Ear Dream Meaning

For some odd reason when ears show up in our dreams the contexts seem to be bizarre or extremely vivid. Ears are very symbolic in our dreams that connect the dreamer to hearing, gossip, intuition, awakening.

We must approach this image metaphorically relating to what we hear in the outside world and how we absorb it internally. A powerful symbol that magnifies how you perceive things that might result being off balance in your life.

Depending the context of your dream you will come to the understanding if  the ear has a positive or negative connotation attached to it. What you have absorbed internally in your past remains unconscious to you until now.

More than often we are removing earwax, pulling things out of our ear, bleeding or even cleaning it – commonly presented in graphic detail to get your attention. What comes to mind when an ear would be blocked – uninformed behaviors, oblivious nature, uneducated, ignoring the obvious, ignorance to life or dense thinking.

Ears bring you closer to what has or needs to be cleaned out for you to live a healthier existence.

Ear Dream Meaning

Do you know why the Buddha was depicted having big ears? It is not because his ears were deformed, rather it reflected is wisdom and compassion. He also had the ability to hear the sounds of the world – to hear the cries of all living creatures – and respond.

You might ask how does this have anything to do with your dream. Since dreams deliver us messages coded metaphorically we can interpret the ears as a mirror how open our “mind ears” and what effects us when it is closed.

Your dream wants you to acknowledge that this is not just a sensory organ for you to hear, but what you hear can distort your whole mind, body and soul. Noticing your ears bleeding or infections suggests a lack of balance, loss of vitality/energy, and negative absorption in our life. If your ear is being pierced see earring dreams.

Ear Dream Symbolism:

  1. Known for its perception of sound; organ of hearing.
  2. What you hear from the outside effects your equilibrium/balance.
  3. It’s external is visible but absorbed (inner ear) mind; remaining unconscious.
  4. Act as the ability to perceive or make distinctions; discrimination or taste: a good ear for a well-written novel.

Removing Earwax In Dreams

As disturbing and graphic pulling earwax out of your ear in your dream it is actually considered a positive omen. Metaphorically speaking you are removing a blockage or build up of past negative absorption.

Your outside influences or what you hear will no longer throw you off balance. Could it suggest that you removed being ignorant, closed minded, not willing to hear others, or possibly trusting your own intuition? Might it suggest that how you used to think in the past was causing you to remain uninformed?

In your dream you will be provided with clues such as your locations, people around you, or if you are looking in a mirror. How did you feel when it was taken out? If earwax is falling out it is a positive symbol that implies blockages will be removed on their own naturally.

Ear Dreams: Pulling Out

This might be another symbol that can seem graphic but contains a positive message. Now depending what you are pulling out and the location would be metaphoric to what you are trying to remove within.

In essence you are trying to get something out of your mind, what you might have learned in the past could have effected you mentally. These are things that you may have heard that has unfortunately altered your perception in life. This can be anything from racism, ignorance, negative thought patterns, prejudices and so on…

Ear Dreams: Sexual and Intuition

Since dreams like to use one image to represent another we must examine what the ear looks like. Often associated with the spiral, snail, sea shell connects the dreamer to the vulva (sexual symbolism).

The aquatic connection bridges the dreamer to waters, moon and the feminine energy – the pearl that is found inside results to awakening the dreamers scenes. Alternatively the ear can be a representation of a transformation once cleaned, removed or pulling things out as a rebirth.

It is not uncommon to dream of water coming out of your ears. Water bridges the dreamer with their unconscious emotional side reflecting a release or loss; depending the emotions expressed, location, and people around are clues provided for the dreamer.