Dreams That Start With L


When you are labeling things in your dream it indicates that you require things in our life to be systematic and arranged in ways you want. A symbol that is connected to the identity; what was written on the label and the location becomes a metaphoric clue.


Everything in life requires some sort of output if you would like an input. Hence if you would like to gain or profit from anything in life you would need to work on it. When you dream of doing labor it represents the tedious work you need to complete before you achieve what you want.


Being in a laboratory in your dream represents changes and transitioning but you want to test out things before you continue. This is a place that you test or practice things before you put it into action. If you dream of someone doing an experiment on you it reflects people that manipulate you in your life.


Dreaming that you are in a labyrinth reflects a complicated irregular network of passages or paths within the psyche that one has to find their way out. They are very symbolic ancient archetypal dreams relating to confusion from your past life experiences.


Lace is a very sensual material that connects to the sexual or the ability to express your feminine side. Lace curtains or dreams suggests protection of your sexual life.


Dreaming of the game lacrosse suggests your ability to work in a team and how you work towards a goal.


When a image of a ladder appears in your dreams it is a very powerful symbol of advancement or new heights in your life. Since the ladder has been depicted in mythology and religion it has a close connection with spiritual ascension or higher consciousness. The movement along the ladder whether you are descending, climbing, falling or reaching mirrors your progress. A dream of a wooden ladder represents hard work and progress will pay off. Bad omens being stuck at the top of the ladder suggests no more room for progress or you reached your limits.


Dreaming of a ladle represents feeling loved and cared for. If the ladle is broken it indicates depression, hurt and heartache due to love or lack of it.


A lady bug in a dream represents fortune, prosperity and attractiveness; your wish came through. They are harmless creatures that are good for the environment; with a protective shell helping them advance from place to place. The color red could connect to passion and lust, possibly suggest the feminine as it is a ‘lady‘ after all. On the other hand the dream could just be a metaphor for a lady bugging you.


A lagoon is a shallow body of water separated from a larger body of water by barrier islands or reefs. This could be a metaphor for a confusion, uncertainty and miscommunication on the emotional side of the dreamer. Alternatively it might show the dreamer some protection that connects the emotional side of their unconscious.


The symbolism of water brings our attention to the emotional, yet mysterious side of the dreamer. Connecting to our unconsciousness, intuition, magic and mystery; water holds a clue to what is in the unknown to you at the bottom. The lake often connects to the feminine side of the dreamer – water being the giver of fertility, the contents found inside become a symbol of death and rebirth and transition. If the lake is dry in your dream its becomes a symbol to nourish the feminine side of the personality. A frozen lake in your dream suggests that there is an emotional block that needs to be warmed up. The sun or the masculine energy will help balance the frozen lake by melting it (see yin and yang). Colors such as blue and black point towards the dark and mysterious parts of you that need exploring. Though a murky or dirty lake implies a need for emotional clarity.


Lambs or sheep may suggest you like to follow others According to the Jewish beliefs lambs are known for their white coats symbolizing purity and cleanliness. This translation mirrors the Bible suggesting Jesus was the ‘Lamb of God”. Perhaps a metaphor for the life of Christ as both suffering and triumphant; it is typically a sacrificial animal; connect to gentleness, innocence, and purity. In addition the lamb symbolizes tenderness, forgiveness and meekness. If you follow the herd the lamb might appear to point out your nativity. If you are holding a lamb it signifies sacrifices or worship.


When you lament in your dream it means you are going through a grieving phase over something. Your unconscious is telling you to get the negativity out of you and stop feeling sorry for yourself. The quicker you overcome these obstacles and let go of the past. The quicker you move on and develop a happier and more content approach to life.


Lamps are quite symbolic as they bring you light in times of darkness. They bring our attention to our awareness, consciousness or as we navigate towards enlightenment. This is the ‘eternal flame’, the small fire that will never end. In Biblical texts lamps were used to worship, a symbol that connected with the light (God) to guide their path. The lamp is important in Judaism, which remembers a miracle by the menorah. Dreaming of a sanctuary lamp shows you God’s eternal presence that will never blow out.

