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Eagles are powerful dream omens known for their vision, freedom and higher consciousness. You have the ability to see far beyond the sight of an average person. If you are on a spiritual path eagles might show up as a guide or spirit. In ancient Egypt they are symbols of protection. If it attacks its becomes a symbol of not trusting your intuition. An injured eagle reflects neglecting these gifts and trusting the source.


If you are eating food you are nourishing the soul, it becomes a symbol of energy and grounding. The type of food will be metaphoric to what you are fulfilling inside you. Receiving or giving food becomes spiritual and emotional nourishment that you give or take in your life. However, if you suffer from a weigh problem it might reflect a health issue.


Ears are representative of your ability or inability to hear and listen to you inner and outer world. The whorled shell (spiral) is very symbol of the vulva; it connects to birth and life itself. Negative associations with ears are when they become infected, stuff coming out, or regarding the left ear.


Often seen as a mental blockage from absorbing what has been heard from your outside world. Often times we are removing and cleaning earwax out of our ears; considered a positive omen resulting in balance in your life.


Dreaming of an earwig symbolizes bad news and not being able to handle it well. Someone or something is bugging you and will affect you until you get rid of it. It also suggests that you will not take constructive criticism wisely.


Earrings can imply to your outward appearance or something more spiritual. It’s direct location to the ear makes directs your attention to listening and absorbing information.


The destructive shift below your feet brings the dreamer towards emotions and the unconsous aspects that have come repressed. These major shifts or shake ups in our lives can be warning or a transitional stage before change occurs. Running away from the earthquake implies you will avoid rather than face this problem.


The direction plays a very symbolic role in religions associated with wisdom and knowledge. In dreams the sun rises in the east representing new beginning, birth, transformation and spring. The light of the world is linked with the rise of Christ as the west (right) is considered dark.


A dream about Easter is a spiritual dream about happiness and a rebirth. You will turn a new chapter in your life and make good changes.


Dreaming of hearing an echo suggests that you should pay close attention to what the echo is saying because it could be a voice from your unconscious; it is a message being sent to you possibly from higher powers.


An eclipse indicates a short spurt of darkness in your life that you will quickly overcome. Pay close attention to new random encounters in your waking life. If you dream of a solar eclipse it suggest a dark time in your life, closing of the sun (masculine) side. If you dream of a lunar eclipse it could mean that you are undergoing menstruation or menopause. Dreaming that the eclipse has finished suggests that you are experiencing some sort of enlightenment.


To dream of ecstasy is very good for your mind and soul, it leave you feeling happy all day. In the past, dream philosophers have said that this feeling is a taste of the afterlife.


Dreaming of eggs are a very symbolic since ancient times. They have been a universal symbol of the creation that grows out of it, and when they appear they bring an important message. According to Carl Jung he believe that the egg was connected with God or the soul.

Eiffel Tower

Towers are known to represent things that have been built in your life. However the Eiffel tower has a strong connection to relationships and love life – achievements and higher awareness. It’s shape might be also mirror a phallic symbol.


Dreaming of an elbow is a great dream symbol that shows you have the ability to be flexible during tough times. If you notice that your elbow is damaged it suggests to watch the people who take advantage of you.

Elderly Couple

In most cases elderly people that appear in our dreams represent wisdom and experiencing life lessons. They contain clues that help guide the dreamer to the answer they have been looking for, usually related to growth and development during different stages in your life. Both an old women and and old man connect to the dreamers masculine and feminine traits. If you dream of an old man chasing you it might have to do with repressed fears of aging or not growing from your life experiences.


To dream of an election signifies an important decision that you must make and will affect your future. Voting in an election it symbolizes your choice that you’ve already made. There’s no need to ponder on about it, you’ve already chosen what road you want to go down. If you are a candidate in the election you want to move on to bigger and better things in life.

Electric Guitar

An electric guitar represents your itching desire to let loose and rebel. To play one in your dream means that you are able to express yourself to people.


They are very powerful dream symbols that bring you shocking news. This symbol can either be a warning or possible enlightenment depending the context of the dream.


If you are being electrocuted in a dream something might be shocking coming your way. An outside force of electricity could potentially effect you from the inside. Witnessing someone else being electrocuted suggests that you are worried about your actions.


To dream of an electric shock is something that will suddenly “shock” you in a negative way, a build up of emotions; anger; potential; power. To dream of electric sparks represents caution or potential danger in things that might blow up. When you notice an electric fire suggests pent up and a release of pent up anger that will be discharged soon.


Elephants are messengers that lead you to the true path to higher consciousness. Elephants are a powerful omen representing the dreamers inner power, wisdom, remover of obstacles, luck, stability, and patience. Their tusks imply wisdom, strength, moderation and eternity. When they attack the dreamer needs to investigate their own unconsous behaviors; a sign to start mindfulness meditation.


