Dreams Starting With F


Faces represent the true side of the dreamers personality. Unfortunately when face is recognized it is usually distorted, disfigured, injured or blurry – a symbol that implies harboring unconscious negative feelings about ones own image. If you are cleaning your face it represents you want to come out and express your true self and wash the dirt off your reputation.


Noticing a faceless person may reflects a loss of identity, or belongs with the shadow side of the dreamer. Alternately the faceless man might be a desire to deepen your knowledge of your own personality.

Face lift

Dreams with any form of plastic surgery are because of insecurities with your appearance and body image. You have a dream of a face lift when your confidence level goes up a bit and the insecurities die down for a while.


Dreaming of failure is representative of your fear and worry of actually being unable to meet the standards of society of that you have made for yourself based on the pressures of society to excel. If you are not confident in your potential then you will have many dreams of failing.


To dream of either fainting or collapsing suggests a sudden or temporarily loss, or a disturbance in your emotional state of mind. Commonly known to be unconscious to the dreamer that can relate to emotional pain, shock, great fear or avoidance that has become repressed.


A fairy acts as a messenger in your dream. A symbol that brings change and good luck that will come out of the blue. If you notice fairy dust it shows that change is in progress and to be patient. To dream of a fairy Godmother is connected to the wise part of yourself, a symbol of protection while you might be being mischievous. An evil fairy might be connected to the dreamers shadow or unconscious feminine traits that are bad. To dream of fairy lights suggests protection from your higher self or guides. A baby fairy shows new growth, luck and future development. A gold fairy connects to illumination, love, compassion, courage, passion, magic, and wisdom.


Fainting is his is symbolic to aspects in your life were attention and focus have been lost. This is a sudden brief moment where you have been unstable and lack proper grounding. Something is not working properly internally that has been stopping your movements. If you dream of your husband, parents or kids it represents a loss of focus or a shake up with emotions.


Think of yourself as a caterpillar going into its cocoon ready to turn into a butterfly. To dream of this season means that you are finally paying off for all your hard work and you will have a new beginning. Fall prepares the dreamer before the cold months – a symbol of endings and rest period.


Falling dreams are extremely common that usually jolt the dreamer out of bed before they hit the ground. Falling represents feelings of inadequacy or a sense that your life is not stable, a need to be grounded. Dealing with your anxiety may encourage less frightening dreams. Constant nightmares or recurring falling dream may be a result of anxiety or a sleep disorder.

False Awakening

A false awakening refers to the bizarre occurrence of “waking up” when you actually fast asleep. Often very vivid or realistic images that leave you feeling confused and nervous.


Family is very important the second most important aspect of a human life as Maslow explained in his hierarchy of needs. Family should provide safety, security and love. We commonly dream of family eating, gathering, hurt, or killed relating to our personal connections and experiences we share. They are commonly known to emerge relating to our own identity – relating to attitudes, values, and emotional responses.


A dream of you working on a farm suggests that you want to go further with your skills only if you give it attention and care. If you just see a farm then you want to get more connected with Mother Nature. Dreaming of farm animals reflects the dreamers unconscious instincts and behaviors being tamed. Farm tools imply that inner work is starting so you will flourish in the future.


A farmer works hard day in and out to yield good crops. When you dream of being a farmer it means that you should work a bit harder and you would be more fruitful in life.


We as humans often tend to forget the small things in life and run for the grand prize. When you dream of being farsighted your unconscious is telling you to stop ignoring the small things and you would find what you are looking for.


These dreams often connected to passive aggressive behavior and releasing negative energy. Also metaphoric for letting out something inside you that can move others away. A baby that farts in your dream connects new growth with release. Laughing and farting is a positive symbol of a release of energies.

Fast Food

Fast food reflects a short term benefits or receiving a quick charge. However, these dreams might be unconsciously connected to the dreamers health. Perhaps you are gaining weight over indulging in foods you should stay away from.


Do you a desire to get rid of extra weight? Could this mean you need to cut down on your carbs for your health. A dream about being fat is similar to your dreams about fast food. It indicates that you are conscious of your weight and you feel like you been putting on a few pounds. Getting rid of extra weight or trying to might be a metaphor to get rid of access stuff that is heavy on your body. When you dream of someone else being fat it means you are going to be more successful and a bit of luck is going to be heading your way because you are going to profit in some aspect of your life.


A dream about your father suggests authority and security problems or acceptance – a symbol that changes from male to a female. The father is also a symbol of protection and security, however he may come across negativity if this is missing in your life. Having arguments, noticing a sick or injured father reflects the relationship and inner feelings that are damaged. A women’s inner masculine or animus reflects their own inner feelings that can either be healthy or underdeveloped based off of the past relationship.