Lamp post

Lamp post in dreams suggests that whatever dark situation you are on your path, their is guidance from above. The dream signifies that you are seeing some light in the darkness of your depressing tunnel.


Dreaming of a lampshade suggests you are covering or protecting your knowledge and power. Otherwise it signifies you are looking for protection from some a superior controlling force.


Dreaming of land symbolizes that you should be secured and cool about life situations. The dream could also be a pun on ‘landing’ something like a promotion.

Land Mine

Seeing a land mine in your dream is a warning to thread carefully on your path. This could be built up emotions of someone you know or yourself. It could also indicate that someone is setting you up to fail. If the landmine explodes and you are hurt suggests that you have fallen victim.


Depending how you are landing and what you are landing can alter the meaning of your dream. Having a successful landing in flight or even sports suggests positive movements ahead. Trouble landing connects to what is currently going on in your life at the moment, unable to be stable.


When you dream of a landlord it means you feel you do not have control over an aspect of your life. If you actually have a landlord you should pay attention to what happens in the dream because it could represent their feelings towards you or your unconscious is warning you of things that may occur.


When you dream of a variety of landscapes it signifies the stage in life that you reached. The view and how it relates to your life depends on how you view yourself and the world and future development. According to Freud, a landscape symbolizes the human body – a very dry and infertile it represents this about frustration and unhappiness with love or lack of it in your life. On the other hand, if the landscape is green and flowers are blossoming with trees everywhere it implies satisfaction and contentment with your life. If the landscape keeps changing it signifies alterations and changes that you are going through in order to achieve goals you have set.


Dreams of a landslide are symbolic as it connects to our path in life. Our drive is a metaphor for the road ahead as we have our ways of transportation. Landslides come from mother nature, a force that is out of our control. These are situation that we all encounter in our lives such as stopping, change, delay and frustration as we try and move along.


Changing lanes in your dream implies that you should change the way you handle different aspects of your life. You are rushing to get things done in a hasty manner which is not very safe.


Dreams of speaking another language brings our awareness to acceptance of others and positive communication. You may have great communication skills with things that are foreign to you. Could it be possible this was the language you spoke in your last life? Difficulty speaking a language indicates problems with communication between one person to another.


Similar to the lamp, this is a tool that brings guidance when going through darkness. The eternal flame that will never go out, as you continue on your path seeking enlightenment.


Dreaming of your own lap indicates a chance for you to excel. It could also refer to being too lazy to complete day to day tasks and communicate with others. If you see or sit on someone else lap it could signify you are lonely and need someone to help hold you up and keep you safe. If someone is sitting on your lap it represents your ability to care for others.

Lap Dance

Giving a lap dance in your dream denotes that you feel like you are unable to express. On the other hand, receiving a lap dance or seeing one being performed suggests that you need to spice up your sex life. You want more excitement in intimacy.

Lapis Lazuli

The most sought after stone dating back for 4,000 years, lapis lazuli helps us heal and protect our energies. Dreaming of this stone brings our awareness to energy vampires, grounding, peace and harmony. Focusing on self-awareness allows for self-expression and reveals inner truth; providing qualities of honesty, compassion, and morality in the dreamers life. This is letting you know to protect yourself against unseen powers.


Having laryngitis suggests that you have lost the ability to speak for yourself. For some reason you cannot communicate with others message.


A dream of laser symbolizes focus, awareness and simplicity. You see things for what they are. On the other hand your dream indicates that you need to think about things clearly and focus on what needs to be done.

Large Waves

To dream of large waves can be seen as a negative omen relating to overwhelming emotions that will come crashing to the shore. The ocean water can be seen as the emotional unconscious side that will experience turbulence from both your internal and external world. The movement of the wind (spirit or unseen forces) will mix with the water to make a threat.


This is metaphor for trying to rope something in. Identifying what you are trying to bring to you is a clue to what you may desire. Could it suggest that you are trying to gain control and grasp onto something that you may have let loose?


Dreaming that you are late represents your worry and anxiety about taking a different direction in your life. You are not confident in making the move which could be caused by a number of things. What you are late too becomes a metaphoric clue relating to your personal life.


