Dreams Starting With D


A dream of a daffodil is symbolic of a new beginning in your life. It represents happiness and reformation whether it is in a new venture or a new outlook and aspiration of bettering yourself.


When in a dream daisies symbolize innocence in love and the start of relationships; they are reflective of pride in your feminine side, renewal and purity. If you are being surrounded by daisies you are going to be offered aid with your problems, fortune is in your favor. If you are plucking petals it symbolizes innocence in love.


We are known to dance in churches, at weddings, sing while dancing, with strangers and sometimes with our dead relatives. Dancing in a dream is a positive omen that represents a celebration of independence, life, inner completion and living in the present moment. Dancing with someone is a celebration of two energies forming and becoming in synch with one another. If you are dancing in church it connects with your own inner connection with your sprit and beliefs. Dancing in the rain suggests you always makes the best out of a negative situation.


To dream of a dandelion is a positive symbol that is often associated with hopes and wishes. By blowing on a dandelion tells you about wishes that will come true in your life. A white dandelion connects to your pure nature and spirit. If you notice a dandelion root it suggest that you wish will take sometime to come to partition.


Noticing dandruff in your dream connects with your own negative feelings, emotions or behaviors that are shown to others. Its close connection with the hair and scalp encourages you to be mindful of your thoughts or a lack of confidence. If the dandruff is bad it suggests that this issue has been around for a long time and need to metaphorically cleanse.


The feeling of danger might be you unconscious mind protecting you from bad events to come in the future. As it plays out scenarios prepping you incase something bad was to happen. It may also be precognitive dream picking up on specific dangerous events in your life. powerful and intuitive so it picks up on certain things in your life that you may not understand in reality.

Dangerous Person

When you dream about someone who is a threat to you, the important thing is how you counter or the way you act towards that person. If someone pursues or attacks you it means the person symbolizes a problem which is troubling you.


Opposite to light the symbol of darkness reflects your inability to see or feel (intuition) in your life.

Darts and Dartboards

The game of darts in your dream indicates a task that you are currently working on. Too stop living in fear of failure and reach for your goals. You will know how well your ambitions are going depending on whether you hit a bull’s eye or you miss the dartboard. However, if you just see darts being thrown it could mean someone is out to hurt you emotionally or you feel bad about hurting someone’s feelings.


We are commonly known to date celebrities, police, rich married men, actors, doctors or friends. Dating dreams have more to do with the dreamer incorporating these specific traits within their own personality. Though most women tend to dream of dating more than men; a symbol that often connects to their own masculine side. See animus in the search bar.


Daughters appear in our dreams for many reasons and the majority of dreams they are in some sort of danger. Could it suggest you are instinctively picking up on them or this is something unconscous within you. For example negative themes such as kidnapping or drowning could suggest unconscious fears of losing them or some sort of weakness you are seeing within them. Mothers may also see their daughters as an expression of them in the past, special bonds and memories. Fathers who dream of their daughters relate to their unconsous feelings, the feminine or receptive side. When they are drowning it shows an emotional upheaval they might be going though. A daughter that dies is a positive symbol of a rebirth and transformation. A daughter that gets married suggest a union or bonding of some sort in her life.


Dreaming of the dead can be both rewarding and terrifying depending the context of the dream. There seem to be a fine line between actual contact or repressed memories or emotions that have come back to pay you a visit. The dead bring us valuable messages from beyond the grave for you to decode; known to smile, hug us and even talk to us. If your dead loved ones have brought you a gift it contains a coded message. Are you dreaming of your dead mother, dead father, dead grandmother, or grandfather?

Dead Animal

Depending the type of animal that is dead will alter the meaning of the dream. Dead animals in your dream reflects the animalistic side of the dreamer that needs reviving. Usually these are unconscious behaviors, instincts, urges that mirror the type of animal that is displayed. If you see one on the side of the road it connects to observing this along your path in life. Common themes revolve around noticing a dead carcass or animals being skinned alive.

Dead Bird

Dreaming of dread birds can be considered very symbolic bringing our attention towards ending personal freedom, relationships and transition in our lives. If you notice a dead bird fall from the sky it represents a lack of freedom in your life. If you are eating a dead bird suggests consuming the wrong ideas or beliefs in your life. Seeing two dead birds suggests that this issues will either come in twos or relates to multiple blocks.

