Dreams That Start With N


Consider who or what is nagging you or are you doing the nagging. When you dream of someone or something nagging you it indicates feelings of being frustrated by a situation. You may be looking at things with the wrong approach and you need to alter your way of thinking.

Nails Finger

Fingernails symbolizes thoughts and emotions about your self-worth, confidence, accomplishments in life. The condition of nails reflects how positive or negative you feel about yourself. If your nail is broken might be hinting at at temporary upset of your image and self confidence. If you are missing your nails suggests a complete lack of confidence or issues with work. If your nails are dirty suggests showing your flaws and bad manners to others.

Nails Iron

If you noticed construction nails in your dream you are trying to piece something together. A nail could refer to ‘hitting the nail on the head’ or ‘nail in the coffin’.

Nail File

A nail file in your dream symbolizes shortening and straightening aspects of who you are. The image encourages the dreamer to reflects to find out what imperfections they remove about themselves.

Nail Polish

Hands are symbolic to human sociability and your relationship with the world. Polishing your nails is a positive dream hinting at new prospects and finishing touches in that area.


To dream of being naked in public can be seen as a symbol of vulnerability or you are exposing something personal about yourself. The unconscious is sending you a warning for you to become aware of your insecurities and how you portray yourself in society. If you are comfortable in your own skin then you would comfortable walking around nude.

Name Called

Right before you wake up or just as your ready to fall asleep it is not uncommon to experience things that are not there — smelling, hearing, tasting, or feeling – oddly enough you may not be dreaming. What is known as a hypnagogic hallucinations transitional state from wakefulness to sleep.

Name Badge

Dreaming of wearing a name badge indicates you are searching for the deeper part of you. If the name on the badge is not your name suggests that you are experiencing an identity crisis. Perhaps you are doing something that is out of character. The name might be a play on words for something deeper.


When you dream of taking a nap might imply you are daydreaming to much in your life.


Dreaming of a clean napkin symbolizes your ability to keep a clean and untarnished reputation and environment around you. However, if the napkin is dirty suggests a need to clean up your act.


Dreaming of narcissist ex or family members are known to appear in your dreams due to unresolved issues from the past. These people may also reflect other people in your lives that mimic their behaviours – inflated sense of their own importance, a deep need for excessive attention and admiration, troubled relationships, and a lack of empathy for others.


When you dream of narrow spaces, steps or passages reflects restriction or confinement in some aspect of your life. These narrow passageways are normally linked to the dreamers psyche – fears of transitions, stuck beliefs, restricted movements from one stage to another. To dream of a narrow path represents restrictions to what is ahead of you at the moment, a need to have more space. Dreaming of a narrow ledge represents your unconscious fears of failing in something or not being secure enough to proceed forward.

National Anthem

Hearing or singing the national anthem of your own country in a dream signifies pride in your country.

Native American

In your dream Natives can be seen as people of the earth, profound wisdom and sound judgment. Noticing Native’s in your dream bring your awareness to nature, natural instincts and community. If you are searching for spiritual knowledge and inner wisdom they will appear in your dream. If you noticing them dancing it brings your awareness to your spiritual expression, or a need to express it.


Dreaming of the nativity acts as a metaphor for a new birth or starting place in your life. This would be connected to the spiritual part of the dreamer as it brings awareness to your abilities. The birthplace to heal and transform is in you.

Natural Disasters

These are common dreams suggesting emotional conflict in your life. Depending the type of disaster it will alter the meaning of the dream. More than likely these profound symbolic dream represent a major change that might come at the expense of the dreamer.


Dreaming of nature represents being at peace with society and having an appreciation for the environment. However, it is possible that the dream is connecting you to mother earth, a need for grounding. Bringing out the feminine aspects of your personality, depending the location gives you a clue what to investigate.


Being nauseous in your dream means that something is sickening you and you cannot seem to get out of the predicament.


Dreaming of the navel might bring your attention to the third primary chakra called solar plexus. This important area controls the digestion and metabolism that is considered the true source of your energy. This vibrates through the whole human body. If the dream is negative in context your ego and identity might be off balance.


The color navy in your dream navy represents a desire for orderliness and discipline in your life. To dream of being in the Navy represents your need for order and authoritative values that is missing; it may also be connected to a sense of identity and belonging.


The Nazi’s follow orders from the masses, do things when told so, and carries out ungodly acts. If you dream of these groups it might make you reconsider who you follow and your belief systems.


Nearsightedness can represent that you do not think far enough in the future. A symbol that implies you can only concentrate on something short term while you should be concentrating long term goals.


A dream about neatness signifies your need to get rid of certain memories of the past to clear your head. Organization is crucial and a clear head is a good place to start.