Does this dream suggest you should enjoy the things that make you smile and stop stressing? This can be a form of relaxation that makes you wake up feeling good. If you are the cause of the laughter it suggests you have a lack of self confidence and it is causing you to feel everyone is judging you.


Witnessing anything taking off symbolizes some new venture of yours in your life that you have successfully launched. If your attempts at trying to launch something are not working it suggests you are attempting things the wrong way in your waking life. Try taking a different approach to the situation.


Cleaning your clothes in your dream symbolizes your image in your life. You are trying to portray yourself in a different light where you feel more accepted. If you are organizing your laundry this represents what you are trying to do with your thoughts and characteristics in your life.


When we dream of lava it brings our awareness to what is building up below the surface. This connects with the unconscious part of the dreamer (earthquake), something dangerous has now surfaced that needs to be put out. Red in color suggests anger or aggression one holds within. Depending how fast the lava is moving, or if you are effected by it donates to how close this issue is to becoming harmful to you.


Lavender flowers are known to represent purity, silence, devotion serenity, grace and calmness. Connected with the crown chakra, which is the energy center associated with higher purpose and spiritual connectivity. Your dream may want you to open up to your higher self.


Dreaming of a lush green lawn signifies that you are headed in a progressive direction. However, if the lawn is full of weeds or dead flora it suggests lack of care for your well being.

Lawn Mower

The lawn mower in your dream is a positive symbol that suggests a mental cleanup is taking place. Dreaming of a lawn mower implies that you need to trim your rough edges and put yourself in a positive direction.


A lawyer can be seen as a good or bad symbol depending the context. They can be the people in our lives that help negotiate your freedom or sometimes are the forces that oppose you in our life. If you find yourself in a lawsuit in a dream it represents your worry about being judged or prosecuted for your wrong doings. A divorce lawyer relates to problems in your relationships.


Dreaming of taking a laxative symbolizes your desire to get rid of certain negative feelings in side of you.


Being a leader in your dream signifies your character in your waking life. You are not a follower, you help guide people but you never let others lead you astray. Otherwise, if you are a passive person then the dream is telling you to take control and stop letting others rule you. You be your own ruler and mind!


Leaks are negative dream symbols that show hurt emotions or loss of power. More than likely the dreamer will notice the leak in their house which connects to their mind – an emotional disturbance that needs fixing. Though, this issue often remains unconsous to the dreamer so they will need to do some internal investigation to fix the leak. Noticing leaks on walls or ceilings shows a vulnerability of the metaphoric walls that protect you in your life. Leaks in the pipes in your dream connects to your energy flow that is being drained.


In a dream suggests that you take a chance and reach for what you want. If you are leaping over something then this indicates there are obstacles in your way but leaping over them means you will reach your aim.


Holding a leash represents a control that you have over your animals behaviours or connects to controls and restricts in your life. Depending the content if something is off the leash suggests something in your life relating to instincts is loose. Being on a leash might be indicating to submissive behaviors.


Dreaming of leaves symbolizes the pass of time and to prepare for a resting or waiting time. They are known to blow in the wind or fall from a tree in our dream (see tree in the search bar).


Dreaming of a lecture indicates some form of enlightenment. If you are giving the lecture it means that you should share your knowledge with others. On the other hand, if you are listening to a lecture it signifies that you need to head what other people tell you and look at things in different perspectives in your life.


Ledges bring your awareness taking a leap or getting to close to the edge. Afraid of falling by a ledge connects us to feelings of being overwhelmed or frustrated in life.


These dreams represent the people who suck your life blood from you. They are negative dream omens attach themselves to your energy and continue to drain it as much as possible. Similar to psychic vampires leeches in your dream can related to people or situations you are in that are draining you emotionally. The location of the leeches is a clue that points towards the hidden issue; for example, legs point to your stability and grounding, whereas your mouth connects to your communication/speech. Leeches on your hand or arm shows weakness and negative aspects of your expressions.


Being left behind in your dream signifies your emotions about being neglected. You may feel that you are not good enough but if you truly are not good enough then find something where you could utilize your abilities better. If you let go of something or someone then it represents your move forward and letting go of the past.


