Dreaming of Trains

Trains emerge in our dreams when we are undergoing major changes in our lives. The movement of trains runs parallel to our lives when there is movement, stop and new stages.  You might get a glimpse of what might be occurring behind the scenes, possibly of events to come in the near future. These dreams are very symbolic that can alter depending the context.

When it comes to interpreting trains keep in mind that no two dream are alike, as everybody has different paths, and stages in their lives. Trains tend to show up as a metaphor reflecting your own personal development and how close you are to your destination. The train might appear as your current progress, thus reflecting the next stop as the specific event or goal. Train dreams consist either being missed, waiting, crashing; or being on the train.

Train Dream Meaning

Trains seem to appear reflecting the stages or progress of your goal. Sometimes you will arrive to the next stop with a breeze, and other times you will encounter difficulties. The ride could be a short distance or someone foreign.

Movement or Destination

  • Spiritual
  • Career
  • Unexplored unconsciousness
  • New developments (self, partner)
  • Personal development

Did You Enter The Unknown?

The dreamer might notice descending underground to catch there ride. The top level might be a representation of your consciousness – the acknowledgment, thoughts, feelings, cognition, and memories; while the unconscious consists of the unknown. Below is the deeper part of the dreamer, the part that one is unfamiliar with. The transition from point A to B suggests your progress or struggle as you try to reach a new phase.

Tunnel Dream Meaning

The tunnel is also symbolic, though it has many different interpretations attached to it. The tunnel may appear showing you an ending of a difficult time in your life – the light at the end of the tunnel; or relating to the womb or birth. The tunnel is dark and narrow as you are in a train going though. Could this be related to an unconscious ‘entrance’ reliving a past experience?

The Conductor

The person who is control of your destination. Could this be your guide bringing you closer to your soul? If you are driving the train implies you have complete control over your path as you know where you need to go.

Train Crash Dream Meaning

Similar to a car or plane, when a train crashes it brings your attention to a failed destination or being taken off track. This can suggest fears, anxieties and losses experienced in your life. Some aspect of you life you have lost control as you are trying to transition. Determining who was around you and what events took place before this happen can give you clues where the problem stems from.

  • Delay
  • Failed Plans
  • Lost control
  • Off track

Waiting or Passing By

Often times we are waiting for a train in a station. These dreams are positive dreams that show you change is heading your way. The train might be a representation of an opportunity that you are currently waiting for.

Noticing a train passing by might suggest a missed opportunity to advance to the next stage. Trains always come and go as it might in an indication to get on to the next train.