Dead Body

Since dead bodies are supposed to be buried in the ground the dream reflects aspects in your life that you are unable to let go. A symbol that encourages the dreamer to reflect what areas in their lives that needs to be metaphorically buried. Alternatively, this could be related to dead weight or trying to get rid of something negative in your life. If the dead body is in your house it suggests a psychological problem that is unconscious to you. If the dead body is floating in water relates to a toxic emotional state. A dead body in a coffin can be seen as a positive symbol that suggest you will bury this problem soon. See coffin dreams. To notice a dead baby represent an ending in some sort of new development, idea or inner growth. See dead baby dreams.

Dead End

Dead ends is a warning that you are taking the wrong direction in life. Perhaps the way that you have been going isn’t working so you should try taking a new direction. If you are driving it might suggest a possible end or wrong way in your drive or path.

Dead Fish

Fishes are complex symbols that often represents the unconscious mind, spirituality. fertility or personal growth. Dead fish in your dreams encourages you to examine areas in your life that need emotional nourishment. Water is powerful symbol of life, growth, yin energy and our emotional state; the fish needs these ingredients to live and you are not providing it what it wants. Alternatively a dead fish might in fact be related to your partner who lies flat and unresponsive. See fish dreams for more information.


Dreaming of anything deaf relates to the dreamers inability to listen and communicate with others. On the other hand, if you encounter and talk with a deaf person it indicates that you need to try new ways of communicating for someone to understand your views. The mere fact the ear connects with the spiral suggest something is blocking you from being complete (see spiral). Animals that deaf reflect the dreamers instincts and behaviors that are not understood. A deaf girl points to the feminine, whereas a deaf boy relates to the masculine – lack of understanding of these traits. Hearing only out of one ear represents a spiritual imbalance in your life. If you dream of sign language contains a valuable message that the unconscious is trying to communicate with you by using other expressions.


Dreaming of death may not be such a bad omen after all. Death dreams have positive symbolism relating to rebirth, the old you is now dying off. Death mirrors new beginnings that is currently taking place in your life as you are undergoing a personal transformation. This can apply to friends, family and relationships as well hinting at change.

Debit card

To dream of a debit card represents your convenience to your friends and family.


When in debt in a dream it may symbolize anxiety and stress in some area of your life. Whether it is personal or something to do with business, dreaming of debt means that something is causing you to struggle and worry. If you dream of causing someone debt or loaning money from someone it could also mean that you are being a burden to that person or someone they represent.


Decadent behavior could be described as self indulging attitudes or some form of immoral action towards something or someone so as to contribute to the loss of innocence.


Whether you are being decapitated in your dream or someone else is, decapitation in a dream has to do with not having sensible thoughts. If you are being decapitated, start using your brain to think and see the light in situations, don’t be careless and start thinking before you act.


A deer in your dream represents luck and prosperity. They act as spirit guides with it gentle nature bringing you happiness in the near future. Communicating with a deer in your dream could bring out these emotions or if your replace the second “e” represent your feelings towards someone “dear” to you. Dreaming of a deer with antlers represents gifts and wealth. If the deer is in you house it symbolizes a calm and tranquil mind frame.


In our dreams deep levels often revolve around bodies of water such as oceans, sea and swimming pools. As you stand looking down reflects your conscious awareness into the deep abyss into your unconscious emotional state – a symbol that suggests when you explore it contains a lot of mystery. Deep snow implies that your emotions are in a stuck state and needs the warm of the sun to balance your energy (see sun dreams).


Whatever we defeat in our dreams is a very positive symbol of overcoming our past fears, doubts and grievances. This is why we often defeat our enemies in our dreams to show us that you have let go of the past and to obtain a level of understanding. Defeating a witch belongs to the feminine energy that could relate to feelings, emotions that are unconscious or a direct relation with your mother (see witch). Defeating a lion good omen suggesting you have defeated powerful force that had once overpowered you.


Dreams about defecating implies letting go of negative things in your life you have held on to. The larger the bowel movement the more of what was repressed within you that is now out.