When you dream that you are a member of legislature it indicates that you will have trouble making progress. The dream serves as a push for you to try do better.


A dream where you play with Lego suggests that you are able to make a strong foundation for yourself out of small pieces.


Legs are symbolic to our path, movement, destination in our lives. The legs can also appear for the support in your life which depends on work, relationship, friends and confidence. Legs become metaphoric image relating to something that keeps us grounded and stable in our lives. If in your dream your legs are injured mirrors a complication with moving forward in life.


When life gives you lemons! Dreaming of lemons suggests a need for zest in your life. The color relating to solar plexus chakra bring awareness to this area.


A dream of loaning money could be connected to giving of your energy to others. This may be emotional or physical. If you are borrowing something it implies that you need to stop depending on others so much.


Seeing lens in a dream represents that you need to look a situation more clearly and pay attention to the small details. Do not ignoring the little facts in your life and look closely at all the details.


Leopards connect the dreamer to their intuition, aggressive tendencies, and feminine energy. They are very powerful omens that have the ability to see what others cannot. Leopards can also be very aggression so depending if it is attacking you implies a need to control or dominate this unconscious force. When they cross your path in your dream pay attention as they contain a very valuable message.


In Irish folklore they are usually known for being tricky deceptors, or what they would call a Trickster in mythology. They have the ability to bring the dreamer luck but also misfortune. Depending how you interact with him alters the meaning from either a good or bad omen.


It is quite common to have lesbian dreams even though you may be straight. The unconscious is androgynous as humans are made up of both male and female characteristic. In the dream you maybe identifying with qualities that both sexes or the individual possess. Think about the qualities in a woman being nurturing, strong, or kind.


Receiving a letter in a dream indicates that your unconscious is trying to tell you something. Depending the context and who gave you the letter can change the meaning, a message that can either be positive or negative. However, the message is unique to the dreamer and only can be decoded by them.


Levitating in a dream indicates that you are rising above a situation. On the other hand the dream signifies that you do not have a good foundation and cannot find your grounding. Levitation can also be a type of lucid dream. This is when the dreamer is aware that they are dreaming. You would be able to have control over the dream characters, narrative, and environment.


To dream of a library is a power omen relating to hidden knowledge and inner wisdom. The dreamer has opened a new door that will bring them luck as they have the ability to explore these gifts.


Lice in a dream symbolize frustration and irritation relating to your thoughts. They can also imply people who are energy vampires that are attached to your mind. Common dreams evolving killing, removing, finding and eggs that make you feel anxious.

Lie Detector

Dreaming of a lie detector signifies you feel you are being judged. You have lost your faith in society.

Life Jacket

Life jackets are helpful objects that keep us afloat from danger. This is pointing out to help or something that is keeping you afloat in your life. Below the surface hides repressed areas of your emotions. The life jacket acts as a buffer not allowing you to sink. The vest can be translated to people that help you stay safe.


These could be guides or helpers in your life that help guard or look out for you emotionally. They protect you from sinking deep into the abyss (emotional unconscious), and have the ability to bring you back to life.


These are positive dream symbols that metaphorically shows you the light, or the light at the end of the tunnel. It has the ability to bring us out of the darkness, shows us hope, love, confidence and insight. It is the opposite of darkness, the yin and yang as it needs lightness to be recognized. This connects us to our emotions, the battle between good and evil, from ignorance to knowledge; the light was created by God. The depiction of the light in your dream gives a clue to what it might be hinting at. If the light was bright as opposed to lightly dimmed hints at how close you are to knowing.

Light Bulb

Light bulbs in a dream represent your preparedness to confront the truth in your life. Alternatively you have a new idea that you are ready to put in place. If you see a burned out light bulb it suggests that you feel your thoughts are useless and unproductive.


Dreaming of lightning is a symbol of sudden illumination or the destruction of ignorance. Lightning can be both a positive or negative omen depending the context of your dream. According to Carl Jung he thought that lightening as liberating the soul. However, when lightning strikes one would have to assume based of of the events in their lives if it connects to sudden enlightening or destruction. Made up of electricity (life force) from the sky (mother nature) its a warning of where ever it strikes.


