Dreams That Start With T


Tables in a dream can represents your family relationships and social interaction. To dream of a wooden table suggests your grounded nature in social settings. To dream of table and chairs represent new found communication and new friends. A broken table implies some conflict with a relationship or people in your life. If the table in your dream is round then it indicates that you are able to share yourself with others and it will be returned to you.


They represents things in your life that are bothering us on our path in life. On the other hand, if you are the one holding the tack then it signifies something that you need to get done in your life.


Depending what animal the tail was depicted on will alter the meaning of the dream. Tails from cats and dogs can be symbols of your own instinctual drives that is driving you towards happiness and joy. Other animals connect to the dreamers unconscious instincts and behaviors that want attention. However, noticing the tail of a snake might be connected to an enemy or personal transformation.

Talent Show

Dreams about a talent show brings your awareness to your hidden talents that you may possess. You are showing them off for others to see. These dream encourages you to look for your hidden talents within.


The symbol of tall in your dream represents superiority and being above most people. A image that can be seen as both a negative or positive omen depending the context of your dream. A tall person might reflect your shortcomings or insecurities. To notice a tall man relates the unconscious masculine traits that need to be achieve within; both male and females can dream of it. Women who dream of a tall man might connect to their animus or inner masculine that needs development.


When you dream of a tapestry it indicates your history and experiences in life. It symbolizes your ability to find pleasure in your creative side. However, if the tapestry is torn or damages in any manner it signifies your inability to please yourself. For some reason you cannot make yourself happy and you are unable to attain your desires in life.


Seeing tar in your dream brings your attention to the sticky or negative situation you may be in. The shadow aspects about yourself that stores stuck memories, urges or ideas that are surfacing.


Targets are indications of goals in your life where you are set on attaining it. If you hit the target it indicates that you are on the right path in life in order to reach your goals. However, if you missed the target, it means that you are missing opportunities.

Tarot Cards

Dreaming of tarot cards symbolizes you are inclined to reach a higher understanding of your mystical self. You are ready to venture into your unconscious mind. These are messages via the unconscious depending what character was shown on the card. Remembering that the most powerful sources of information come from within; the Tarot brings us closer to our Higher Self.”


Tarantulas are powerful images of the feminine side of the dreamer, it connects to the shadow side – unconscious traits and behaviors that stem from the mother. It is common to be attacked by tarantulas as a warning relating to the creative, intuition and emotions that are not understood. They may also bite when these traits are not understood within in hopes the dreamer makes it conscious.


Encountering a Tao teacher in your dreams suggests you will find your way, or your path in life. This will be the guide to help you seek the right path.


Something in your waking life might have left an impression on you will last forever. Tattoos can be seen as something that remains permanent in your life, it can show on your skin meaning exposed to everyone. What image that was found on the body is symbol to what will be seen by others.

Tea or Teabag

To dream that you are making or drinking tea symbolizes satisfaction and contentment in your life. A time for personal reflection and enjoyment.


Teachers in your dream will come across as a guide or your inner knowledge. They have the ability to give you a passing grade or fail in order to get to the next stage. These stages can be either emotional or psychical. You may be seeking advice or knowledge pertaining to something difficult in your life. They have the experience to guide you if you are willing to listen.


Crying in our dreams comes out as we might not be able to express it in our walking life. These are positive dreams that release pent up emotions where you have been holding on for to long. If you see other people crying it might suggest neglecting the emotional side of that person.


The oldest symbol every decoded dating back to ancient Egypt. Teeth dreams are known to be vivid yet enigmatic symbols that have a wide range of interpretations attached to it. Unfortunately, teeth are know to crack, fall out, rotting or missing that brings attention to unconscious aspects taking place within the dreamer. Sometimes it can represent some sort of personal loss or feelings of inadequacy.


Telekinesis is the ability to move things or otherwise affect the property of things with the power of the mind. These dreams could suggests the ability to manipulate others or able to get things done by using your head.