Deformity in our dream represents our own inability to grow or flourish properly in your life. Your dream wants you to examine what is stopping this natural beauty from developing. We are common known to dream of deformed teeth, hands, feet, animals, toes and babies – symbols that point you towards what area is damaged in your life that needs to be made conscious. Usually these deformities connect us to past traumas, painful childhood experiences (see inner child), fears, ignorance, low confidence; feelings that are felt on the inside are expressed on the outside.


Seeing dementia in your dream denotes your mission to be able to provide for those who are dependent on you before you are unable to do so for even yourself. If you have Dementia you are afraid of forgetting important details.


Your dream is using the symbol of the so called “demon” as a manifestation of your own “inner demons” that you chose not to face. Saying such as “battling my demons” or “overcoming my demons” often filter their way in our dreams metaphorically to deliver a message. This is why we are often being chased or fighting demons hinting at our fight or flight response when battling what fears that challenge us in life. Dreaming of a demon dog implies issues with loyalty, best friends, trust or relates to distortion with your own masculine instincts and behaviors that need taming (see dog).


To dream of going to the dentist could suggest one of two things. For people who fear dentists, have poor hygiene or perhaps need to book an appointment could dream of a dentist. The dentist may also be a symbolic meaning of an attempt to fix or correct aspects of your inner world – communication, strengths and confidence levels. Positive dreams are often mirrored when the dentist is cleaning your teeth, an omen that implies you are removed negative elements of your past. A dentist is also known to pull out teeth or drill holes in them only to get your attention. See article for more details.


Are you happy in your walking life and constantly dreaming being depressed? This is because when you dream of depression you do not necessarily need to be depressed, you could just be looking for a way out of your errands. If you look at what is depressing you in your dream and could relate it back to your reality, then you may answer what responsibility is annoying you or even causing you depression that you could not understand before. However, dreaming of someone else being depressed could indicate your own depression that you do not want to admit to while it could mean that someone is actually depressed and they need your help to persevere.


Hopefully you’d follow your dream and help someone if you see them being deprived of something in your dream. On the other hand, if you dream of being deprived of something get over it, because you are envious or angry about something you’ve given up or something you cannot have that you know someone else has.


A desk in your dream means you need to evaluate your problems not only in your life but rather you look at prospects at work and the management of your finances. Now if the desk is cluttered it means you are disorganized in your life and are unable to manage your finances. Alternatively, a neat desk means you are doing well at work, a promotion may even be in order! Make sure it looks neat and not empty because if it is empty it means you are not fulfilling your expectations at work or even you are suffering with problems financially. If that’s the case then try discovering what you are about or what you like but do not hesitate because you may dream of someone else’s desk in another dream which would prove that you are not self-assured.


A symbol of an unconscious desert wasteland, where thoughts and emotions are buried or lost; a dangerous place to venture alone. Alternatively it can be a symbol of grounding your energies. To dream of desert sand represents lost time and a symbol of the unconsciousness.


Desserts and what we try to avoid in a health conscience society and so having a dream of them are representative of temptation and a push to enjoy a bit of the good things in reality, in some cases it could mean guilt for being greedy or indulging in fattening foods. Pay attention to whether you are satisfied at the end or whether you in fact even had the dessert. If you have not eaten them and it does not affect you it means that you have gotten rid of a habit, however if you seem to feel depressed because you cannot eat it, it may mean you are missing out on an opportunity or you are being too harsh with your diet.


You may need to make changes in your life that are causing you problems because signs of destruction in your dream, in whatever form it may come in, it means you need to burn the old and start afresh. Depending on if you are starting, viewing or caught in the destruction would tell you your position on the transformations in your life. Starting would mean you have control over it, you want to do it! While viewing it would denote you have no power over it while being caught in it means you are lost and confused with anxiety of what’s going on.


A detective represents mystery in your walking life whether you are trying to solve a problem or discover yourself. If you are a detective it means you are doing it on your own it means you are discovering new mysteries about yourself. If you hire a detective it means you need help with something but if the detective is asking you questions it symbolizes you are guilty about something and you think someone knows about it.


Seeing a detour in your dream signifies a detour in your real life. You have encountered some problem that is going to postpone you but you will still get where you want to go, you just have to find your way around it.