Limping acts as a reflection to your movement in your walking life. Their might be some hindrance to your progress moving forward.


Seeing a line in a dream represents restrictions and barriers. If you are crossing a line it implies that you are going beyond your limits in life. If you are standing in line it indicates that you have a lack of tolerance.


Oh la-la! Showing some skin in a dream suggests that you are finally letting your sensual side loose. You feel confident in your looks and ready to show it off. When one dreams of shopping for lingerie, the dream proposes that sexual feelings are being suppressed thus creating a void.

Lip Syncing

Lip syncing in a dream implies that you require a sense of identity and self worth. You are using other peoples ideas to get what you want. On the other hand, you have other people talking for you because you cannot communicate your own ideas.


When you are confronted with the king of the jungle it has come to you for a specific reason. Lions are powerful dream omens that bring the person’s attention to their inner courage, justice, power, strength, wisdom, pride, dignity, dominating and authority. If you are fighting a lion are signs of challenging something in your life that has power and fear over you. The lion may emerge in your dream to project your predatory feelings such as aggression and domination.


Often connected with the inner feminine, the protector and guide. Her loving nature can turn on a dime showing you that she means business when it come to her cubs. She represents strengths, power, moon and feminine.


You are very worried about how to look, your physic and body if you dream of having this surgery done. On the other hand, you are removing all the excess weight that is causing you extreme stress. If you actually want to do or doing liposuction, you may be afraid and nervous about the procedure.


Dreaming of lips is indicative to speech and intimacy. If your lips are sealed then you are not willing to communicate. Alternatively, if your lips are moving then you want others to understand and listen. If you noticed being kissed on the lips donates to a connection you have with that person.


Littering in your dream stands for all you thoughts and problems that you throw aside and hope never to use again. On the other hand, your unconscious might be telling you to arrange your thoughts and decide what you want and do not want. Otherwise you would create a big mess in your life.


The liver’s main job is the production of bile, which helps carry away waste and break down fats in the small intestine during digestion. These dreams might be related to stored or repressed feeling or emotions that can’t process properly.


These are cold blooded creatures often symbolizing a potential small threat as they are closely associated with the snake. They might be people who have bad intentions for you or wants to do you harm. They can be symbols of transformation, however it depends on how they appear. Lizards are commonly known to attack or bite in our dreams.

Living Room

The house is a powerful blueprint of the construct of our mind. The living room however the barrier between you and your private life. It could also mean the harmonious relationships between family members as well as your connection to other people.


Having a lobotomy in your dream suggests that you are trying to hinder your unconscious from getting information from your conscious. On the other hand, you are so overwhelmed that you wish someone could just saw open your head and figure out what is causing you so much stress in your life.


Locks play a significant role in our dreams pointing out ability to unlock certain aspects in our lives. Connected with doors and keys that are symbols of discovery and openings in our lives. If the locked is open or closed is used as a metaphor for either being stuck or free in your life. These aspects can either be emotionally or phyical restraints that you put on yourself. If the lock is open that suggests opportunities and new beginnings in your life.


Lockers like a closest are symbolic to what you may hold inside of you. These dreams represent your own personal feelings, information, or access to something in your life that you don’t want to share. You may have a secret that can only be opened by a lock or code. The objects inside the locker help are clues to investigate. If you need a locksmith represents someone that will come and help guide or unlock a mystery for you.


If dream of a heart locket, consider the words “lock it.” The dream is advising you to lock your heart up or you would be hurt. If not, then relates the object inside the locket back to your life and see what you need to keep safe.

Lucky Charms

Dreaming of lucky charms represents good luck and fortune heading your way in life. Because we associate this cereal with our childhood it seems to attract similar feelings when you were a kid.

Long Hair

Dreaming of long hair is a positive symbol that brings our attention to our true inner self. The image of long hair connects to the mind, thoughts and expression that has lead to this large growth phase in your life. To dream with a man with long hair represents growth pertaining to your inner masculine called the animus.


