes to appear in our dreams?
  • Squirrels are known to show up in our houses
  • In our dreams they are known to attack or bite us
  • Some dreamer report the squirrel having rabies
  • Seeing a baby squirrel
  • The favorite color that shows up is black
  • Noticing a flying squirrel in your dream

Spiritual Meaning of the Squirrel

You might not think these cute spastic rodents actually contain spiritual elements to it, but due to the fact they are closely associated with trees we must look closer into this strange connection. Generally speaking, trees show up in our dreams pointing to the spiritual growth of the dreamer — Carl Jung considered the iconic image of the tree relating to life, wisdom, hidden knowledge and prosperity.

In our dreams you want to find the hidden element that will bridge these two unconscious forces for you to make it conscious – combine the squirrel with the tree suggests stored growth that will soon develop after the hibernation season. This might be a time in your life where there is no growth because the winter becomes a symbol of rest only to wait for the sun to appear. The sun in our dream is the masculine energy that will soon shine down on the dreamer once they are patient during this lull.

Help the squirrel is in my house!

It is quite common to dream of a squirrel in your house because the HOUSE represents a part of the dreamers mind — each room becomes a blueprint or inner architecture reflecting hidden feelings, memories and behaviors.

The squirrel inside your house represents your ability or desire to hibernate or conserve your energy; to pull back from outward activity. Remember the squirrel is industrious in the summer collecting/saving food for the winter. So it can depict the habit or need to save. How it behaves inside your house will tell you if you are properly conserving this energy.

Why does the squirrel attack you in your dream?

The squirrel might attack or bite the dreamer if they are being to greedy or selfish in their lives. Alternately, it may even point to other people that you interact with in your waking life that possess these awful traits. Regardless, the squirrel wants you to reflect who or what this may be so you can either avoid or fix this issues within you.

Did you see a baby squirrel in your dream?

To dream of a baby squirrel represents new phases or the beginning stages of growth in your life. Baby squirrels in your dreams are often seen as positive omens that hint at hidden wealth or positive energy stashed away for you to obtain. Of course this will be associated with the tree; see tree.

Rabid squirrel dream meaning

Rabies is a deadly virus spread to people from the saliva of infected animals. The rabies virus is usually transmitted through a bite. But in our dream a rabid squirrel is a negative omen that not only tells the dreamer that problem is unconscious to them but poses a threat to themselves. Rabies tells you about a past bite from someone who has infected a part of you. But where exactly? It might be related to your hard work to benefit rewards in the future. If the rabid squirrel belongs to the dreamer it suggest a problem with saving. Usually they are bitten by bat that will connect you with the spiritual side that might be off balanced; see bat in search bar.

Biblical meaning of squirrels in dreams

The biblical meaning of a squirrel in your dream represents putting in hard honest work so it can pay off in the future. Even though squirrels are not mentioned in the bible you should metaphorically deconstruct the meaning similar to the parables in the verses.

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1 month ago

A few weeks ago i dreamed of 3 squirrels playing in a tree that was by a house deck I was relaxing on. I was getting too close and trying to interact with 1 of the 3.. which had lunged out of the tree like a flying squirrel and attacked me on the arm and chest.
where I had woke myself up from yelling (in real life) help. I found myself hovering on my knees next to my bed trying to protect myself.

3 months ago

I dreamt that a group of 5 rabid squirrels who were tangled up with eachother fighting leapt from a tree and bit me on my forearms, hands, and neck.

I then headed away from the park and threw the squirrels into oncoming traffic where they were ran over by drivers. I then called an ambulance to take me to the hospital because I was too discombobulated to drive and was focused on remaining calm as to give myself more time.

5 months ago

Just dreamt about a squirrel, and another little critter about squirrel size, but without the tail. Both in the house, both oddly colored; the squirrel was a sort of food coloring red, and the other critter was like a watercolor blue and purple, with black paws and face. My brothers, who are both passed on, were trying to catch the squirrel, unsuccessfully until I thought to use one of my loaf dishes. The other critter I caught myself with a jacket, on an old sewing machine in one of my bedrooms, but it found its way to the unblocked sleeve,… Read more »

Reply to  Lucy
2 months ago

What about turning into a squirrel?

Last edited 2 months ago by Liz
5 months ago

I had a dream that I followed a squirrel around and did literally everything he wanted. I was kinda like a “yes man” for him, we chilled ate nuts, stored food for the upcoming winter, climbed tree to tree, broke into a dumpster. I have no clue what this meant.

5 months ago

I dreamed about Alvin and the chipmunks. I wasn’t in it, I just dreamed the entire movie and nothing else, so what does that mean?

Prefer Anonymous
Prefer Anonymous
5 months ago

I was dreaming that I was camping and a squirrel stole all my clothes. Any idea what THAT means?

6 months ago

Mine was this morning and before I get to the squirrel part, here’s some context.
I have a loft bed and I lay 1-2 feet from my ceiling. That said, the squirrel in my dream ate or dug through my ceiling making a hole. I can’t remember. Much after, just that I was probably trying to keep it from getting to me in case it trued to bite.

1 year ago

once i had a dream where i was riding my bike down my street with my dad, then suddenly a squirrel came out of nowhere and jumped in my face and started attacking and biting me. i screamed for help, but my dad disappeared. this was 3-4 years ago.