Dreaming of Sheep

Sheep that appear in our dream represent loyalty, following, devotion, sacrifice and justice. They are highly symbolic animals that emerge as our guides to keep us on right path and to keep focused. Though, the sheep in your dream might in fact show up by pointing out your weakness and vulnerabilities against the big bad wolf – or what we might like to refer to as very dangerous people preying on the weak.

The Bible understood the significance of the sheep relating this animal being associated with God’s people. In fact they adored this animal so much that it is referenced over 500 times connecting to the sacrifice and greater good. Similar to the Bible the sheep appears in our dreams for a very similar meaning; we must  give up (something valued) for the sake of other considerations.

Alternatively, the sheep may appear relating to following the crowd and not having a mind of your own. In our dreams sheep are commonly known to bite, attack, seeing lambs, and even pregnant. How the sheep unfolds in your dream will point you to your answer.

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Sheep Dream Meaning

The language of the bible is presented in parables to send us profound wisdom. Similar to the lost language of our dreams the unconsciousness sends us a coded metaphoric messages using symbols and images. Sort of like the Bible the speak in parables why Jesus was called “The Lamb of God“,  symbolizing Jesus shedding of his blood to take away the sins of the world.

They also have the ability to control unwanted vegetation thus translating to cleaning up the negative around you. The sheep follows unlike the goat, this can be a both a positive or negative symbol depending if you follow others. Goats have been known to go their own way hence the negative symbol attached to them.

You are provided clues in your dream such as your location, people around you and what the sheep is doing. You then have to see if the sheep would be used as a play on words and if your religious beliefs can alter the meaning. These are pieces of the puzzle that will better help you decode the dream.

Sheep Idioms

  • a wolf in sheep clothing (dangerous person)
  • black sheep (being the odd person out)
  • count sheep
  • sheeple (people compared to sheep in being docile, foolish, or easily lead)

Pregnant Sheep Dream Meaning

Pregnancy is known in dreams for being a positive symbol of some sort of rebirth or transition in your life. It connect the the sacrifice of the sheep to please you higher power or SELF. A pregnant sheep in your dream pulls you towards the good version of you and death of the old part. A new beginning is just around the corner.

Attacked or Biting Sheep Dream Meaning

Whenever we are attacked or bitten it suggests that we are ignoring something unconscious within us. The sheep can be seen as both good and bad aspect of the dreamer; a symbol that will want you to reflection your behaviors, friends, relationships and confidence. 

Sheep Spiritual Meaning Dreams

Keep in mind that sheep are multipurpose animals that have work along side humans for centuries. Often times they are raised for their meat, milk, wool, hides, and skins. In dreams sheep can be a symbol of wealth and abundance from just one thing. Sheep are spiritually known to be connected with the God’s and following your spiritual path.

The wool that the sheep provides have been very beneficial to humans through out history. Wool can be a symbol of protection, being covered from the cold (emotions).

Khnum is an ancient Egyptian god who was the God of the Nile and was depicted with the head of a ram. At first he was a water god who was thought to rule over all bodies of water, and associated with fertility.

Sheep Symbolism

  • sensitive
  • creative
  • empathetic
  • anxious
  • spiritual or religious practice
  • wealth and prosperity
  • safety in numbers