Cross Symbolic Meaning

Spiritual Significance Of The Cross

Did you know before the Christian church adopted the iconic symbol of the cross, it was used as a pagan symbol for thousands of years. A symbol widely recognized around the world, and of course automatically recognizable symbol in Christianity.

What we know as the Latin cross consisting of a single vertical bar that overlaps horizontally representing Jesus Christ crucifixion. The cross is a powerful symbol that represents the connection between heaven and earth, a meeting point of death and rebirth and new spiritual awareness – crosses can be seen in both visions and dreams reflecting dying of the old self for the new to be born resurrection.

The Benefits Of Dying In Our Dreams.

 The Cross In Christianity

Though for Christians across the world Jesus on the cross is a holy icon depicting the suffering, strengths of his beliefs and a symbol of spiritual power that wards off evil. It may also reflect redeeming benefits of Jesus Christ Passion and death; the divine and turning point in ones lives through suffering and sacrifice.

The wooden cross can may reflect the iconic image of the tree or Tree of Life that provides nourishment, the roots touch down to earth and branches reach heaven.  The joining of the two objects become a crossroads or points of junction between the living and the dead.

The Cross In Dreams Meaning

In most cases when the cross emerges in our dreams it represents harmony, perfect union, fairness, sacrifice of the different parts of your being.

Crosses that appear in our dreams might be connected to the divine parts of ourselves, Christ consciousness or a turning point in ones life. Alternately, the cross may emerge representing dying of old habits and ways only for the new to be reborn. The biblical meaning of a cross in your dream might be connected with the dreamer faith and follower towards Jesus Christ teachings.

Dreaming Of Cross Necklace

To dream of a cross necklace represents feelings of power, communication, richness and wisdom. Necklaces are very powerful omens that contain unconscious elements expressing a value close to your heart, infinity, circle – a connection and relationship you have with God.

Dreaming Of A Cross In The Sky

To dream of noticing a cross in the sky connects the dreamer to his or her relationship with God. The sky itself could be a representation of your mind and the unexpected things that can come from it.

Dreaming Of A Wooden Cross

To dream of a wooden cross represents inner creation, grown or develop spiritually in your life. Wood association with the tree, or the Tree Of Nourishment; using the past or knowledge to obtain spiritual richness.

White or Gold Cross Dream Meaning

To dream of a white cross represents the dreamers purity and love, whereas dreaming of a gold cross implies the Sun, spiritual wealth, and growth.


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