Water Dreams

Water dreams can be considered the universal symbol of the unconscious mind or what lies below the surface.  This powerful symbol yet very common dream symbol encourages you to explore the unknown depths of your emotional state of mind.

Water emerges in our dreams as a metaphor, the boundless depths of the ocean would interpret differently if you were on a boat, or swimming in a pool. Observing all the contents, colors, location, people, helps piece the meaning of the dream together.

This enigmatic symbol reflects your daily life movements and incorporates the symbols in your dream accordingly. The powerful symbol contains a negative or positive connotation however it is played out in your dream.

The symbol of life has many functions; the cleansing ability, the force to destruct, the ability to drown you and reflect.

Water Dream Meaning 

When thinking of the unconscious mind it is helpful to compare it to the depths of an iceberg. Below the surface represents the reservoir of feelings, thoughts, urges, and memories that are outside of our conscious awareness. The tip of the iceberg however is small in comparison to the entirety of the iceberg below.

The top of the ocean or sea reflects what is only seen consciously; as what is below holds the mystery of  the unconsciousness.

Emotions are constantly changing, in part because feelings change; just like water it will endlessly change depending your emotional well being. Your ability or inability to grasp the deeper part of your emotions will mirror what is taking place below the water.

What emerges from the depths of the water becomes conscious as it surfaces for a reason. Symbolic sea creatures like a whale or sharks appear as messengers from the unconscious guiding you to hidden knowledge. On the other hand a crocodile that is penitently waiting in the swamp containing more sinister news.

  • fear – rage
  • love – hate
  • jealousy – narcissism
  • pride – guilt
  • vanity – shame
  • resentment – bitterness

Common Water Dreams

  1. House: Often times you might notice a leaking roof or your whole house is flooded. These dreams want you to recognized an emotional disturbance you are going though. The house usually connects the dreamer to their mind/psyche.
  2. Swimming: Depends on the context of the dream. Swimming with ease and enjoyment hints at positive emotional energy that you can now relax.
  3. Dirty: Signs of confusion and muddy conscious. You would need to clear your mind and fix what is making it murky.
  4. Ocean: These dreams bring your awareness to the unconscious; the unknown part of your emotions. You might be exploring, though there are depths below that might scare or interest you.
  5. Water & Fire: Two of earths elements are combined in one dream.  Fire could represent desire, passion, destruction, transformation, purification, enlightenment; but also anger. Did the water put out the fire, or the fire took over? This might relate to some internal dissidence.


A powerful force that is now out of your control.  Tsunami dreams bring your attention to a disturbance of the unconscious to the conscious. This was erupted below causing a flood of emotions to hit the surface with an impact. The uncontrolled pent up feelings or repressed emotions no longer can take the pressure below and now has burst. These dreams can be people or situations around you or possible internal feelings.


 The symbol of the river is translated metaphorically connecting the dreamer to the mind, body and spirit. The symbol of the river is translated metaphorically connecting the dreamer to the mind, body and spirit. Rivers are imply the bridge between emotions and consciousness.

The water flowing comes from precipitation (rain) from a higher elevation (consciousness) that ends up flowing into the ocean (unconsciousness).  The middle way of thoughts, emotional control, community and personal development all reside in the river. The calmness or rapid movements of the water is what is being reflected in your current state of mind.

Floods and Rain Dreams

Floods are displayed as a metaphor, the concept of flooding can be associated with large amount of feelings/emotions that covers a wide area. The uncontrollable force has the power to destroy cities, towns and houses. Depending the location helps determine where the threat arises. Houses are the main focus that implies the mind/psyche. The floods mimic aspects of your life that are out of control, dangerous and overwhelming in your life.

Rain is often a reflection of pent up emotions will now be released to wash away the old and give life whatever surrounds you. Hinting at renewal, devotion, love, rebirth, renewal compassion. It could also switch meanings by suggesting depression, sadness and emotions that are built up.


The symbol of the feminine, usually associated with magical fairy tales, monsters, dragons and mystical power. This can also be the place where there is a death and rebirth; a transitional stage in your life. Linked into the unconscious creative aspects of your personality as well as the mirror of self reflection.

Ocean and Sea Dreams

Exploring the depths of the of the unknown aspects of your personality. The ocean is the start of life on Earth, and representing formlessness, the unfathomable, and chaos. The area where you can be lost on your journey through life, its limitless boundaries and its unfathomable depths. Do you wish to explore; or do you see mammals passing you by.

Dreaming of the sea is different than the ocean. The depth is not as deep as the ocean, though it might suggest for you to ‘see’ something. If you are by the shore or swimming in the sea translates differently.

Waves and Waterfalls

Waves make it difficult to move throughout your journey. Feelings, thoughts and emotions that are currently unsettled. Waves are a reminder to be leave things naturally flow.

Waterfalls are very positive dream symbols that reflects natures way of letting you now to be grounded and to trust life’s natural flow. A possibility of cleansing old energies and a new beginnings. You might be getting a fresh start on life.


These are positive dream symbols showing you renewal of your energy or aura. Washing away the old, negative aspects of yourself or even the people around you.  If you are having a bath signifies a need to unwind and listen to your feelings so you can become clear.

