Scorpion Dream Meaning

When scorpions emerge in your dreams they contain a both positive and negative interpretation. Evolving as far back as 430 million years ago these tough creatures are known for their defense and force as well as their venomous sting.

The ancient Greeks and Egyptians recognized the symbolic power behind the scorpion – used in mythology and astrology. The symbol must be carefully examined in your dream as no two people share the same lives.

Scorpion Dreams

Since the scorpion displays both good and bad characteristics your dream context will decipher its motive. Reflecting on your personal struggles, personality traits, and people around brings you closer to its origin.

It is also a nocturnal creature that closely link you to your shadow – the unknown parts of your instincts, emotions and urges. It has the ability to transform aspects of the old and bring in the new.

Positive Scorpion Symbolism 

Negative Scorpion Symbolism 

  • sexual threat or urges
  • poisonous
  • dangerous
  • shadow (unconscious emotions)
  • brute force attack
  • guilt, jealously or bitterness
  • feminine threat

Scorpion Dream Symbolism

Judging from the behaviour of the scorpion in your dream will determine if you are a threat or in danger. Dreams of being bitten, stung or attacked suggests you are possibly dealing with very scrupulous people; or uncontrolled unconscious behaviors or instincts that are not controlled.

In essence the sting is created by your own actions. You will have to question if you are feeding into your impulses; or struggling to change?  The old fable revolving around the scorpion and the frog might shed some insight to your dream.

“A scorpion asks a frog to carry him across a river as it would drowned. The frog is of course afraid of being stung, but the scorpion tells the frog if it did so, both would sink and I will die. The frog then agrees with his point and tells him to jump on his back. Though midway across the river the scorpion does indeed sting the frog in the middle of his back, dooming them both. When asked why, the scorpion points out that this is its nature.”

Scorpion Dream Meaning

The symbol of the scorpion might be a representation of the classic sociopaths that walk among us. They are the people who make it a game to take you down by various forms of manipulation, inevitably killing itself in the process.

Scorpions are known for their brute force and powerful sting once confronted. The scorpion is an image in your dream that can display of co workers, friends or family that carry these traits. Bites are often associated with enemies.

The scorpion close connection with the spider encourages you to explore the feminine; that of a possible threat. It hides in the dark, something that is very poisonous that has the ability to take you down. It dance before it finds its mate.

They contain a neurotoxic venom that paralyzes you before it eats. Acting as a metaphor being stuck and unable to move before you become a victim. Could you be ignoring the obvious signs? The location and people around you in your dream are clues in where to look.

Alternatively the scorpion may represent your own hidden movements that eventually end up stinging you. Your own instinctual drives, behaviors or movements that compel you to do the same dangerous behaviors over and over. This can include sexual urges, greed, manipulation or addictions that possess you.

The scorpion wants you to investigate your dark repressed side by doing shadow work. Once you have these urges under control the scorpion is killed.

Scorpions can come in all different shapes and size. The movie Training Day shows a moral person surrounded by poisonous people. You will have to decide if you are the sheep or the wolf.

Scorpion Dreams: Protection & Transformation

Scorpions wouldn’t appear so much in ancient times if they didn’t reflect anything of importance. These powerful omens unconsciously appear in our dreams when there is significant change occurring.

Despite its ugly looks and poisonous ways these creatures have been metaphors for defense and protection while you are in a transition phase. They have a  strong exoskeleton is thick and durable, providing protection from predators.

They have been iconic symbols relating to death and rebirth. Often connected to the Phoenix symbolic of the sun, which “dies” every night only to be reborn in rising the next morning. The deadly sting may offer you the change to die so you can be reborn again.

A symbol linking to suffering as one must embrace the negative feelings and emotions so you can eventually become transformed. In essence a deadly sting might show change to come. Death offers you to be reborn again like the phoenix.

Dating as far back to ancient Egypt; Serket the goddess of protection was portrayed wearing a scorpion on her head. She was known as the protector and guardian of the soul. The scorpion can be a symbol of the strong feminine instincts.

They are known to keep their hatchlings on the back until they are fit to survive on their own. This symbol can emerge to suggest protecting the weakest from the dangers of the world.

Common Scorpion Dreams

Colors Of Scorpions: Dreams often use colors to connect to certain emotions relating to your dream. Red is often a symbol of passion or rage. White brings your attention to purity, cleansing and rebirth. Black often connects the dreamer to the shadow side – repressed or unconscious dangers that need light.

Gold brings you to the sun, phoenix, higher self and immorality. Brown is often used as a symbol of earth or grounding.

Killing A Scorpion: These dreams bring your attention to killing off negative aspects of yourself or those traits in others. A threat that can no longer sting. Poison that can no longer effect you. How you feel when you killed the scorpion?

Stung or Bitten: Often donates to enemies or unconscious behaviors that are unknown to you. The location and who was around you give you clues. When they attacked you have have provoked something that shouldn’t be interfered with. They are known not to trouble you if you dont trouble them.