Dreams of Getting Lost

Dreams about being lost may stem from anxiety, fears and confusion resulting in the search for something in your life.

Usually a vivid or recurring theme the dreamer often find themselves lost in strange foreign countries, driving in a car, or even being lost inside a mall.

You unconscious places you in this uncomfortable position only for you to become aware of these repressed feelings in your daily life. This might not be an easy task as these emotions or past experiences remain unconscious to you.

How To Stop Recurring Dreams

Lost Dream Meaning

The emotions and feelings that emerged in your dream will likely mimic the feelings expressed in your walking life. Did you experiences feeling of uncertainty, feeling alone, confused, anxious or trying to find someone to communicate with?

Could being lost in your dream want you to reflect on your relationships, career, emotional support, or even your unconscious fears. Perhaps being lost is a theme that wants you to ask somebody for help in a particular situation in your life.

Common Lost Dreams

Walking & Lost Dream

Walking tells the dreamer about thought processes about trying to figure things out in a particular area in your life. Walking reflects your path or movement in your life where you might be unable to find familiar ground.

Foreign Country or City Dream

Anything foreign becomes a clue in things you do not understand and need clarity. Could this be a new project you are taking on? Perhaps this relates to your emotions in a relationship or past pain that needs to be understood within? The name of the city you are lost in might contain clues. For example, Seoul Korea, might be to search for your core of your soul.

Lost & Late Dream

These are common dreams that bring your attention to not being prepared in your life. Lost as school can be quite common when you are unable to understand the subjects you are taught. It could also apply to friendships.

Driving & Lost Dream

These dreams connect the dreamer to their drive or path in  life. There might be some confusion or an inability to find you way. The future might concern you because you don’t have direction.

Trying To Get Home Dream

Often times we are lost looking for our way back home. These dream might suggest your comfort level outside of the barriers you have put up in life. The house is represented as your mind/psyche reflecting not being mentally comfortable in some area in your life.

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2 years ago

perpetually lost and late, can’t find my way onto the plane, or in some ones place without my car or phone, or even finding a bathroom, just never being able to reach an exit or goal.