Dreaming of a devil could represent conflicts you are having with yourself; it may be negativity, guilt or worrying about a situation. These feelings come out in your dream in the form of the devil. The devil could also symbolize someone who has influenced you to do things that you do not like. The devil could be connected to your shadow archetype, the unknown aspects of yourself you are unable to recognize.


Diamonds are forever! Diamonds can be seen in our dream related to our commitments, wealth, success, advancement and self worth. If you receive a diamond ring it implies inner completion, awareness (see ring dreams). Geometry Shapes that appear in our dreams connects us to profound wisdom, opening up to life and creation of the Universe itself; a divine bridge between higher consciousness or direct communication with God. If you notice diamonds falling suggests some sort of loss, however it depends where it is falling from and if it was broken. For example if the diamond was to fall out of a ring it could be related to both your inner and outer world – a loss, unconscious fears or set backs. When diamonds and gold is together it is a very powerful image of higher states of awareness (see gold dream meaning); masculine and feminine energies merging. A diamond horse is known to be a symbol of the highest form of masculine energy that belongs to you (see anima dreams).


Being on a diet in your dream means you are not satisfied in your appearance or you feel restricted in life. On the other hand dreaming of dieting could mean that you want to break free and rebel a bit in society to get rid of things you think are not good for you.


If you are digging in your dream it means that you are diligently looking to find something that you want to use to solve your problems. Whether it is truth or trying to find the solution to something, digging symbolizes that you are going to work hard for the answer. If you find something whether it be treasure or just an object it means that you would soon find an answer. Going deep below the surface you may want to get to the bottom of things as well as the unconscious. However if your hole is filled with water, it means that your efforts would never be fruitful no matter your efforts.


Dreaming of having dinner alone represents your independence or you may be feeling lonely and need to develop some social skills. If you are having dinner with your family or with other people it means you have a good social life. Conversely not having dinner would mean you are starving yourself from experiencing life and making yourself happy whether it be nourishing yourself mentally, emotionally or spiritually.


Dirt is symbolic of mistakes that may cause you dishonor or suspicious behavior that you are trying to conceal. If someone is throwing dirt on you it means they are saying things to bring you down, if you are washing off dirt it means a new beginning.


If you are disappearing in your dream it means fear being alone and you are worried that the people you love would leave you on your own. You feel unappreciated and that things you do go unnoticed, you somewhat already feel invisible in the world. However, if someone else is disappearing you probably have lost communication with that person or they are no longer a part of your life. Also it may mean a loss of a specific quality or feeling you have towards someone.


Your dream serves as an outlet for this feeling because you may not let it out in your waking life. Whether it is disappointing yourself or someone else in your dream, it means that you are actually disappointed in yourself.


Disaster in your dream represents your fear and worry for your future or fear for change. Otherwise, be a bit cautious because it may be a predictive dream and it could happen in your life.


Dreaming of having a disease does not necessarily mean that you actually have the disease. Diseases in your dream, cancer, AIDS, heart disease or the flu, indicate anxiety about a situation or fear that you have about actually getting the disease. It could also be a predictive dream where your unconscious is warning about the illness since you may not be conscious about the symptoms. If you dream about a sexually transmitted disease you may be feeling uneasy about your sexual activity. When you dream of having a heart problem whether you have a heart attack or stroke as well it symbolizes your heartbreaks. Dreaming of having cancer symbolizes an actual person or thing that is causing you to be uneasy. If you are having dreams of plagues or flu of some sort it could mean you anxious about the state of the world or maybe a change in your life. Dreaming of someone else having a disease could mean you are worried about that person or there is an actual problem with your health.


Why are you hiding or carrying on with a false persona? When you dream of being disguised it means you refuse to face reality or come to terms with things in your life. If someone else is disguised in your dream it indicates they are being someone they are really not and you have started to realize it.


Dishes are symbolic of who you are and your attitude and perception of society. Alternately it could mean that you are “dishing” people out of your life or even someone you are interested in if you dream of having an enjoyable plate of food. If the dishes are dirty you feel down and depressed about situations, otherwise if clean it means you are satisfied.