When you dream of water it is representation of the dreamers feelings and emotions. Faucets are known to be broken, overflowing, leaking and dirty to show the dreamer its internal flow that needs fixing. The faucet belongs to how you may process emotions such as jealousy, anger, negative thinking or envy. The goal is to have a natural flow within. Your bathroom faucet belongs part of your psyche a need to let go.

Fax Machine

A fax machine is your unconscious communicating messages with the dreamer – or – relates to problems communicating or expressing yourself.


Fearful dreams are a sign of stress and you are overloading your brain so try managing your problems, stress could cause many problems in life. Fear of heights, falling, going down stairs or water represents the things that hold you back from progressing in life.


Feathers in dreams relate to personal freedoms, movement and the need to be free. If you notice feather falling from the sky it is a message of movement and to take a chance. Feathers in your mouth relate to communication issues stopping you from progressing. Feathers in your hair are positive dreams of inner progress and growth within. Chicken feathers might suggest the dreamer might be “chicken” or fearful.


These are common dreams that connected the dreamer to ‘letting go’ of negative aspects in your life. Metaphorically this has been something inside you that you have gotten rid of or trying to. Noticing feces in a toilet bowl suggests stagnation, things that should be removed are staying still. Feces on the dreamers hand suggest cleaning mistakes and embarrassing issues relating to work. If you see feces all over the ground it relates to unconscious negative thoughts or behaviors that need to be attended too. Feces in water are related to the emotional side of the dreamer, a need to be flushed out and cleaned.


We are commonly known for feeding babies, animals, fish and even our dead relativities. To feed anything is a positive symbol that is known to nourish or provide life to these specific symbols. In most cases whatever we feed tends to be related to our own inner nature that is unconscious. Feeding a baby may relate to your inner child or attention towards new growth and development. To feed dogs or cats gives your attention to your masculine or feminine traits or behaviors that were neglected in the past. To feed a fish suggest you are giving life to the unconscious or spiritual side. If you feeding the dead in your dream connects you to that person An actual connection with the dead, or adopting or keeping alive personal attributes that will still be alive within.


To see you feet in a dream is representative of your base and what supports you balance and movements. If you are looking at them and paying close attention to flaws you are pondering on your life and what steps to take. Indian people consider the feet to be the most sacred part of the body and so dreaming of the feet are seen as a sign of one of the Gods gracing upon you or giving you like abilities. If your feet are hurt it means that something important to you is going to be damaged or a fault will be found in it. The washing of feet whether it is your own or someone else is a dream that stands for humility and absolution.


A fence in a dream represents the unconscious barriers that we build to protect us in our lives. These can be both phyical or emotional boundaries that are fenced in to protect you. If the fence is falling down, blown down, on fire or taken apart it is a positive symbol of letting things in that used to be blocked. Climbing a fence shows you might be on the fence about a particular situation in your life. An electric fence is a warning or danger if anybody gets too close to your boundaries. A symbol of anger or actions that unfold if one gets too close.


A dream of seeing a ferret can be considered a bad omen as it is considered a trickster in mythology. Known to symbolize cunning, slyness, and intellect; perhaps relating to hidden aspects about yourself or others around you. They may also appear symbolizing surprise, discovery, and secrets that will soon uncover.

Ferris Wheel

Ferris wheels in dreams represents going around in circles in your waking life. Similar to a roller coaster it may also be connected short term thrills – a fast moving wheel donates how fast it will last. Alternatively, the symbolic nature of the wheel connects tot the powerful symbol of the CIRCLE, as symbol of SUN, the wheel spokes parallel the rays of the sun suggesting new growth. A Ferris wheel accident is a bad omen of stoppage of movement or completion. Falling off shows a lack of control or balance relating to becoming complete.


A ferry is another mode of transportation that shows the dreamers movements that relates with the emotional state of mind. A symbol of exploration and protection as the ferry boat takes you from one stage to another. Catching a ferry boat implies the beginning phases of starting your journey. Buying a ferry boat shows control and direction over your emotional state of mind.


To see or even drive a Farrari in your dream is a positive symbol that shows your inner drive – a powerful high performance and rare drive.

Fertile Soil

To dream of fertile soil is a positive dream symbol that represents a proper foundation that is found within that can flourish on the outside. The soil becomes a symbol of healthy growth, productivity and a prosperous future.

Feral Cats

To dream of feral cats represents the non domesticated side feminine side of your personality. Often what is unknown or rejected these stray cats direct you towards the sexual, urges, mystery and magic that needs to be made conscious.


