Dreams That Start With W


Dreaming about waffles shows you have to be more realistic with your thoughts in your waking life. It could also mean that you cannot make up your mind in important decisions. Furthermore it could signify that you need to be more confident and assertive with your ideas and thoughts.


A dream about a wager signifies a chanced decision based on your own knowledge. This could apply to work, relationships or new ventures in your life.


Dreaming about paying wages to people means that you owe someone money. On the other hand it could mean that you are in a relationship doing more for someone than they are giving you in return.


These dreams can alter depending if the wagon was modern or for children. An old covered wagon brings you from one place to another in an old fashion way. Falling off the wagon suggests going back to an old bad habit. If you notice a child’s wagon suggest a need to pull out the inner child in you. The red color might imply passion or anger. Seeing a vacant wagon represents emptiness and unhappiness.


Dreaming of a waif model suggests that you have problems with your weight. You are too skinny and unhealthy. The dream signifies your uncertainty in life and lack of confidence in your image.


Hearing a wail in your dream represents a cry for help. Someone is suffering and may not ask for you help but you should pay attention to people in your life and see if you could see past their shell. If you are the one wailing then you dream is just a way for you to release your feelings which you find hard to let loose in your conscious state.

Waiter or Waitress

Dreaming that you are a server in a restaurant means that you put other peoples desires before your own. The dream could imply that you are unappreciated or not working hard enough to please others. If you see a waiter or waitress then you desire people to care for you and listen to what you want. Someone needs some attention.


Waiting patiently in a dream implies that you know that things in life take time. Some things are worth the wait and hassling does not help some situations. Alternately, being impatient represents your dependability and controlling demeanor to people; you expect too much out of a situation. It could also mean you are worried about something but it is better if you slow down and stop being so anxious.


Dreams about wakes can have an alternative meaning depending the context or if you recently lost someone. Dreaming of your wake is a positive dream symbol that shows a death and a rebirth that has recently occurred. People who are mourning over a death might suggest the ending of one stage so a new life can begin.

Walkies Talkie

When dreaming of a walkies talkie it indicates that there is need for communication in your life whether it is in some problem or with someone in your life. You seem to forget that it takes two to tango; communication does not only involve one person.


Walking in dreams brings your attention to your life path and movement. How you walk will determine your progress; difficulty or walking with ease reflects situations in your life and how you will advance forward. If you notice you are walking slow suggests a need to reflect on the areas you need to speed up the pace. It is quite common to walk alone suggesting that the new path you take you will remain alone on this venture. Walking in circles is metaphoric for the things in your life that are making you waste your time with. Walking barefoot suggests you could be grounded or just need bare essentials for progress. Walking in rain or water point at our emotions and the control we have over them. Walking in mud or tar represent slowing down on your path as there might be some minor setbacks. To walk in the city belongs to new ventures in your life that are unfolding that you are trying to understand.


Wallets in dreams are symbolic as they represent individuality and finance. Wallets keep our personal information as its a part of our identity of who we are and what we have. If it goes missing or misplaced it implies a lack of responsibility or poor money management. It could also suggest unconscious money worries that you may have. A common dream is having your wallet stolen suggest an attack on your identity or possible minor financial setbacks in the future. If someone is stealing it from you implies an outside force has control or power over your finance or identity.


Putting up wallpaper in a dream suggest covering up aspects of yourself. A house represents our mind and psyche, depending the room and color will have an alternative meaning. A cover up or a shield against feelings, past experience and unconscious emotions. Stripping the wallpaper will have the opposite meaning of getting to the root of the problem. You are going back in the past to rectify the issues that have been causing issues in your life.


Wars are very symbolic suggesting inner conflict that needs to be resolved. Most often the war takes place in our mind as you are trying to resolve two opposing negative factors. This is why it is quite common to escape from the war in your dream, but it can be seen as a negative symbol of avoidance. Alternatively, you may be escaping a very toxic or volatile environment. These conflicts might mirror past unresolved experiences, toxic relationships, work or family environments.


These might be stored areas in your mind that are filled with ideas, memories, or opportunities that are needed to be explored.


Many dreamer know a difference from a normal dream and one that contains a warning. These dreams are often nightmare’s in which they feel instinctively that it was a bad omen relating to death or serious accidents.


In most cases we are being wanted by police in our dreams that represents avoidance towards something of authority. The police are symbols in your life that are comprised of rules, power and feelings of guilt. The fact you are running away or wanted shows you would rather not face this problem that is present in your life. The dream will most likely be on repeat until you identity with what you might be running from your life.


