Reasons You Are Being Ignored In Dreams

Thousand of dreamers search the web to find out why on earth they are being ignored in dreams.

These uncomfortable dreams often leave the person feeling confused, or worse you might even carry a grudge with that person for the day.

So why does being Ignored In Our Dreams tends to leave us feeling unsettled for the rest of the day? Well it turns out that being ignored has a tendency of feeling worse than being  rejected, as if you don’t even matter at all.

Ignoring Dream Meaning

Since dreams have a tendency to use specific symbols or themes in a metaphoric sense, essentially it is warning you about something within your relationship that remains unconscious.

Unfortunately we are often Ignored In Our Dreams by the people we love or sometimes really close to such as our  boyfriends, girlfriends, husbands, mom, dad and even close friends. Once you are able to tap into the meaning of the dream by decoding the hidden message your relationships will improve.

#1 Inability To Express Emotions

When we say something remains unconscious it consists of pushing feelings, emotions, interests, memories aside in the dark corners of our mind as we are unable to process them.

Dreams have a tendency to pull these ignored emotions up into particular themes for you to pay attention to it. Essentially dreaming about being ignored might have more to do with your misunderstanding or inability to express how you feel with this person.

Perhaps you might feel being taken for granted by someone you’ve worked hard to please. This might be past hurt that you are unable to identify within or express with your loved one.

#2. Ignore Dream & Silent Treatment

Since dreams use metaphoric to provide you with answers could the person who is ignoring you be passive aggressive. Silent treatment is a tool passive aggressive people use to show their hurt or anger by ignoring.

In fact, this is often considered a bullying tactic often used by people who want to inflict pain without being outwardly confrontational. Could your dream suggest that this person have the tendency to be like this?

#3. Ignored in Dreams: Feeling Left Out

When someone ignores somebody they often feel hurt, rejected, left out, confused, isolating and painful. Once these feelings become repressed your dream will pull up and display these negative feelings – often disguised as “being ignored” for you to see first hand.

  • do you feel powerless in the relationship?
  • at times do you feel invisible?
  • do you feel insignificant or left out?
  • emotionally and physically non-existent?

#4. How To Stop Ignoring Dreams

How did you feel in the dream when you where being ignored? The emotion expressed is usually the feeling that remains trapped inside, whether it may be anger, frustrated, upset or even sad to the point you start to cry.

First you must identify with how you feel then apply it to what issue still remains hidden or unconscious between you too. The next step would be to rebuild this severed connection together.  Dreams about being ignored is a common reoccurring theme that encourages you to resolve this communication issue or else the dream will become more vivid and threatening.

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Ignoring Dream Quick Hints:

  1. Dreaming of being ignored by your husband or boyfriend tends to be more common as men might have difficulty expressing or understanding their emotions. Pay close attention to the minor things that are being ignored such as ideas, advancement, attention ect.. in your relationship.
  2. Dreaming of your wife or girlfriend ignoring you in your dreams might reflect feeling emotionally neglected or your feelings being ignored.
  3. When your family, brother, sisters, mom or dad ignores you in your dream it encourages you to examine your past communication.