The ability to communicate with people using your thoughts, feelings and desires. These dream could suggest that you have a strong ability to move you way up the ladder in life by using your communication skills.


Dreams of this nature has everything to do with communication or the lack of it. It is important to figure out who might be on the receiving end and what is the issue. If you are trying to call somebody and you have trouble suggest you might have hidden issues with that person that you might what to settle.


To see a telescope in your dream might suggest that you need to look at something in closer detail. Things you should be aware of in the dream are the people around you or what ever you are looking at


A temple like a church becomes an image of your own personal belief systems or principles that you abide by in life. A place that may represent the place of worship, but also a place of purification of your soul. If you are cleaning the temple it suggests cleansing the cognitive dissidence that was once present in your mind. It is also common to dream of a temple falling or breaking that show a weakness in the structure you built. If you visit Vishnu in the temple it might be connected to your higher self or an actual vision.


Termites in dream attack wood that implies structures that you build are being compromised by others. These dreams could be also negative thoughts or behaviors that are eating you up from within. It could apply to people or work, people or home environments that sabotage, ruin, and destruction. If you are killing a termite in your dream it is considered a good omen that mirrors removing these negative forces in your life. If you are eating them it might suggest self destruction or absorbing things that are not good for you.


To see a terrorist in your dream might be connected to pent up anger and explosive emotions in your environment. The misunderstood aspect that is ready to blow things up if its demands are not met. Alternatively, most terrorist dreams are related to fears relating to these occurrence.


Taking a test is often a vivid theme that feels almost like a nightmare. The anxiety that comes with these recurring themes reflects something in your life that mimics passing or failing. So what could this be exactly? A test relate to aspects or stages in your life that need a pass in order to achieve. Other times it relates to not being prepared in some way shape or form. While others might see this dream as being tested or judged by others. The dream will continue to haunt the dreamer until the find out what the test represents in their life.

Text Message

Receiving a text on your phones are important messages from the sender. The message could be coming down from the unconscious in metaphors pertaining to news being received.


Dreaming of testicles relates to masculine drive, bravery, raw power and courage. This is why it is so common to dream of holding, cutting, bleeding or damaged based off of these inner drives that are for or against the dreamer.


This dream alters depending if you are in audience or on the stage. The stage might be correlation to how you act or perceived by others in your walking life. What role you assume on stage might be what you portray to others.


These dreams might suggest a need to release pent up emotions. Therapist in dreams act as a guide to help guide you to the right answer.


Theft in dreams might be related to personal or emotional violation of the dreamer. Depending what object was taken will give you a clue. If your wallet or purse was taken suggests an attack on your identity, someone might be trying to take away what belongs to you. If you are a thief in your dream suggests taking something without someone’s approval.

Third Eye

A very powerful omen has awakened something within. This symbol can connected you with higher knowledge and psychic abilities that are dormant within. If seen on a baby it could imply your inner child or new developments.


When we are thirsty in dreams sometime we wake up dehydrated. If not it suggest that you need to replenish something internally that you are desperately needing.


As the saying goes ‘every thorn has its rose’ suggesting nothing is without flaws. When you dream of thorns suggests protection or defense. It could also be connected to Jesus and the thorns he used over his head during his crucifixion.


Things come in threes. A very powerful number that connects to your ideals or thoughts are coming to fruition in your life.


Dreams of throats have everything to do with speech. If you where unable to talk or was painful to talk in your dream it suggest you have trouble or difficulty expressing how you feel in your daily life. Connects with the throat chakra. Depending the context of your dream a throat dream can mean many things. Try and think how the dream can relate to your daily life.


If someone gives you the thumbs up your dream implies that things will start looking up soon. If you see thumbs it suggests that you might need to get a grip on your life. We need our thumbs to pick up and operate things important things in our life; known to be cut, damaged, or bleeding shows a loss of power in your life.