Washing anything in a dream can be considered a positive omen that represents a cleansing or purification in your life. What you are washings becomes symbolic to the area was once negative or unclean. For the most part what is often cleaned still remains unconscious to the dreamer but the process has already begun. Washing hair in your dream is a removal of negative thoughts, patterns or things that were hindering your growth. Washing your private parts can be seen related to urges or sexual behaviors that have been cleaned up. To dream of washing your hands is metaphoric for removing or leaving things in your life that no longer serve you any purpose. If you dream of washing clothes or a washing machine it connects to the dreamers identity or self image that they are cleaning up.


When the wasp appears in our dreams relating to negativity, anger, aggressiveness, or dangerous people. Wasps are not very friendly when provoked so you seem to be in a very precarious situation in your life. If you were stung by a wasp suggests getting too close to someone who is very temperamental.


A symbol letting you know there might be pent up negative energy around you, or a need to dispose unwanted emotions.


The symbol of water constitutes for being one of the most common dream occurrences. Water acts as a metaphor reflecting our current emotional state, a powerful symbol that belongs to the emotional unconscious of the dreamer that is not fully understood. A symbol that needs to be translated for the dreamer to understand their emotions and feelings so they don’t overwhelm them in their lives. The color, shape, depth and location become a clue to help guide the dreamer to the true meaning.


Whenever you enter into mother nature’s territory in your dream you are essentially entered the sacred part that is now undergoing inner healing.


We are often eating, seeing or noticing a giant watermelon. This is a symbol of fertility, balance, strength and being a grounded individual. A positive omen when it emerges in your dreams.

Water Balloon

This could be a build up of emotions directed at someone. The person who is hit with the water balloon is an indication on who might be responsible for causing this distress.

Water Hose

Depending the context this could this be a phallic symbol or a need to relieve emotional tension. If you are using a hose to put out a fire suggests calming a situation in your walking life before it gets worse.


Waves are very symbolic dream symbols that suggest some sort of emotional disturbance unfolding in their lives. Its connection with the wind, sun and moon suggests that this force belongs to the unconscious side of the dreamer; a pull towards the shore (consciousness) a symbol relating to a turbulent energy emerging. Waves can appear relating to unpredictable outside forces, shifts in moods (moon/feminine) or relationships. If this is something that you can see from a safe distance it tends to reflect proper grounding relating to this particular event. However if you are in the water it shows that you will be engulfed or struggle to keep afloat.


Weakness in dreams has more to do with a weakness in the dreamer mental as opposed to physical weakness. An inability to punch an attacker, or you are unable to walk or move your arms seems to represent insecurities and lack of confidence in the dreamers life. Weakness in a dream encourages the dreamer to go inward and to find their fears or anxieties that have power over them.


Depending the weapon can alter the meaning of the dream. Usually weapons in dreams are used to show your hurt or other peoples anger. These symbols could be preparing for major tasks or unconsciously trying to sort a battle between two forces. Using a knife or gun can alter the meaning of the dream.


Weather is an important symbol that can give us insight on how we might be feeling. A sunny bright days will be positive omen but storms and natural disasters are negative.


These dreams might come as a metaphor reflecting a connection, bond or commitment you have in life. Depending the dream rings, cakes, veils and who is getting married can change to meaning. There could be a possibility you have unconscious desires being played out in your dream. A need for love, partnership or a connection with someone. Common dreams occur when you are getting married to the wrong person reflects a wrong union of two factors in your life.

Wedding Ceremony

Dreams of ceremonies bring your attention to family, friends and celebration in your life. A possible internal unification between two aspects of yourself, coming together to form a bond.


If you have concerns about your health and weight might bring your attention to this symbol. Weight in dreams mirror something you take on inside that reflects on the outside. How you feel about your weight alters the meaning of the dream.


Similar to the vampire the werewolf acts as our animal urges, repressed instincts and shadow archetype. The other side to your personality that you hide hidden in the darkness (nocturnal). This might be connected to the sexual side of the dreamer, the need to be independent.


The direction west can be both a positive and a negative omen depending the context of the dream. West is the direction of the setting sun and dusk, linking it with death, endings, the season of fall. However west can also been seen as new opportunities, hope, and adventures – to follow God’s path.


These are powerful dream omens that are messengers from the unconsciousness. Whales are unknown until the reach the surface (consciousness) as they encourage you to dive deep and explore the unknown aspects of your unconscious. They connect to the our intuition, inner guide, and psychic abilities as they use other senses to navigate. The while encourages you to explore your own unknown depths; resisting may bring forth a killer whale.


This symbol suggests something might be hindering your movement in your waking life. The circular wheels might imply completion or directed at the self.