Dreaming of diving into water means that you want to plunge into something that would please you, if the water is clean it means you have overcome come problems and you feel content. Conversely, dreaming of diving into muddy water means you feel stuck and worried about an obstacle you have come across. Otherwise, similar to digging, it could mean that you are looking to find a solution to a predicament. If you witness someone else diving in your dream, it suggests your attractions towards another individual in your waking life. Dreaming of animals diving in your dream is a release of your sexual tension which you have concealed.


A dream of you having a divorce signifies your fear of being alone or fear of being alone or just the fact that you are unsatisfied with your current relationship and need to make some changes. Divorce is symbolic of changes and a transitional phase in your life or relationship. Dreaming of someone’s finished divorce means you haven’t recovered from something that has affected you yet. On the other hand, dreaming of someone who isn’t even in a relationship getting a divorce means you are sensing a change for that person.


Dreaming of a doctor requires your attention to your inner world. They are not bearers of bad news but quite the opposite, doctors are positive omens bringing forth healing and change that is desperately need within. This inner sickness has manifested unconsciously within that needs your help to heal it.


Dogs are known for their companionship, loyalty, protectors, guardians and providing unconditional love. For centuries they have played important roles in our society, folklore and mythology. However, when dogs enter our dream world the interpretation isn’t so transparent after all. Dogs contain hidden messages that embody aspects of your instincts, consciousness to unconscious searching, warnings and guides.

Dog Bite

They tend to show up in a metaphoric manner often resulting to our animistic side, relating to best friends, or perhaps your own instincts that remain unconscious. It is important to note their nature of guarding, defending and protecting its surrounds.


Dreaming of a doll symbolizes childhood innocence and light-hearted fun. Playing with dolls or a doll coming to life would represent denying or trying to escape adulthood or the responsibilities that come with it. It can also mean immaturity with communication whether it is with the different states of mind or with the opposite sex. If the doll come alive to attack you it could be connected to childhood trauma or shadow archetype.


Dolphins are friendly messengers from the underworld or unconscous part of you as a symbol of protection, spirituality and luck. Dolphins like to appear during specific times in ones life when you are in need of guidance through a difficult time in one’s life – a symbol that often emerges when they save the dreamer. They are also connected with the spirit; their ability communicate through a process called Echolocation by their nasal passages just below their blowholes and are called click. You are receiving information unknown to your five senses (unconsciousness) helping you navigate though an emotional time in your life. If the dolphin bites you it suggests you are not trusting your guides or some might call your intuition. If the dolphin is dead it suggests you have neglected help or lost faith in your spirit world.


A door translation can change depending whether if it is open or closed. These are doors you open or close on an unconscious level, hidden deep within you. If a door is open its a very positive symbol it suggests open opportunities in your life. Alternatively if the door is closed there are some restrictions in your life. Usually the doors our found in houses that represent our mind/psyche, depending the room and floor the door is can alter the meaning.


Seeing a doughnut in a dream means that you are missing the point of a situation, something is not complete. Doughnuts can also represent gluttony and greed. If you are eating a doughnut it means you are fulfilling your needs.


Did you see yourself in your dream? Well this is a symbol of your shadow, the things that are unconscious to you.


A dove is a very important dream symbol because it represents strength and tranquility. Doves tend to serve a very important symbol in your dream because it might be sending you a message from another realm. If you see a dove soaring high in the air flying, you will break free from any burdens you are experiencing in your life.

Down Syndrome

Dreams about seeing someone with down syndrome represents something underdeveloped that remains unconscious within the dreamer. Common themes about a child with down syndrome may connect back to your inner child that has not been developed properly (see inner child).


Dreaming of a dowry is a positive symbol of richness and abundance coming your way. Alternatively, these dream may contain a spiritual element linking you towards your masculine or feminine; the wealth that you will inherit when you unify the opposite energy. See yin & yang, anima or animus in search bar.


A complex symbol representing the unknown parts of the dreamers personality that is often very destructive. Unconscious feelings off anger, rage and hate are manifested as a dragon, the dreamers main goal is to search and kill it. What is the dragon in your life?


Dragonfly symbolizes change and regeneration in your dream. They are 350 million year old as they hold a great mystery and a powerful message.