Drinking Water or Boiling

A need to be nourished by one of life’s most important elements.  Acceptance bringing in life to the mind, body and spirit.

Noticing water boiling reflects emotions are running high and you need to let of some steam. You might have reached your boiling point in a current situation. If you are burnt by the water it means that you are going to suffer if you boil up your emotions.

Walking on Water & Drowning 

Walking on water implies you at the top of your emotions and you have complete control. Drowning in your dream reflects aspects in your life – emotions or feelings that have consumed you. If you are crossing over water on a bridge suggests a positive connection bridging two aspects of your emotions.

Holy Water and Ship Wreck

Dreaming of holy water might suggest you might need spiritual cleansing. Whatever you put holy water on in your dream you may want to bless that certain item that hold significance.

A shipwreck depends if your stranded or not.  If somebody is there to help you means that people support you during tough times.  If not means you need support and someone to talk to.


Electricity is a powerful omen that carries danger if you are not to aware of your surroundings.  If you are electrocuted in water suggest that your going to get some shocking news that you might not be expecting. If you avoid the current then it could imply you dodged a very dangerous situation.

Scuba Diving And Sewage 

This positive dream symbol suggest your ability to go deep with in your emotions and find what might be unknown to you. You love to explore deep aspects of yourself.

Dreaming of sewage connects the dreamer to stagnate energy, emotions and shadow side. These are rejected or repressed aspects that need to be cleared out.

Clear: This is a positive dream symbol showing clarity and emotional stability.

Brown/Murky: If you are unable to see clearly it might suggest emotional difficulties. Your thoughts might be controlling how you feel about the situation.

Dark Blue: If the color is very dark suggests unconscious emotions that could be heavy and deep.  How you feel being in the water shows how comfortable you are with your emotional depth.

Red or Bloody: This symbol suggest anger or passion. This is a very strong color that brings out the dreamers inner feelings.

Muddy: Your emotions are thick and you need to remove the heaviness in your life.

Water & Religion:

  • The word “water” is often used in a variety of metaphorical ways in the Bible. It is used to represent the troublesome times in life that can and do come to human beings, especially God’s children
  • In the Tao Te Ching Lao Tzu spoke about the importance of water. He said “Water is fluid, soft, and yielding. But water will wear away rock, which is rigid and cannot yield. As a rule, whatever is fluid, soft, and yielding will overcome whatever is rigid and hard. This is another paradox: what is soft is strong.”.
  • All rivers are sacred in Hinduism, the Ganges River is particularly revered. In the Vedic myths, the goddess Ganga descended upon the earth to purify and prepare the dead. This is the place where you become rejuvenated by this wonderful source of life.

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9 years ago

My dream is about me being with some friends by a swimming pool, all of the sudden I fall in & the water is beautiful , but for some reason I feel scared like if I was going 2 drown so I start to swim really fast to the other side of the pool & when I finally make it & get out, my friend says watch out, & there is an alligator , so we run around the opposite side & there is another gator, & we decide 2 go the other way & again another baby gator this… Read more »

9 years ago

Since the water was dark and unmoving, it means that you were having negative emotions that you couldn’t get out of your head at the time. If you climbed a mountain and there was nothing at the top, must mean that you feel like you did something at the time incredibly hard/difficult but there was no benefit to it. Then if you saw your boyfriend, must mean that you know he’ll get you through these hard times. hope it helped.

rachel ann srinivasan
9 years ago

my dream is that im in my former office,cleaning and organizing the table of my former superior when suddenly some tubes releasing clean,calm water comes out on my feet level and im walking on that water while doing my thing.

9 years ago

I dreamt that very clear water was coming up in full force from what looked like a well.this in my dream was coming in the garage

9 years ago

In my Dream I was at a beach but there was a fair type event with lots of people there. The mood was pleasant at first. I knew most if the ppl there from school or somewhere else. My wife was there but not my kids. Also my exwife easing the dream. My wife just started to walk off in the crowd even when I yelled for her. So i chased after her and never found her. Then I was in the water and was attacked by a shark but it only bit my foot lightly. I was treated by… Read more »

9 years ago

please help me by interpreting my dream. Thank you and God blesses you more. I dreamnt the other night that my family and i was at the beach and it was high tide that time.I jumped in the water and swam as i know im not a good swimmer i wanted to go back shore but then i cant reach the hand of my relative who stretched his hand out for me and so they followed me to the water and then the water started to rise like a big tsunami wave but in slow motion in my dreams I… Read more »

9 years ago

OK so I keep having a dream about my youngest child drowning.in one dream she wanders off and falls in the creek and hits her head on a rock and drowns.my dog finds her and when I see her she is face down in the water, but what catches my attention is that she has on red shoes blue jeans and a white shirt.in another dream she is in the bath tub and I walk out the door and walk right back in and she is drownd with a red ribbon in her hair.I thought nothing of them other than… Read more »

9 years ago

i dreamed about water in a river it was clear water and many people.i was swimming very fast then them.what does it mean ? Please reply.thanks

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