Depending the dream can change the meaning. If you are doing the whipping might be an indication for you to whip that person into shape. It could also mean you might be too hard on that person.

White Moth

Moths are similar to the butterfly and holds a very powerful spiritual meaning of some sort of transformation. Some have said it could relate to death of something in your life that was valuable. Moths point to our inner psychic, intuition and nocturnal.


Wigs cover our thoughts or hiding something that might be exposed in our lives.


Winds ability to change, messengers of our spirit, the powerful influences in your life. These dreams might be indications of your thoughts, feelings or urges that are moving. A symbol of communication or a message heading your way.


Wind synonymous with air one of the four classical earth elements, along with earth, water, and fire. This is the element that is often correlated with breath, life, communication, knowledge and the holy spirit.


Did you know that most of our dreams about our wife are negative? The theme is often based off of repressed or unconscious feelings projected on your wife.


These are very positive dream omens that bring your attention to protection and future progress. The ability to fly connects to the lucid part of dreaming


These are interesting dream symbols that alter depending if the window is open or closed (see house). They bring our attention to perception, opportunities or ideas that are presented to you. Metaphors for our eyes are we see things presented to us either open or closed. Positive window dreams are opening, large windows, climbing out and looking out. However, if the window is shut blocked or can’t open suggests blocked or trapped perception.


These are symbols that connect to our path or drive in life. It might suggest impaired vision as you move along on your path in life.

Winning Money

Money in dreams brings your attention to obtaining objects that will benefit you. Hinting at finding something valuable (unconscious) that will serve you a purpose in life.


Witches are the negative animus feminine (mother complex) or shadow archetype. Men who dream of witches might have a distorted feminine within the male. Women who dream of witches may have unconscious behaviors of the dangerous ways. Witchcraft is also a spell that might be unconscious that relates to the possession of the anima. She can also show be a symbol of your hidden talents.


Like possession, witchcraft emerges in our dreams when we might be controlled by a negative force that tend to manipulate or control your movements. By examining what areas you might feel you are controlled or influenced in your life, often a manipulation of the feminine; unable to control emotions, behaviours, urges that belong to both your inner and outer world. For men the witch could be associated with the mother or ANIMA. Defeating a witch in your dream indicates you have identified the root of this negative source and will remove it from your life. Fighting the powers of witchcraft suggest you are battling this issue head on and soon you will defeat it. If someone is putting a spell on you in your dream it might suggest you are being influenced by an external source.


The image of these unusual characters have the ability to morph in our dreams as symbols of wisdom and sound judgement. The wizard manifests in your dream by providing you with a message that needs to be decoded metaphorically.


The wolf is a common motif in mythologies for many years. As Carl Jung would say that this is a very rare symbol to show up in your dream that links to the unconscious part of the dreamer. The wolf would portrayed in modern times as greedy and cunning. This powerful symbol could also translate to teaching, guidance, friendship, loyalty and intuition. They are symbol of fear in mythology, however they are from the wild that brings your awareness unconscious instincts.


Who are these women that keep appearing in your dreams? According to Jung, a man dreams of his anima; the feminine within the masculine psyche that needs to be integrated. In dreams a women represents wisdom, love and protection; links back to your relationship with your mother They can appear as an old lady with grey hair, pregnant or even kissing you.


Dreaming of being in the woods allows you to access the unconscious part of yourself. Inside the woods you will either have the change to confront your fears or be consumed by them. In this enchanting yet mysterious part of your mind you will notice a cabin, a man chasing you and sometimes you are just running.


These dreams might imply feelings of insignificance and small in your walking life. The symbol between death in renewal, a yearning to be grounded. Dreaming of worms are also seen in a negative light when they are hosting inside the dreamer. These dreams bring your attention the the negative forces that eat you up in your daily life. They can be thoughts, situations or past experiences that have lead you to feeling worms in you.


A need to express your thoughts, pointing at free association the act of bringing unconscious feeling to the surface. If you are dreaming of writing exams/tests can alter depending the dream.

Wrongly Accused

These dream occur when you are feeling blamed or something you didn’t do in your waking life. However, an inability to take blame, denial or failure to accept responsibility these dream can occur.

Wreaking Car

See car dreams


In dreams wrists represent work, relationship and your creative nature. If your wrist is injured or you cut your wrists brings your attention to a communication failure.

Wrist Watches

These dreams bring your attention to your personal time and image/ego. It might be a metaphor to ‘watch’ something. The clue will be hidden in the contents of your dream.