A neck represents a connection between your intellectual (brain) and the corporeal (body) aspects. The neck brings your awareness to the ability to communicate effectively. Injury to your neck in your dream might be indicating a fear of ridicule and judgement. You might want to examine how you express yourself clearly throughout life. If you neck is cut in your dream suggests detachment, removal or stopping aspects of your communication from others. Once balanced you are able to express yourself clearly and honestly in any situation with confidence.


A necklace shows your qualities; richness of feelings; feelings connected with the giver; social status. It brings your awareness to hierarchy, authority, charm and self admiration in your life. Depending on who gave it to you, where you were wearing it are clues to relationship and status. If it was a pearl necklace brings wisdom from the emotional unconsciousness part of the dreamer. However, its nature being around the neck might have a negative connotation for being tied to the neck or self inflated ego.


Dreaming of a necktie symbolizes what you are obliged to do and what keeps you tied down. If the tie is loose then it implies that you have not completed a task. On the other hand, if it is too tight it indicates that you feel stifles in an issue.


These are positive dream symbols as the Greeks felt it was associated with ‘nectar from the Gods. Nectar that is extracted from fruits, plants and trees shed new life to the dreamer, connecting to happiness and joy.


Needles can alter depending if its a needle that you sew with or the needles the doctor uses. Dreaming of a sewing needle suggest a need to piece something back together in your life that has fallen apart. These are positive dream symbols for bonding to come. Knitting needles it means that you are going to operate things in a witty way to get your desired outcome. However, dreaming of a doctor’s needle implies the stage before healing and transformation. It appears in a metaphor as an injection in your body that helps you down the road.


When your dream involves negligee it suggests that you give off your emotions easily.


Neighbors appear in our dreams that connects to something beside us that holds importance. They connect with our social relationships that are important or how you feel about your community. It close proximity to the house shows the dreamer this belongs in their psyche and how they understand relationships that are near to them. It is not uncommon to dream of fighting, dead, happy, new or sick as it reflects something about your own personal relationships.


The dream is a representation of your waking life and how things are in your community. If you are in a unfamiliar neighborhood it reflects areas in your life that you are new too.

Neon Lights

Lights are symbolic in our dreams. When you notice neon lights, they appear to get our attention. These vibrant colors are attached to the location or the store that what’s you to see. The color and where it is helps link the two together.


Neptune connects us to our unconscious mind relating to our instincts, psychic abilities or illusions. In astrology it is the planet of mercy and compassion. Neptune in Greek mythology was the Roman god of water and the sea that brings our awareness to our unconscious emotions.


The dream might imply feelings of neglect and being shunned by others. However it may be wanting to embrace your smartside.

Nervous Breakdown

Having a nervous breakdown indicates a build up of worry in your life. It will come out in your dreams as you might not be able to express it your walking life.


Seeing a nest in your dream symbolizes your home, shelter and relaxation. They are very symbolic because they are connected with birds reflecting future growth and freedom. Noticing eggs or birdlings inside the nest is bringing your awareness to nurturing and protection. An empty nest reflects to areas in your life that you might be alone.


Dreaming of a net implies that you found yourself trapped in a particular problem in your life. If you are using a net for a good use like catching fish implies abundance and smart working.

New Year

Many people use the New Year as a time to make resolutions and changes. Thus dreaming of it suggests that you want to start anew and try to better certain areas of your life. On the other hand, you might just be looking forward to the New Year and your dream expresses that excitement.

New York

New York represents the rat race or fast pace life. What is taking place helps give you clues in how to decode the dream.


Vending newspapers in a dream means that you have imperative news that you want to share with other people. You may have some very exciting news that you want to announce to people. If you cannot read the newspaper it signifies that you cannot seem to grasp all the information you need to understand a situation.


Nickels in dreams are connected with the symbolic number five, as well relating to thought patterns or life situations that require a compromise. It also has properties that is conductor of both heat and electricity as the circle is a symbol of wholeness.


The night connects us with the dark, mysterious and unconscious side of the dreamer. Opposite to the daytime, darkness contains both a negative and positive elements attached to it. If it is always dark in your dreams it encourages the dreamer to explore the unconsous aspects of their personality for it to become illuminated. If you dream of walking alone at night it suggest your exploration of the unconscious part of your mind.


A nightlight acts a guide or protector when you are venturing in the darkness of your mind. Any type of light is considered a positive symbol and depending where the nightlight is located is a clue.


Dreaming that you party a lot serves as a release for you; you seem to feel trapped in your waking life. On the other hand, if you are a constant party goer then the dream is a representation of how you are wasting your life.


Nightmares can appear for many different reasons. A nightmare tends to be extremely vivid dream that evokes feelings of helplessness, terror, anxiety and sorrow. They can be linked with anxiety, depression, sleep disorders as well as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). New studies have found out that nightmares actually help prepare us for real like traumatic scenarios. While others believe that nightmares can predict bad events to happen in the future.


