Teeth Falling Out In Your Dreams? Find The True Meaning

If there was a race for the most unsettling dream symbol in the world teeth dreams will take first place by a landslide.

Did you know that teeth dreams are one of the most searched symbols on google’s search engine. Or the fact that teeth in dreams is one of the oldest translated known symbols dating as far back to ancient Egypt.

Teeth are enigmatic dreams symbols that often point towards some sort of loss in our lives. This is why many people associate losing teeth in their dreams and death. While this could be true it is not always the case. In fact most teeth dreams symbolize our insecurities, inner weaknesses, poor communication, or a loss of control in your life. According to psychologist Carl Jung, Dreaming about your Teeth Falling Out can be a sign a major transition or rebirth taking place in your life.

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So who should we believe? Well it turns out that all these interpretations might all be correct. Though, the specific details that emerge in your dream are exclusively unique to the you and nobody else – locations, people, mood and how the teeth appeared are metaphoric clue leading you to the answer.

Teeth Dream Meaning

As the saying goes when someone is making something very difficult ‘it’s like pulling teeth‘. Dreams have a funny way of sending us messages in metaphors as if you should examine your stubborn ways.

The definition ‘to pull‘ is to exert force on someone or something; as well to cause movement towards oneself. You may want to reflect what areas in your life where you are exerting force that is causing you distress.

If you were struggling to pull out a broken tooth it can alter the meaning. Pulling your own teeth might also bring your attention to speech or lack thereof.  It would mirror trying to force something out of you that you don’t want to admit within yourself.

If you noticed an unknown person pulling on your teeth could link to the shadow archetype – the dark side of your personality. If you were looking in a mirror suggests self reflection as the dream would be directed internally.

  • Examine internal struggle
  • Unable to get something out of you (speech)
  • Shadow side of dreamer
  • Unconscious need to admit something negative
  • Taking out something that is valuable to you


Teeth Dreams: Rotting Teeth?

These dreams can be quite alarming as you notice your beautiful teeth decaying in front of your eyes. Rotting teeth dreams can suggest a variety of different interpretations; possibly reflecting on image, speech or neglected responsibilities.

What has been repressed hides deep in the unconscious as it appears our dreams at night. If something is left rotting long enough it moves towards the core; the dream might be a warning to stop it before it gets worse.

Rotting teeth dreams could symbolize our anxieties and fears that we repressing deep down inside us. How we feel on the inside might be now visible to others on the outside. Feeling unhealthy, maliciously bad talking others, or even our own insecurities can reflect rotting teeth.

If you noticed yourslef looking directly in the mirror might be related to the shadow archetype – the unknown repressed side that wants to be noticed.

  • The decay, decline and degeneration of our image
  • Negative speech
  • Neglected aspects of your personality
  • Deterioration of image

Teeth Dream: Broken, Chipped or Crooked 

Remember the Hollywood blockbuster movie Dumb & Dumber? We automatically assume anyone with a chipped or broken tooth as ugly, unintelligent or poor. Could the image of the chipped or broken tooth reflect how you feel on the inside, or connect to your image and how people view you?

Something internal needs fixing that remains unconscious to you. Could the tooth relate to insecurities, past traumas, recent experiences of failure, rejection, loneliness, social anxiety, negative beliefs about yourself and perfectionism.

A fear of being exposed of our imperfection we unconsciously dream of having dreams of this nature. You may mask or ignore your flaws to protect your ego, however if neglected for too long the dream will be more vivid.  Dreaming of crooked teeth suggests something that needs to be straightened in your life.

  • Broken words or lies
  • Unconscious insecurities
  • Being vulnerable
  • Feeling stupid, weak or viewed as dumb

Teeth Falling Out In Dreams

As bizarre as this dream they tend to be the most experienced with all teeth themes. The dream might unfold as you notice one tooth missing; momentary all eventually come out. The unsettling feeling brings your awareness to speech, support, loss and insecurities.

Could these dreams suggest an inability to hold things together in your life, or fears and anxieties you are battling with?

Connecting things falling apart in your life whether it be your relationships or the loss of people who were once close to you. Investigating how you speak, if you are not true to yourself. Clues in the dream are the people who where around you, location or if you were looking in the mirror – hinting at self reflection.

  • Falling out of love or communication with someone
  • Fear of feeling inadequate
  • Loss of something important
  • Stress, fears and anxiety
  • An inability holding things together


Crumbling Teeth Dreams

Crumbling teeth dreams appear as falling apart into small fragments while you notice them in you hand preferably. These dream bring our attention to areas in our life that have been left neglected for too long, hence this process of deterioration.

Possible fears of something valuable collapsing within; unable to hold it together anymore. A metaphor like a once strong building that has now is crumbed to the ground. Unconscious worries possibly aging or losing things that were once strong are no longer.

Could this apply to your relationship, family or work that is left you with nothing?

  • Used to be strong
  • Personal reflection
  • Fears and anxiety of getting older
  • A loss of something that was once valuable

Losing Your Teeth In Dreams

A lost tooth might reflect something that is incomplete inside you. Depending the context of the dream the meaning can alter. If you noticed you lost a tooth in front of a mirror suggest it might be related to image. It could be a metaphor for losing something that was once close to you that is now gone.