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9 months ago

I’ve had two weird dreams this weekend. The last one was with me riding in the back seat as a passenger. The driver was a co-worker but I can’t remember the other two. We were on a freeway that was next to the water/ocean. The weather was kind of bad – windy, raining and cloudy. As he drove it became increasingly worse and then the water became high waves. He started trying to drive faster but it didn’t work. We were hit and it seems like we were under water. While still in the car, I couldn’t see the others… Read more »

1 year ago

I had a dream I was an FBI agent…handcuffing criminals…afterwards I went to a restroom to wash my face…looked at my reflection in the mirror….and my face…eyes and everything around me was completely white like snow… except for my pupils…they were pinpoint black… I’m an African American…the dream wasn’t scary… I’m just interested in what it means…

1 year ago

Hi, I have always had dreams of trying to pull a hair out of my mouth but it always gets stuck. I’m 68 so I have been dreaming this for a long time.Last night I had the same dream but I was able to pull the hair all the way out. It was full of gunk but it came out. Any thoughts?

Bashir babani
Bashir babani
1 year ago

Seeing a ‘Dream. Of getting married to a young beautiful lady i never met until after the wedding. I was happy to meet her’ what the interpretation pls?

Daniel mitchell
Daniel mitchell
2 years ago

had a dream i was looking at a stone wall and the letters RHEAMD appeared on the wall?

2 years ago

I had a dream my son was about to hit a golf ball , I stopped him but looking noticed there was already a broken window . On closer look there were 10 different broken pains . I scholled him and said,have you any idea how much this will cost to repair ? A lot !

2 years ago

I dreamed I was driving down a road I frequent in my town. There are trees one either side and then some houses on the left and a clearing to the right. The typical country setting. As I was going along there were no other cars on the road and I saw three wolves that had just crossed the road from left to right and were now heading into the woods. They were moving in slow motion. They were beautiful and I was in awe. I slowed down to see them and matched the speed they were walking. They never… Read more »

Reply to  Tara
10 months ago

Could be a shamanic calling, or your spirit guides. Look into it and shamanic journeying. It’s a lot to explain in a comment, but do please look into it and pay attention for more dreams and sightings of these wolves. They are probably trying to get your attention. Don’t shrug this one off.

Safe travels.

3 years ago

I dream that someone said welcome to Atlanta, GA. What does it mean

3 years ago

I had a dream that involved killing someone who was chasing me with a wrench, and I can’t seem to find meanings for this. 1. Wrench 2. I could clearly make out the face of an unknown man hunting me and my family down, which doesn’t indicate suppression of anything 3. I didn’t feel guilt, I felt justified since the man was threatening my family These are the three primary parts of the dream that seem to have significance, as the rest involved turning oatmeal into cookie dough, and riding a stegosaurus (idk), but I can’t find interpretations of these… Read more »

4 years ago

I had a dream last night that felt so really. I was away on vacation with some family and I stayed in the room the morning I wasn’t feeling well so I went back to sleep woke up around lunch time when to the kitchen to get some sprite and there was a stranger in my room once he say me he started attacking me and I don’t know why but I started howling like a wolf and screaming for help and kept howling ran into hallway and down the stair to get out side away from this man and… Read more »

11 years ago

Idreampt that I was in my car and that someone threw a rock fairly large one into the windshield and it was so real it actually woke me up

12 years ago

i had a dream last nite that i was on a beach and there were a bunch of people there. but it was all dark out, like when its really cloudy, but not like nite. so then all the sudden this humungo purple blue whale (the kind of whale blue, not the color, cuse the whale was color purple.) jumped out of the water and swallowed me whole. and then a woke up really freaked.

12 years ago

I had a dream that was set in the olden days, and I was staying with this family. when one of the boys got severely scalded by hot water on the face. to help him I had to tie string to sticks and then sow up the loose skin on his face. It freaked me out quite a bit and I can’t get it out of my head.

12 years ago

My “dream” felt more like an experience or instance. Had awoken at 2am & up for nearly 2 hours when i felt myself falling to sleep. In an instance i felt a powerful weight pushing me down into a falling sensation. I could not move & felt sooo trapped & claustrophobic. A scary sensation that felt minutes into falling asleep. I awoke from it with the weight lifting off.. First time experience. I am a 38yo male single parent of 3 children under 6.

anna vega
anna vega
12 years ago

My dream was a bit overwhelming for me. I was driving and crossing a bridge, and was apprehensive because I saw so much water to the left to the right…all around and felt super scared at the depth of large amounts of water. Felt as if the water was going to come crashing in and wiping everything out!! Pretty scary

Reply to  anna vega
1 year ago

I have a fear of deep water also. That is one scary dream.