An elevator is a very powerful symbol that can either suggest a positive or negative meaning. Going up is always a sign of advancement or higher consciousness, whereas the basement level represents the unconscious side of the dreamer. Elevators close association with buildings suggests it belongs as a part of the dreamers inner and outer world – a subconstruct that has been built. Any problems reacting to the elevator such as crashing or stuck implies a halt or issues relating to these “built” areas.


To dream of eloping means you are trying to hide from some difficulties you will been faced with. You do not want to conclude things so you think hiding for the moment would help make things easier.


To dream of an elk represents strength, spirituality and power. Since it belongs in the wild you have received a message from the unconscious part of you that something powerful has just emerged. They can be considered a positive omen unless you are attacked. Usually when you are attacked or chased you are ignoring these wild behaviors that remains unknown to you.


Any sort of message via phone, computers or faxes might be messages from the unconscious. They can be seen as warning or a meaningful message to help the dreamer.


Embarrassment in your dream is symbolic of your insecurities about yourself. A common dream of embarrassment is being naked in public or people seeing you on the toilet. This might reflect an embarrassing situation to come in the distant future.


Studies have conclude that our emotions expressed in our dreams are often linked to repressed feelings in our life. Often what is unknown or below the surface emotions tend to be direct in our dreams or something take shape as different type of symbols. Common emotions that are known to manifest is sadness, anxiety, anger, disgust and fear. By tackling these issue head on may in fact change who you are as a person.


An empty object in your dream symbolizes something is ending and soon would be lost. An empty container could be a hopeful sign to you if you haven’t used all you have as yet. If you are throwing out things to make a space or an object empty it means you need to clear your mind and start new.


To dream the end to something indicates that you need to hurry up and act because time is of importance and you are anxious about that certain situation. If you dream the end of the world where the world blows up or the sky is coming closer and closer to the ground it is only your fear of the change that is about to come.


As the saying goes, you are your worst enemy. Dreaming of your enemy has more to do with the dreamers “shadow” the unknown parts of their behaviors that they do not see in themselves. If they are talking, crying or even hugging you it all has to do with the dreamers ability to forgive and grow. Once the dreamer matures the enemy changes in the dream.


When you dream of an engine it is important you remember the condition of the engine when you wake up. Whatever is the condition of the engine is the condition of your force and drive to get things done in your life. Dreaming of an engine that needs a service and does not start it means that theirs something holding you back to reach your aspiration. When you dream that the engine is smoky or on fire because it blew up means someone has deceived you or your past ways of acting are coming back to haunt you.


A positive dream symbol that shows a connection or bond between to parties. This joining can be anything from spiritual, yin and yang energy, people, jobs and ideas.


An epidemic in your dream represents your fear about a recent task. If you dream that you are causing the epidemic or involved in it you are afraid that your actions at the moment are going to hurt people. If you are not part of the epidemic and unaffected signifies your fear that the bad things in your life may become uncontrollable.


You do not need to be a man to dream of an erection nor does it have to relate to your sexuality. When you dream you have an erection it symbolizes your control and authority. To dream of someone erection which pleasures you appeals to your sexual craving. If you are sickened by the erection it means that you are angry about someone else rising up and being in control of things. If you are a man dreaming of an erection is could mean that you are worried about having erectile dysfunction.


An escalator is similar to an elevator but not such a symbolic movement in ones life. Similar to stairs that reflects different steps to achieve or advancement in your life. Since they are commonly found in buildings it would direct the dreamer towards ideas, ethics, goals and beliefs that have been built. This why a broken elevator emerges in the dream so often showing the dreamer of distortion within these views. Going up or down shows your life’s motion, progress or setbacks. Glass elevators imply protection and what is “seen through” these systems within the psyche.


Escaping emerges in our dreams when the dreamer is not aware of their fears and what they essentially avoid in life. The dreamer would be offered clues in what is making them either run away or hide from. Escaping a jail reflects leaving before your time has been served, or reflects trying to avoid a prison like environment in your life. Escaping from a killer relates to the dreamers inability to deal with their fears and anxieties. Dreams about escaping a fire suggests a dangerous situation (anger) you are avoiding. A fire in the house belongs in the psyche of the dreamer relating to destruction or renewal.


Your unconscious uses images to relate things. When you dream of an espresso you are actually being told to act quickly and take the express on life. It could also mean express yourself and act on your desire to be more sociable.


Dreaming of evacuating symbolizes your neglect and void with your feelings and encounters. If you are very scared when evacuating it means you are running away from a bad situation that is making you anxious.


To dream that you are being evicted indicated that someone is pushing you out of their life. You are no longer wanted in a specific aspect of your life. If you dream that you are evicting someone it means that someone or some situation in your life is giving you problems and you choose to no longer participate or put up with the person.