To dream about thunder suggests a possible pressure overload and is ready to explode. The sound that is caused when lightning strikes which is symbolic for a sudden discharge of tension in a possibly destructive manner. This could be related to fear, enlightenment or realization in your life. These powerful burst are know to be unconscious build ups as these repressed feelings often explode. It could also represent situations that are out of your control that will build up and release.


These are negative dream symbols that imply negative people who drain your energy. Ticks like lice slowly feed off of your blood to live; this is a metaphor for these people. Finding and killing them are good symbols for ridding yourself of these people.

Tidal Wave

They say water represents our emotions then a tidal wave is something that you should really pay attention to. A tidal wave might be a build up of emotions that is ready to take you down and everybody with you. On the flip side a tidal wave destroy the old and now it might be time to start fresh and build the new.


The tide is influenced by the moon and in our dreams this is a powerful feminine energy that controls our moods and emotions. This has been an unconscious gravitational pull towards this energy; depending the context this can be both a positive and negative meaning (see moon). To dream of a high tide represents these emotions will emerge from the unconscious part of you to the shore (consciousness). To dream of a low tide represents your closeness to this energy.

Tidying Up

Tidying or cleaning up in your dream is a very positive omen that removes metal clutter within your mind. This might be why we are always cleaning up rooms in houses, apartments or building’s — substructures related to the mind of the dreamer.


Tigers in dreams connect the dreamer to proud, strong and brave emotions that have emerged in their lives. A tigers powerful feminine energy can reside both in males and females; an apex predator must be handled with caution. The tiger belongs to the unconscious meaning that these unconscious feminine traits, urges instincts or behaviors must be understood or else the tiger will turn on the dreamer. The dreamer must communicate and understand this powerful force within them to channel this energy in the outside world.


Depending the time shown it will contain a hidden message relating to the past, present and future moment, decoded by using numerology. However it can be seen as a symbol of passing time in your life, or wasting time regarding a particular situation.

Time Travel

A possible need to go back in time to fix old mistakes or the dreamer goes back in time to heal past mistakes. Going to the future brings your attention to what outcome you may want ahead of time.

Time Loop

What is known as a time loop or a false awakening is a dream within a dream that keeps repeating. The dreamer stuck in a groundhog state of waking up and starting over at least 10 or more times during sleep. At times the individual can perform actions unknowingly.


Tires are synonymous connecting with images that move us to our next destination or path in life. This is why they always appear in our dream in a negative manner when your movement will be stopped – punctured, lost, stolen, flat or even smashed, a symbol of personal setbacks. If someone is stealing your tires in your dream it relates to other people stopping your movement for you to stay put. Tires on fire connect with speed or repressed anger as you are trying to reach your next destination. To dream of new or pumping air in the tires is a good omen reflecting your progress ahead. If your wheels are falling off it suggest a lack of attention to the important details in your life. Something was not checked and will stop your advancement.


These dreams can alter depending how you see the titanic in your life. This was a ship that was destroyed by an iceberg in the middle of the ocean. In dream terms this might be related to the emotional unconscious. What is below might scare you.


Similar to the frog, toads can mean transformation in your life. Think about how toads are born from a tadpole. So a toad could mean a symbol of resurrection and rebirth. They imply adaptability and regeneration. Their strong bond with water and ground makes them close to Mother Earth and emotions. In our dreams we may notice toads in our beds — connects you towards intimacy, relationships and the unconscious part of you. Seeing a baby toad represents new development and growth in your life; the starting stages before getting big.


Toes help connect the dreamer to balance and confidence in their lives. More than likely you will dream of a broken, bleeding, black, missing or damaged toe to metaphorically indicate your inner structure is off and needs proper grounding. If you notice your toes are black in your dream it shows a restriction and neglect to progress forward. A positive dream will imply you have an extra two meaning you are completely balanced to proceed to the next stage.


Symbols of motivation and hard work. Cutting your toenails suggest a need to get rid of the old that doesn’t serve a purpose in your life.