  • Insecurities
  • Fears and anxieties
  • Embarrassment
  • Fear of a loss of something valuable
  • Trying to cover up something to others
  • Lack of control

False Teeth Dreams

These dreams might be metaphoric in nature hinting at you not telling the truth. Question if you feel fake around others or not being true to yourself. False teeth can imply an internal problem that is being seen by others. Do you have a tendency to be dishonest or you break the rules? Could it suggest a need to be replaced by something new?

Spitting or Hole In Tooth Dreams

Spitting out teeth is a common yet vivid dream that often leaves the person with an unsettling feeling through the day. You can explore the aspects of your life that mirrors weakness, instability, and loss relating communication or internal struggle. What might not be rooted properly?

A hole in your tooth in your dream usually is directed at your self image or something missing in your life. The hole is metaphoric for something that was once strong and firm are now missing and incomplete. The emotions felt in the dream will reflect a particular situation in your life that it is relating to

Breaking Teeth Dreams

If someone is breaking your teeth it could donate to someone trying to ruin your personal image. Unable to recognize the person suggests self destructive behavior and to watch what you say. You might be doing something that is not ethical or being crooked in your waking life.

Teeth Dreams & Death

There have been many cases of strange coalitions between teeth dreams and death. Does this suggest when you lose teeth someone is going to die? The chances are slim however many people report when they lose teeth someone close to them dies.

Not all dream symbols are collectively shared between person to person as teeth can be translated in many different ways similar to the snake. Before you jump to conclusions it can be as simple as image or maybe it is time to see the dentist.

Different Perspectives On Teeth Dreams

Interestingly enough teeth dreams have been recorded as far back as the beginning of dream interpretation. Teeth seem to be a collective symbol we all share… on a conscious and unconscious level. Within the Greek culture they believe that teeth imply illness and death.

The ancient Chinese believed when you dream of teeth in a negative way it represents how we communicate with one another.

For the most part most of the people in the western world today are so revolved around image and looking good.  This is why the mirror appears in the dream for the dreamer to do self reflection of insecurities preying on our soul.

Teeth Dream Theories

These dreams even baffled the ancient Greeks; the well known diviner Artemidorus suggested teeth relates to financial loss. Not long after in the Jewish Talmud,  they felt teeth dreams are bad omens relating to a death of a family member.

In modern times, psychoanalyst Freud felt it contained sexual elements; where as his predecessor Carl Jung suggested it was related to child birth or transition. Could it be the distress you feel going to the dentist mimicking an sensitive area in your life

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9 years ago

I had a dream last night where I found out one tooth was just randomly gone. Then I pulled out a tooth on my bottom jaw because it was loose. Then my teeth started moving very easily and I think I lost another one 0.o Ive had dreams like this then a dream where my teeth were basically rowed like a shark would. Please leave a reply if ya know the meaning/had one like this/ or just wanna comment. 😀

9 years ago

What if the dream wasn’t bad? In my dream last night, two of my teeth fell/were pulled by myself. This was during a nice conversation with my boyfriend, and I remember exclaiming “holy crap, two in one day?”
I’m thinking, personally, my dream may be because I am having my wisdom teeth pulled in 3 weeks and I’m horrified.

9 years ago

I had a dream that I woke up from a dream and my tooth had fallen out. Then I woke up for real and found nothing wrong. Does anyone have any idea what this means? email me.

9 years ago

I had this dream last night where I was talking to my sis n looking at the mirror wen I noticed a tooth in the lower jaw feeling loose n I couldn’t keep it from falling off, it came out, n so did a chipped off portion of a tooth on the upper jaw. What does this mean? It was sooo random n all I could think was of finding a false replacement for that tooth!

Madhusudan Purushothaman
9 years ago

Hi I am from Bangalore India, I am a kind of person who often gets Deja vu and often they come true. During early 2011 very often I used to get dreams of falling teeth , I used to feel the pain in dream, sometime I feel I don’t have any teeth in my mouth. After having such multiple dreams I felt it uncommon and decided to look into it via internet. I read a lot about it in Internet and I found falling teeth talks about some one death in your family. I just decided not to go with… Read more »

9 years ago

My dream was as follows: all the teeth on my lower left side completely crumbled into little pieces in my mouth. I began spitting all of the pieces out and used my tongue to “dig out” the remaining stumps on the left lower side. Then, my whole gums with the teeth came out from the right lower side, almost like it was a bridge or retainer piece. I woke up horrified and checking to make sure all of my teeth were ok! I am in a really toxic work environment and am trying to switch careers right now so not… Read more »

9 years ago

I had a dream i was at church with kids that were running around and being loud. Throughout the dream my teeth slowly were chipping then before i woke up half my tooth fell off!! It was strange what could that possibly mean?

Mermaid 2012
Mermaid 2012
9 years ago

I had a dream my lower teeth were loose. Some of them were falling out. I tried to put them back in my mouth but I knew it was pointless. Looking at my mouth in the mirror I seen my teeth being already fixed with glue before. The glue was getting obviously letting go of my teeth. Also I remember my teeth being really nice and white. I did not understand how is it possible for them to fall out. I was at the dentist , scared. Before fixing them he had to run some tests to see if maybe… Read more »

9 years ago

I had a dream of a broken teeth but the broken teeth was wrapped around by the silver teeth that dentists give people. There was also chewing gum on it and I kept pulling the gum but it wouldn’t come off of what remained of my real teeth that was chipped inside the silver.

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