Your unconscious associates words with symbols. Your unconscious is telling you to just do it do what you need to do. The tick represents a go ahead and get your game on.


If you notice a ninja in your dream it connects to the dreamers shadow – unknown behaviours, urges and emotions that are masked up. It’s deadly force encourages the dreamer to investigate its hidden aggression that is known to creep up on them. If a ninja attacks you in your dream it might represent unknown dangerous forces in your life, or aspects of your shadow that is not understood within.


These dream bring our awareness to motherhood, protection, nurturing and feminine. They serve a higher purpose that connects us with the inner child; milk providing birth for who it is feeding. The life force in Hinduism, they understand it to be of the divine and therefore be protected and venerated.


Known as Hypnagogic hallucinations transitional state from wakefulness to sleep can account for hearing random noises, bangs or buzzes. Strange noises can also be heard during sleep paralysis state. A temporary inability to move or speak that occurs when you’re waking up or falling asleep.


Nomads are detached from homes which might be symbolic as a detachment from the mind.


Dreaming of a noose symbolizes your lack of freedom or a fear of being hung up or left hanging. If a noose is around someones neck it indicates that you are actually Jussie Smollett or someone in your life or situation might be causing you frustration. Suicide by noose might show sides of your personality that is no longer needed.


Heading north or even seeing the symbol for that direction indicates that you are heading upward and onward in your life goals.

North Pole

Dreaming of the North Pole implies that you have reached your destination, finished tasks or achievement of goals.

North Star

Someone or something in your life is going to lead you to the correct path in your life. Trusting your intuition and life’s path you will head in the right place. Perhaps someone is going to enlighten you.

Northern Lights

Bright lights in the middle of darkness. As you search on your spiritual journey the lights are guides showing you the right way. The native Cree tribe felt the Aurora was part of life’s circle and were the spirits of the dead who remained in the sky watching over their loved ones.


Dreaming of the nose connects the dreamer to intuition, trusting to your gut instincts, or the ability to gauge a situation. Know to be disfigured, bloody or congested, this is something that cannot be seen but felt. Connects with the dreamers image that mirror unconscious internal feelings. If your nose is broken suggests fixings, bridging and adjusting behaviors that are crooked.

Nose Bleeding

These dreams symbolize unpredictability with your emotions or problems with intuition.


Notes symbolize information, knowledge and getting facts. If you are reading, writing or sending notes it implies that you have something you want to let out. You are trying to pass on information. Otherwise, your dream indicates that you are trying to get some facts about something.


Dreaming of a notebook signifies that you need to take note of things and keep track of everything. Try to relate what you have in the notebook to your waking life.

Nuclear Bomb

When you dream of a nuclear bomb, it denotes emotions that seem to be detrimental to yourself. You are sinking yourself deeper feeling sorry for yourself. Alternatively, the nuclear bomb serves as an indication that something crucial and precious to you has ended.


Numbers have been very symbolic and hold value, both numerical and spiritually. For thousands of years numbers have been important from the Chinese, Greeks and Egyptians as they knew they hold a very deep meaning. When numbers are presented to you in your dream they can either bring you good fortune or bad luck, profits or losses and even enlightenment.


Being numb in a dream implies that you are feeling uneasy and anxious about a situation. If you dream of being numb it means that you seem to be scared of new changes in your life.


Dreaming of a nun indicates that you are very innocent, virtuous and pious. On the other hand it means that you should start keeping your commitments. Otherwise you should consider the word nun sounds like none perhaps a situation you are working towards is going to amount to nothing. The pure that follows the word of God is a clue for internal searching.


Nurses like doctors in dreams are your guides in life that will show up in time of need. They can also be connected to your higher self or The Mother who will nourish your pain. For men the nurse might be connected to their inner feminine called the anima. If you dream of becoming a nurse it suggests that your inner healing phase will start.


Dreaming of a babies nursery is indicative of your feelings towards children and family life. If you are trying to have a child then the dream suggests that you are either anxious about it or that you are in fact pregnant.


Cracking nuts in your dream symbolizes determination and perseverance to get what you want. You will do anything you want once you apply yourself.


As nuts are how testicles are referred, seeing nuts in your dream have sexually connotations. On the other hand the dream indicates that you are experiencing some uncertainty that is causing you to feel crazy. It could also represent people or someone who is driving you nuts.

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3 years ago

I dreamed I was eating nuts (mixed nuts) and found a big one in the mix. Three white worms came out of the nut…two small and one bigger one. I looked at and said “this is why I never buy these.” I watched with curiosity as the worms crawling over the nut. Then the phone rang and woke me up in real life.

12 years ago

I had a dream that the guy I am seeing had a broken nose and I confronted him about cheating on me and he completely confessed about being with another girl. Lately though, I feel is though he is cheating and I am talking about before I had the dream. What does it mean?