If you are on the toilet suggest that you are in desperate need to release something that has been building up in you for a while now. It’s is also possible that you are going to let go of something that you no longer need you your life right now. This might be linked to your root chakra a possible for grounding or a release of pent up negative energy.


A tomb can be a very interesting dream symbol that can unlock many hidden mysteries that you may not know about yourself. You might be exploring the depths of the unconsciousness. The objects inside the tomb would be symbolic as clue what the dream is hinting at.


Often times you might see your name on a tombstone. This does not mean you are going to die, but you are undergoing a transformation. Tombstones represent change or reflecting on past events, ideas or experiences that are now buried.


Tongue dreams often imply our communication and our expressions. People who might harbor feelings of insecurities or have trouble expressing their emotions might have a dream about pulling out their tongue. When the tongue emerges in our dreams it usually comes across in a negative manner hoping you will pay attention to this repressed problem or watching what you say to others. Once you correct this issue your dream might reflect cleaning it.


To dream of a tomato symbolizes contentment, victory and winning. The color red is synonymous with passion and also anger, but can also be a symbol of blood life and fertility.


A metaphor for cleaning up our speech and communication. These dream bring your awareness that you will be successful in this manner.


A tornado is synonymous for being a force we cannot control that has the ability to wreck havoc in its path. These dream could be warnings of people or life situation that might disrupt your house (mind/psyche). It is connected water which might bring your awareness to the emotional aspect of the dreamer.


To touch anything in our dreams represents relationships, feelings and emotions expressed between two forces. In most cases what you touch is metaphorically symbolic relating to your life. If you are touching someone’s face in your dream implies deep emotions how you feel about them. Touching someone’s hands shows admiration about their set of skills or creative talents you might want to adopt within yourself. To dream about touching someone’s feet suggest sensitivity, movement and standing on your own. If you are touching the clouds is a positive symbol of higher awareness. If you are touching poop or baby poop reflects negative thoughts patterns or behaviors that should be disregarded.


See turtle


If you are being tortured in your dream suggests that you are feeling helpless in a situation in your life where you don’t think you can get out of. Sometimes if we are being tortured we might be feeling guilty about what you did and think you might need some punishment. If you are the one who is doing the torturing implies that you have a lot of anger built up. You might want to think about who you where punishing and for what reason.

Tow Truck

These dreams bring your awareness to inconveniences in your life path. Your car is symbolic to your drive or path in life and if you car gets towed you will experience a minor set back.


Trains are very interesting dream symbols that represent advancement on your life’s journey. This would be from one stage of your life to a next destination. What takes place before, during and after are all indications of what obstacles you maybe faced with. An underground train is synonymous with the unconscious part of the dreamer. You may be on the right track for opportunists to come in the near future. Getting on the wrong train could be doing things that you don’t want to do, don’t find valuable, not where you want to end up. Staying around a train station might be indecisiveness about moving to the next stage. Train being derailed suggests failure on the next venture.


Your unconscious mind is letting you know that you will be on a new level spiritually and you will experience new beginnings. What was transforming in your dream? Was the process good or bad? This would help you understand how you might deal with the new change of birth.


If you are worried about getting a transplant then you are entitled to having a dream of this nature. If you don’t then it suggests that you might need to replace something internally within you. What was being transplanted?


If you are trapped in your dream it means that something in your life is blocking you from moving forward. These dreams are metaphoric to what you might be stuck or trapped in your life. They are synonymous for an emotional or phyical struggle.


Travelling is a positive dream symbol that is encouraging exploring new places. Depending the country and mode of transportation it will reflect the speed of this new transition that is taking place. Traveling with another family suggests a shift in thinking, new possibilities and adventures that will unfold.


According to Carl Jung the mind/psyche is comprised of both masculine and feminine counterparts – transgender might be a reflection of these inner (opposing) energies within. For males this would be connected with (see anima) and females (see animus) in search bar.


