Doctor Dream Meaning

Dreaming of a doctor might seem a little perplexing due to the type of visit, the news delivered, or if they are even performing surgery on you. The good news is doctors in our dreams are considered good omens that are known to heal our mind, body and soul.

This appointment may have been long overdue but the doctor tells us that he/she is there to heal these past wounds or trauma in our lives. Though you wouldn’t really be able to pinpoint where this issue is stemming from because it still remains hidden from you. Though depending on how the doctor’s appeararece or behavior in your dream becomes clues where to look.

Doctor Dream Meaning

The doctor in your dream is closely connected to the WISE OLD MAN archetype -described by Carl Jung, known to be a profound philosopher distinguished for wisdom and sound judgment. Basically this so called man disguised as a doctor has now entered your psyche to cure the inner sickness has manifested unconsciously.

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The doctors profession is usually metaphorically coded in what particular area in your life that needs healing. For example, to dream of an eye doctor will point you towards your intuition or THIRD EYE that might be underatvice or now has been activated.

By examining the specific area the doctor treated you in your dream, it helps to located the specific area to the bodies CHAKRA system. Dating or marrying a doctor represents a unification or healing of two energies. For women marrying or dating a doctor in her dreams will be connected to her ANIMUS – healing the inner masculine within the feminine psyche.

Doctor Symbolism In Dreams 

  • the healer
  • a wise sage – proceeding from or characterized by wisdom, prudence, and good judgment.
  • wise man or wise woman
  • advisor or leader
  • native doctor in dream represents healing the spirit

Doctor Dreams: Why They Appeared

The images that are presented in our dreams can be translated metaphorically and applied to what is unknown to us. We must approach the symbol of the ‘doctor’ similar how we see wise figures in some of our favorite movies.

Just like Yoda is depicted in Star Wars, Mr. Myagi in The Karate Kid, or even Galadriel in Lord of the Rings; they appear during the right time during ones life to offer guidance when we are lost.

The doctor like the sage figures offer to teach, aide, and offer advice to the hero (dreamer), though in our dreams he or she will speak in a language that might be unfamiliar to you. Often times this brings your attention towards your inner world, parts of your emotions, behaviors or traits that need to be redirected. At the same time letting the dreamer choose their own path towards destiny.

Doctors in dreams provide light to the dark places in your life that you are unable to see at the moment, though you have received many clues pointing to the where the problem lies.

Doctor Dreams: Healing Power Within

Alternatively a doctors role treats its patients from the inside by giving them the proper medicine. This becomes a clue wanting you to examine what is inside that is causing an imbalance in your life.

I am sure you have heard of the saying from the ancient Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu “He who knows others is wise. He who knows himself is enlightened“.  In essence by finding and curing your internal sickness inside will set you free.

Just as the doctor examines inwardly and deeply, this is a symbol for you to gain further insight a different perspective of who you really are. The doctor becomes an archetype that drives us toward such self-reflection in the search for wisdom.

Similar to the hero in the movies you are on your on a journey blindly seeking help from someone who knows what’s right for you. A representation of the healing energy residing in yourself that you can trust.

Doctor Dreams: Bad News, Scared or Resisting?

We are going to jump right in the deep end and bring attention to the dark parts of your personality. Any sort of negative resistance or hearing bad news from the doctor can be attributed to the ‘shadow side‘ of the dreamer. The shadow can be defined as our unconscious behaviors, painful past experiences, instinctual urges, unwanted or the repressed feelings hide under that mask.

The shadow is often behind most of our nightmares and recurring dreams that never seems to go away. The doctor wants to help you despite how the medicine tastes, you must face your fears or inadequacy. These dream all have to do with your mind and never the body. Like most heroes on their journey they must see the sage before fighting the enemy, and in your case your own darkness.

  • Anger or rage,
  • Painful past memories,
  • Trying to heal the inner child,
  • Unconscious fears that hold you back;
  • Negative behaviors, thoughts or urges.

Dream Dreams About Doctor Appointment

We often notice that a common dream themes revolving around seeing and appointments. They are positive dream omens that seem to be the beginning stages of inner development or curing what is wrong with us.

However it might suggest that you may need to see about your health or parts of your body you are neglecting. The type of doctor might be reflected to what area you need to care for.

Surgery Dream Meaning

Experiencing surgery in dream often revolves around cutting, abrading, plastic, suturing, or physically changing body. Despite the nature of these dreams they directly point to where the problem is stemming from.

 By decoding this dream metaphorically you will be provided with the answer. For example, we can use the doctor saying you have leukemia and need treatment or surgery in order to fix it.

Does this mean you have leukemia? No but it does metaphorically tell you that you have ‘bad blood’ or possibly ‘anger’ in your body that has taken over your mind, body and soul.

Location Of The Surgery

Heart Surgery Dream Meaning 

A common dream experiences is when the doctor is operating on your heart. When the HEART becomes closed you lack empathy or feelings towards others. The doctors job is to open it up and deliver you compassion, forgiveness and acceptance, to grieve properly and attain peace and tranquility.

Foot Surgery Dream Meaning 

Feet become a part of you, an internal mirror relating to attitudes, ideals, security and movement. These dreams are often seen as a symbol related to your own personal path and freedom (feet dreams).

Stomach Surgery Dream Meaning 

The STOMACH in your dream connects to emotional blocks that have been compiled in your life. This has been something you are not able to stomach now being attended to. The gastrointestinal tract is sensitive to unconscious emotion related to Anger, Anxiety, and Sadness. These are past experiences, emotions or feelings that reside in the gut. Did you know that the brain has a direct effect on the stomach and intestines.

Head Surgery Dream

The head is a representation of experience, reasonable and rational thinking. Could this dream be reflecting a lack of these qualities? The mind connects to the body and the soul, surgery is a positive omen suggesting that mental change is on the horizon.