To see a drain in your dream suggests that you may be feeling drained from a certain situation in your present life. You might want to take a close look to see what factors are bringing you down. If you noticed that the drain is clogged it means that something is blocking you from moving forward in a situation in your life. If you lose an object in a drain, it means that you are unable to get back what you lost. Pay close attention to the item that went down the drain due to it serving an important message. On the other hand if the drain is clear, it means that there’s a free flow of emotions.


Drawing in a dream indicates your creative abilities that you may not show in your waking life. Drawing could also mean a draw in an argument or dispute.

Dream Inside A Dream

Although it is a very bizarre experience, it is not uncommon to have a dream within a dream. You are able to discover new levels of your unconscious mind and breaking barriers through different stages. To see yourself dreaming in a dream represents a lack of awareness in your waking life. To dream of waking up from a dream means that you are exploring new dimensions of the depth of your unconscious.


When you drink any liquid in your dream it means that you are refreshing your awareness and nourishing aspects of our mind body and soul. Depending what you are drinking whether it is beer, wine, water, oil, coke will alter the meaning. Drinking can be both a positive and negative symbol depending if what you are metaphorically consuming is healthy.

Driver’s license or ID card

Seeing your driver’s license or id card represents your search to understand yourself. Losing the ID card would mean you are trying to be someone else.


Driving in our dreams not only forecasts what might be ahead of us, whether you like it or not, it becomes a powerful omen relating to your own drive and control in life. You will notice that your dream will put you in sports cars, going fast, crashing into water, reversing, just to name a few. Depending what happens alters the meaning. Find out if your driving will lead you down a road to success or failure.


Dropping things in your dream symbolizes that you need to let go of something or someone. You need to look at what is being dropped and see what it means it you. It could be a friendship or an assignment that you are neglecting.


Dreaming of drought is symbolic of you putting up a wall to your emotions which may be caused by a lack of intimacy. On the hand drought can also mean that you are dehydrated spiritually and emotionally.


Drowning in dreams usually connects to the emotional side of the dreamer; feelings of being emotionally overwhelmed, burdened or consumed in some aspect in your life. However, being underwater tends to inform the dreamer that these stresses are often unconscious and needs to be made conscious. Themes that revolve around drowning often take place in our cars, in muddy or dirty water, in the sea or sometimes noticing someone drown. However, drowning frequently targets our children relating to unconscious fears about their death, issues with your child, or consuming your child emotionally.


Drinking can be seen as a positive symbol of nourishing aspects of your mind, body and soul. Though drinking toxic substances that are harmful to your body such as beer or wine alters the meaning depending if these substance impact your life. Drinking beer in your dream suggests new friends, celebrations are around the corner. Drinking wine contains more of a symbolic meaning due to its reference in the Bible. Wine however alters the meaning if this is holy wine or just a simple glass of wine. Wine can be seen as a positive symbol relating to new ventures, relaxation and reserved positive energy that will release. Drinking milk is a positive omen implying nourishment from the Mother or divine feminine energy.


Do you have a need to escape reality? Do you want a break away from the normal day to day life? These dreams are hinting at us to explore our consciousness or to wake up and stop living in a dream land. If you are overdosing suggest you need to come back to reality and stop escaping your problems in life.


Playing drums in your dreams means you are finding yourself and starting to get the ball rolling on what needs to be done to get your life in order.
To listen to a drum in your dream represents your aspirations and goals that are being let loose.


Being drunk in your dream means that your actions are thoughtless you are trying to run away from reality.


A highly symbol aquatic animal that contains three out of four earth elements of which the entire world is composed such as earth, water and air. A symbol relating to emotional shifts and messages from the unconscious.

Duffel Bag

Most bags in dreams contain things we carry around with us. A duffel bag has a close connection with travel or movement and transitions in your life. This is what you are taking to the next stage.


Seeing dynamite in your dream is a threat and something or someone is about to tick you off and you are going to blow up.

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1 year ago

I have a reccurring dream occasionally that im riding a motorcycle. I don’t ride motorcycles nor do I want to but it’s like I did it in a past life??? Also I dream Of dead people only they’re alive in my dream and always my friend disappears before I can say anything and I chase but can’t find him .