Often times these dreams represent the removal of mental clutter, or relates to going back to pick up what you discarded as less importance. The the trash itself represents the information that needs to be processed in your life. If you are dreaming of throwing things away it is a positive symbol for discarded things you no longer need in life.


If the dreamer stumbles upon money, gold, jewelry it becomes a positive omen reflecting their mental state of mind. Something has been found within that is extremely valuable that can be used in exchange for something. A symbol that connects to psychological, mental and spiritual nourishment.

Treasure Chest

This is a great symbol that suggest that you have hidden talent deep inside you. If the chest was lost at sea or in the desert can help you understand the message. Once this is auspicious symbol is found its just a matter of time before you will see the benefits in your life. Many people believe that money equals energy in dreams.


This universal archetypal symbol that can be seen in many different cultures around the world. Trees can be seen as symbols of physical, spiritual transformation, and fertility. A powerful symbol reflecting both life and growth of the dreamer. If you dream of the tree trunk it becomes a positive symbol of protection and grounding in your life. To dream of an uprooted tree implies to the dreamer that they are lacking grounding, family values, and spiritual balance in their lives. If you are cutting a tree it suggests you are removing or cutting down aspects of your own inner growth and development. Tree stumps emerge in our dream when progress has been stopped. To dream of a tree on fire represents renewal and transformation in your life.


Trucks like cars are a means of transportation signifying large transitions from one place to another. It suggests you might be carrying a bigger load along than expected to your next destination. To dream of an 18 wheeler or semi truck implies a major change that moves the dreamer from one phase to another.


Truffles that appear in our dreams are positive symbols that represents wealth, luck and prosperity that will soon enter your life.


A powerful instrument that becomes a message from the spirit world. Since the sound is heard right before battle it encourages the dreamer to explore this aspect of two opposed factors at odds against each other.


Something new coming in threes in your life. Triplets commonly emerge when you are under going a personal transformation. These special events might be unconscious to the dreamer but is happening behind the scenes.


Trunks in dreams are a manifestation of things in your life that you might be still holding on too. This can be anything from past experiences, emotions, memories that you keep behind you. This is at the back of your mind that you have put aside but they are still traveling with you everyday.


In most cases in dreams “trying” emerges to reflect energy and time pertaining to a difficult situation in your life. Usually this will be mirrored as trying to reach someone but you cant – an inability to help this person in need. If you are trying to save someone it often mirrors unconscious aspects of yourself that need to be rescued – or – relates to people in your life in need of your help. If you are trying to get home suggests feeling lost and confused in life.


Tsunamis are very powerful dream symbols that relate to insecurity, vulnerability, emotional upheavals, overwhelming feelings of fear in the dreamers life. They emerge when negative events or past traumas engulf the dreamers mind causing a build up from below the surface; repressed unconscious feelings come to the shore or consciousness.


Toothbrushes in dreams often point the dreamer towards negative communication, speech or feelings that needs to be cleaned within. Cleaning or buying a toothbrush in your dream is a positive symbol that suggests this progress is under progress. Though a lost or broken toothbrush suggests a need to go back and fix past issues that were created by you (verbal discourse) or to pay attention to negative behaviors.


The color that is associated with tomato’s “red” attaches itself to passion, love, blood and desires that will soon unfold. A positive symbol of abundance (seeds) or fertility – plucking, harvesting, grinding or buying suggests that this process has now begun. It may also apply to tomato sauce, juice, seeds and soup as you have now absorbed this energy in your mind and body.


To dream of a tomb is a very symbolic representation of an awakening that resides within the unconsciousness of the dreamer. Considered an emblem of rebirth, the dreamer will find what has been hidden away within.


To dream of a tombstone is not really suggesting you are going to die but a symbol of a transition in the dreamers life. If you are walking though a graveyard it suggests going back to past memories or emotions that are no longer living within the psyche of the dreamer.