We are commonly known to lose our purse, handbag, wallet, cars, shoes and hair in our dream. Losing dreams represent a misplacement with a part of our identity, personal drives, knowledge and parts of the Self.

Losing Teeth

These types of dreams are quite common yet very disturbing at the same time. One of the oldest dream symbols ever translated can date as far back to ancient Egypt. Losing teeth in your dream seems to connect to some type of loss in your life, but it doesn’t necessarily mean death. In fact it is known that loss of a tooth may even connect with communication or image of the dreamer. Emotions expressed in the dream such as embarrassment , vulnerable or fear might be hinting at something unconsous within.


A dream of being lost is related to areas in your life where you need guidance to get back on track. These dreams seem to be connected with anxiety in your life; as well during times of uncertainty. You dream will provide you with major clues that will direct you to what you might be searching for. It is not uncommon to lose your keys, kids, dogs or even yourself in a foreign city.


Winning the lottery might be hinting at luck in the future. Could it suggest that you want easy money? Something in your life that might imply 1 in a million.


Being loud connects to how we communicate in our walking life. If you are screaming out loud you may want people to hear you.


Dreaming of being in love can be with your soul mate, crush or even a random lover. According to Carl Jung you may have encounter meeting the anima or animus – the inner feminine side of a man or the inner masculine side of a woman. They may leave the dreamer determined that he must embark on a heroic quest to meet him or her again. The integration of both the masculine and feminine sides of our nature leads to psychological health and wholeness. Dreaming about falling in love with someone you know might suggest projecting aspects of them you want in your life.

Love Note

Receiving a love not in a dream signifies that your current relationship is growing into a very strong love. On the other hand, you may be feeling that you are not loved and need someone or some form of guarantee that you are good enough to be loved.


Dreaming of the Devil or Lucifer might be connected to the ‘shadow’ side of the dreamer. Lucifer would appear as the dark side of you personality; the repressed feelings, instincts and desires. These feelings manifest and appear to be someone who is evil and wants to do you harm. By bringing darkness to the light makes him disappear.


Luggage is a very common dream symbol that acts as a metaphor for what “baggage” you carry around with you. The dream is hinting at to investigate what is hindering you from moving forward in life. These issues can relate to people in your life, memories or situations that need to sort out. Losing your luggage brings your attention to organization and preparedness that might be lacking in you life.


If you sing a lullaby in your dream it symbolizes you ability to maintain a peaceful environment and help others to keep relaxed. On the other hand, if you hear a lullaby, your dream indicates that you are looking for a way to relax and escape the hectic and stifled things in life.


Dreams of cancerous lumps might be fears that you have about cancer. They could be something that is a metaphor for something eating you up inside. A lump is something that is spotted within as it can be dangerous if not treated. That might be hinting at something within you. If one feels strongly if it was a premonition than you can go and check it out.


Dreaming of lumber is representative of needing a new beginning and starting from scratch. You have to create a new and stronger foundation in your life.


Having a dream of a lumberjack indicates strong attributes. Your unconscious is trying to tell you to use these qualities to conquer your troubles.

Lunar Eclipse

When the Moon moves into the Earth’s shadow it becomes a symbolic dream of bringing unconscious feelings to your awareness. The darkness from the sun’s rays blocking the moon informes the dreamer about grounding, growth and rebirth; the moon being comprised of the feminine, yin, mystery and intuition.


Do you feel like you do not belong? Seeing a lunatic in your dream signifies hidden parts of you. You sense that people are not taking you seriously.


When you have or see lunch in your dream it indicates your body needs some form of nourishment and energy.


Seeing lungs in your dream represents your feelings about a situation causing you to feel stifled. You need to relax a bit and get out of the problem for some fresh air. After you’ve taken a deep breath go back in and handle the dilemma.


When you dream of being controlled by lust it suggests your sense of being incomplete or unsatisfied with something in your life. On the other hand, when you lust over something in your dream, your unconscious is telling you that you need to control your desires.

Luxury House

Dreaming of living luxuriously indicates a subcompartment of your mind that suggests you have gained access to this hidden part of you. However, if you have a habit of spending more money than you have your dream is actually telling you to slow down and stop wasting your money.

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