1 year ago

I dream of been we are cleaning in the house then then I noticed that a man didn’t really clean it thoroughly I get mad and called him but in the in I was the one who still clean and check the cleanliness of the sertain area then we moved to the next scene I was traveling with my dad and other companion then we received a letter and we decided to deliver it but unfortunately one of the letter drop and the bird took it and flew away then father say to he person I know that person I… Read more »

1 year ago

A couple of days ago I had a dream about a mutual friend dying in the hospital. To give some background, this friend and I have always had some kind of connection other than friends but they are in a relationship so nothing has ever happened. Anyway, in my dream this friend was dying. There was nothing I could do to stop it but I was more upset about his death than his own gf in the dream. Like I was sobbing and telling him how much I love him. It was all very real. I have never dreamed of… Read more »

1 year ago

Does anyone know what this means? My brother was my closest friend,, he ended his life at 23 years old and left me devastated on the day of his funeral I was so wasted I straight home after the service and when to bed and slept for two days ,, sometime around 11 or 12 pm he walk into my bed room the light entering work me up I was shockedand criedbut he saidhe didn’t have time for and asked me will I be ok ? I said yes in time but wh ere will you go? He said I’ll… Read more »

2 years ago

I was bicycling along a multi lane highway and there were lots of cars each lane stopped. I was in the left lanes and realized I’d have to go left, then u turn and go the other direction to get where I needed to go. As I came to a stop at the intersection, I saw my ex spouse of 16 years, and we had a friendly conversation. I realized there was trash in my hand and was looking around for a bag. My ex found a bag and gave it to me. I looked over and there was a… Read more »

2 years ago

hey, so I had a weird dream…1. i dreamt about being adopted into an evil family who abused me. then someone started burning piles of paper and trash, and I said I had to use the bathroom but I actually just wanted to put a piece of paper hidden away in my pocket and not let them burn it. and the mom who adopted me followed me to make sure I was actually using the bathroom, and when I was in there I for some reason couldn’t figure out how to open the toilet and then the stepmom said “watch… Read more »

2 years ago

I had a dream I was in a car and what I remember is a good friend being extremely drunk what could that mean?

2 years ago

I had a dream I was brooming my room and I saw a deer I got scared and hit it with the broom it flopped on the floor

2 years ago

I have seen I am driving a three wheeler (which I have never been done so far in real life) the roads are difficult narrow, some roads are normal.

Sylvia stapelberg
Sylvia stapelberg
2 years ago

demon reveal himself in a little boy and gave his name to me

Kristina turner
Kristina turner
3 years ago

I had a very strange dream last night which was 2 fold. In one part of the dream I only remember 3 people. Myself, a man, and a woman and we were submerged under water, all 3 smiling and oddly seemed to be as though we were stuck together. We looked really happy like if we all band together and jumped in the water and somehow stayed together LOL. We all had smiles as stated but I had concerns as we were all submerged under water yet the water was completely calm. Does this make sense to anyone? On another… Read more »

3 years ago

Hello, I had a dream last night that I was on a school bus taking children to their homes as a Chaperoned. I look out onto the water and see a body of a man with a red shirt and blue jeans floating on top of the water. Then another man, floating on top of the water with a blue shirt and red pants. Then another with a red shirt and blue pants. Three men lying face down in the water floating in almost a line with six or so feet gap between. Not sure what this symbolizes and looking… Read more »

4 years ago

I keep dreaming that I wake up, in darkness and cannot turn on any light. An I am then petrified and know something is in the darkness after me. Then tonight I dreamt of being in a dark room and all these dark monster like figures where trying to grab me and I was frantic screaming ‘ I am not afraid of you’
This is every night, the first hour I am asleep then I suddenly wake up from the dream.
Anyone able to help?

11 years ago

My ex was driving acar wich i was the passenger, we were driving in reverse i was guiding him until we backed into in house.

Reply to  wendy
3 years ago

Someone wrote “ don’t look back, your not going that way “ do you both want to be
in a place you were ? I think its GREAT that you are doing it TOGETHER . ❤️❤️
Of course theses are only my thoughts .

11 years ago

I adopted a dog, does this mean anything?

12 years ago

Dream of death….