These dreams might be a sign of a new stage or start in life like a transformation. These dreams we are connected to our unconscious. Sigmund Freud suggested that a tunnel represented the canal of the women indicated a sexual connotative. The train would be the male organ going in and out. The tunnel could be translated to birth as a metaphor back to the starting point.


Connected to mother earth and new beginnings to the dreamer. They appear in spring that suggests new growth relating to relationships and spirituality. They may also be related to the female genitalia as a metaphor for two lips.


Dreaming of turtles suggest motherhood, fertility and wisdom. The turtle becomes a messenger from the the depths of the emotional unconsciousness. They are commonly known to bring the dreamer knowledge, wisdom, fertility and protection; it becomes a guide that has found you during the right time in your life. Though it is known to attack the dreamer when it doesn’t trust or follow their own intuition.

Twin Babies

Twins can easily be translated as rebirth, luck coming in twos, or what the ancients called yin and yang energies within. Twin babies imply that this inner growth or rebirth will come in two parts. It appears similar in ancient mythological texts of having halves of the same whole, connects a bond deeper than that of ordinary siblings, or mirrors a competition with rivals or the shadow.

Twin Flame

Once in a life time you will have such a profound dream that leaves you in a state of bliss and heartache. Your twin flame emerges in your dreams to bring you inner completeness or your possible future mate.

Two Numbers analysis

Numbers are very significant in dreams especially the number 2. The symbolic meaning of number two is gentleness, balance, stern, equalization, and duality. The spiritual side of the number deals with exchanges made with others, partnerships both in harmony and enemy, and communication.

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5 months ago

I dreamed years ago of being told by a random voice:

“Hold up a staff to the wall and you will hear music.”

I did this and I did hear a syringed orchestra playing but I also saw a BLACK number 10 appear on the wall followed by a YELLOW 13.

1 year ago

Had a weird crazy dream of three places first was at a mansion then a train station and a barn…Don’t know what it means

Hannah Mayfield
Hannah Mayfield
1 year ago

I just had a dream, that I was taking an MRI. I’m confused. There hasn’t been any health scares with anyone in my family for several months. Also, in my dream, when I came out of the MRI, I was told I had a brain tumor that developed on the top of my head, causing some balding in that spot. I immediately felt my head when I woke up, and there’s nothing.

Maria Melendez
Maria Melendez
2 years ago

I had a dream that I had another child with superpowers and he saved the world at 2-3 years old, then government came looking for him. We were in a concrete building that was incomplete. There were stairs but I don’t remember if I went up or down when I was looking for my son to hide him from the people. Suddenly I ended up in front of a small wall that was holding back the ocean, I noticed in the wave close to the wall was a whale, I aproch the whale and it lets me touch the top… Read more »

2 years ago

I have two recurring dreams
the first one is surviving a plane crash and I always see my brother with me. I look stressed as I think I need to save the plane but my brother is always so calm during the crash.
second is I see two tortoises and on the back of these tortoises two red tarantulae sitting.
can someone help with interpretation?

Anna Herbert
Anna Herbert
2 years ago

I had a dream while I was driving on a highway I saw 3 cars drive in a snake like pattern then all crashed into a wall into each other.

I had a dream of a tractor trailer and the big tire was ready to fall off.

2 years ago

I had a dream awhile ago, of myself trapped in a huge, empty dumpster. It appeared very clean, like it never had garbage in it. There wasn’t any way out. I looked up & saw a covering giving shade. It was like the ones at a gas station, above the gas pumps. It was daylight, quiet & I yelled, “Hello, anyone there?” There wasn’t any response or noise. It seemed it was deserted & I didn’t hear anything, just a slight breeze. I kept wondering, “How in the world, did I get stuck in this huge dumpster?” It was around… Read more »

Jay Elle
Jay Elle
2 years ago

I had a dream where my partner wouldn’t allow me to do something, not even have a try and he kept getting angry at me for asking why but was letting everyone else have a go. What does that mean?