If you feel bad about doing something or taking part in something you enjoy because of spiritual or ethical issues it comes out in your dream in the form of evil. Dreaming of evil represents inner conflicts with feelings or actions that you keep trying to suppress because you believe them to be wrong or dangerous to others.

Evil Eye

These dreams offer you protection against negative force to come in the future. The hamsa commonly used as to protect against evil or bad energy in the middle east.


Dreaming of your ex contains more unconscious emotions and repressed memories that has more to do with the dreamer than the ex. Interestingly enough our ex’s like to appear in our dreams in many different ways in hopes you understand its coded message. Their main goal is to help us move on and to let go of the past, however this is not as easy as it sounds. They are known to ignore us, be intimate, rejecting you, getting back together, seeing their family or there new partner, just to name a few. Alternately, you might want closure from your past relationship or still have feelings for this person. Find out why read the article.


One of the most common dream themes that reflects advancement when passed, or at setback when failed. Dreaming of being unprepared or late mirrors areas in your life. Exams are one of the most recurring dream themes that vividly appears when this issue remains unconscious.


In the society we live in today everyone tries in some way to fit in. Dreaming about exercising is your expression of trying to fit in with the image that society tries to embed in us. It could also mean that you need to work things out with someone or in some situation.


If an exorcism is done on you it suggest a drastic change for the better. Priest come during a time of healing, however you might be possessed some negative toxic force that controls you (addictions).


Often a metaphoric symbol of letting go of things that you no longer need within. A reflection of a emotional or mental build up that was being held in for too long.


To exhibit yourself in a dream suggests that you are too concerned with your body or alternatively you are actually very confident in your appearance. It could also mean that you need to look at your life a little closer.


If you dream of an exit or an exit sign in your dream it means it is time to move on and walk out of a situation in your life. What you walk out of might suggest leaving or removing yourself from this situation.


To dream of being in an explosion represents something that is going to blow up relatively soon. Possible change that is going to cause you mixed emotions but it is going to help you understand your feelings and build a better structure for yourself. If you are in flames in the explosion it represents your anger over a current situation because you have been violated by someone else.


Dreaming of anything extra can sway between a positive or negative omen. Extra toes or feet are know to be very positive symbols of new movement. Extra teeth relate to cramped or disorganized communication.


Dreams about feces or excrement represents negative emotions or feelings that linger in your life. The main objective would be for the dreamer to examine how you are riding these toxic emotions in your life. Often times the dreamer will notice poop on their hands that signifies to clean up and let go of this issue.


Dreaming of wearing glasses indicates your need to give something or a situation a closer look. If the glasses are scratched or damaged in some way it means you have an impaired or wrong view of a situation or things.


Seeing your own eye in your dream refers to you need to pay closer attention to things that are going on with you or look inside yourself for the strength and perseverance because you are the answer to your problems. To dream of your eyes rolling back so that your view is now of your brain it means that you have become more enlightened and knowledgeable of situations in your life.

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3 years ago

Why does my first love/boyfriend keep popping into my dreams lately? I am happily in love with my twin flame and set on awaiting a true commitment from him. My narcissistic karmic soulmate also came into my dream last night.

Reply to  Savannah
1 month ago

There is a sense of urgency to keep your twin flame from proposing that you two make a commitment to each other. Someone is still having deep feelings for you and is busy trying to figure out how to keep this commitment from happening. You will recognize it when you see it.

Sahara Prakash
Sahara Prakash
3 years ago

I had a dream that i was in Argentina with apparently my best friend who lives there, I went into a store with her bc i had some traveling money and i wanted to buy some new clothes, i remember us talking abt how our moms were at her house just talking, and when we get to the store we meet a girl who works there, she is tall thin, and pale, and had straight brown hair, got some items that i wanted to buy, and i remember telling my friend that i didn’t want to buy more bc i… Read more »

Last edited 3 years ago by Sahara Prakash
11 years ago

Last night I had a dream that there were eyes hidden al around the house staring at me without me knowing until I looked into a vent and saw one staring right at me. After that I was filling a bath then my p.o.v. Changed and I’m guessing it was another eye because I was looking up from where the drain is up through water. After that something took out my dads eyes when he put his head under the bed to get something. I dont know what to think):

11 years ago

I was dreaming that i looked into my sons ear and saw small black spiders crawling around his ear. I put my hand in his ear and starting removing some black nuts with white tips on them. Then as i went to the other ear it turned into sausages in bags that i starting pulling out. What does this dream mean if anything? Thank you.

12 years ago

Can someone help interpret my dream? I was challenged by my friends to run a circuit around this ancient-looking town. But, I had to wear a stopwatch with an explosive on it, to time me. When I started running, I was stuck behind this guy driving very slow in a purple car. I got very frustrated with him, and he sped up. I kept running, and made it to the finish line. I threw the watch off with mere seconds to spare; it detonated midair. Thanks for the help, I just couldn’t find many of these terms here. (i.e. bomb/explosive,… Read more »