2 years ago

I had a dream i went into a basement and a TV was on fire. The TV was a little old one with bunny ear antenna. I went to unplugg it but it wasnt plugged in. I saw holes in the wall with light shining through. I looked up and the fire was out but the tv was melted… i felt an ominous presence and when i ran up the stairs i was yelling f*** you ghost. I woke up like really spooked with like a “i just saw a ghost feeling”. Creepy I dont know where to start but… Read more »

3 years ago

Hi so I was wondering if you could help out I’ve had 2 dreams but I feel like they are deeply connected with one another the first happened at my dinner table and at first me and the women I’m in love with are discussing a topic about I believe food then I put my head on her shoulder and arm around her stomach because we are sitting right next to each other then I ask her a question about her current relationship and she pauses for some time with her wondering like they are looking for an answer or… Read more »

Reply to  The Dreamer
3 years ago

That makes a lot of sense and thanks for replying so fast because I feel like that’s the only part of me that’s not in my everyday life and it takes a toll on because I’m such a caring person or at the very least try to be because I generally want to help others but my household is full of negativity and low vibrations that I’m trying my hardest to escape from and be my self but I fell like I’d get a lot of back lash

3 years ago

I had a dream that somebody in my dream told me I was talking in my sleep. I fell asleep in my dream and tried to talk while sleeping but I couldn’t let a sound out. I got all panicky and tried to scream but it just didn’t work and I felt all trapped in myself. What does it mean?

3 years ago

I had a dream I was drawing trump an I looked up and saw lots of birds all over the ceiling, I looked down and someone had put flowers on my desk.

Ivan Favela
Ivan Favela
3 years ago

My girlfriend has had two people dream her with twins. Could you give me some insights

3 years ago

I had a dream that the office I worked in became full of nothing but illusions. If there was a picture of a bird… the bird would fly away; I would walk down the hall and a hole would open up and I would fall in~ tricks would happen and then it would stop abruptly. It was kinda like I was working in my office (medical office) but everyplace (exam room, hallway, waiting room even the bathroom was like a haunted house. with illusions and tricks, some of the tricks were mechical. Like I would be walking and a man-made… Read more »

3 years ago

I just woke up from a dream that I was taking care of someone’s dolls, but after a long day, I decided to talk to one of them and as them how they were doing. It responded “Barely holding it together. I’ve been stuck in this room for 3 weeks and haven’t been able to get out of it.” It shocked me but it continued to tell me that it wasn’t allowed to kill me while the owner was away and all this other stuff but as it talked, the other two dolls I had been holding onto started moving,… Read more »

Phatpumpkin Pelzer
Phatpumpkin Pelzer
3 years ago

I had a dream that I was talking in my sleeping to someone I use to be involved with. I could hear myself but couldn’t hear what he was saying back.

4 years ago

I recently had a dream where I was in the back of a military jeep, that had a man-operated turret, with four idiot adult males getting all excited over passing by a nearby lightning storm. The turret, that I was right beside, got struck by lightning.

4 years ago

I had a dream that I was searching for my 8 year old sister in a desolate city. The sky was dark red and orange. I remember hearing an alarm go off in the distance and all my family and friends running to what seemed like a giant pocket watch slightly under the ground. We all jumped in while the gears were still working. I could physically feel vibrating. We were about to close it when my little sister said her friend was at the other side of the city. I fell empathy towards my sis and her friend. So… Read more »

Granny Nanny
Granny Nanny
4 years ago

I had a dream that I was with a man, don’t know who, and my grandson. He was about three or four in the dream (but is really 10). We put my grandson on the train, but thought it was stationary. The train started to move and we couldn’t reach my grandson. We kept running up and down the tracks trying to stop the train, but could not stop it. We could hear my grandson crying on the train, but didn’t have any help to get to him. I woke up and said, thank God it’s a dream.

12 years ago

My dream was that I had four kids, but in this dream they were babies but turned into teddy badgers, and one spoke to me and said im not yours im just a random ginger thats been through in, followed by a label appearing on on e of them stating they were property of somebody else