A fetus is an idea or new development in your life has been conceived but not yet completed or finished. If you give birth to the child prematurely or the fetus being aborted before it is born it means that the development has been terminated and can no longer go any further. To dream of baby in amniotic sac often reflects the dreamers new inner development in life as an individual. Seeing your unborn child in your dream might be a premonition, or perhaps related to new inner growth and developing phase.

Fetal Position

Dreaming of a fetal position reflects weakness and feelings of sensitivity. Its close connection to the position of the womb connects the dreamer with their inner child and the feminine.


Intense dreams while you’re sick may be a result of having an actual fever. A fever dream is a saying used to describe vivid dreams when your body internal temperature is elevated. For many people however these dreams can be very vivid and disturbing. Dreaming of a baby or child with fever relates to your inner child that needs attention.


Fighting in dreams signifies repressed anger and frustration that is being released in your dream. It represents an inner conflict that you have in your waking life. If you are hurt from fighting it indicates a fear you have of being hurt if you face a situation or a person that is causing you stress or anger. To watch a fight that you don’t participate in not even to help someone suggests that you feel safe and out of a problem that is going to happen.

Film Stars

Dreaming of can be connected to an actual “role play” reflecting in your waking life. A film start might even reflect the dreamers high aspirations, that may be way beyond your reach at the present moment but might be obtained in the future.


Finding something in your dream implies good luck or new feelings and ideas relating to new insights you have found. This new discovery may either be an internal or external find; known to find money, gold, coins, jewelry, babies and clothes. Depending what you find mirrors what you will inherit in your life.


The finger symbolizes the presence of change in life usually in a positive direction. It may also be connected with guilt and blame as we often point the finger at others. A bleeding finger may reflect anger, financial loss or being cheated. The ring finger connects the dreamer to their heart and emotions. The middle finger is a symbol of directed anger or hate. Pinky fingers could connect with intuition and communication.


To see your fingernails reflects short term growth and image. Fingernails that fall off reflect feelings of embarrassment and things that break pertaining to your progress in life. Dirty nails this signifies a bad image or you may be working on something that is too difficult for you to handle. When your nails are clean or polished it means that you are seen that way in society and people respect you because of your character.


If you are taking someone else finger print indicates that you think that person is guilty and needs to be blamed for a situation. A symbol of covering up bad behavior or past actions.


Dreams about fire can be very symbolic, a powerful force that can lead to both personal transformation or destruction. You will have to determine if your dream is hinting at your inner light; the divine spark that illuminates in your soul. Rather than a destructive force driven by uncontrolled emotions leaving you in a catastrophic wake. Fire has been used as one of the four earth elements as well as creating live in the alchemical process. If your house is on fire connects to emotional damage whereas watching a fire in your fireplace brings you to the mind, body and spirit.


A firecracker could be good and bad when in your dream. If you light one it means that you have control over your anger and bad vibes. You can now look at life in a different perspective. On the other hand, when you see a firecracker it is symbolic of uncontrollable rage. You do not know how to stop your anger.


When you are a firefighter in your dream you are needed in a problem that is burning up. You need to be the hero and step in and out the flame before it gets worse. To see a firefighter in your dream is a positive symbol representing protection & help from an outside source in your life.


A firefly acts as a messenger in your dreams. Perhaps a manifestation of a spirit that is trying to communicate with you – or – suggests that you will have an unexpected blessing. A symbol of creative inspiration.

Fireman Pole

Symbolizes the readiness to act and be protected. A plan for protection and quick movement when a fire is going to destroy something. Using a fireman pole may reflect a quick response to a problem or a phallic symbol representing the male.


A fireplace is symbolic of family life. To light a fireplace in you dream represents a desire for you to be loved and secure. If you see a fireplace it represents your longing to be appreciated by your family (home). If the fireplace has no fire or it blows out you need to be very careful in your relationships with your family because it may look like you are ignoring things at home.


Fireworks are fun and exciting bursts of lights. If you see fireworks it means that you have sparked your creativity and you’ve found out things that have made you very smart in a situation. If you’ve lit the fireworks yourself then you are going to watch as your hard work becomes successful for you. If someone else is there with you a new romantic adventure will soon spark.


Are you trying to catch the right one? Being a fisherman in your dream does not symbolizes anything but your desire to achieve something.


Fish in dreams are usually positive omens that have been around for thousands of years in many different cultures. When a fish appears in our dreams they hold many different representations relating to luck, abundance, joy, rebirth, higher self, and creativity. Closely connected to the depths deep in the ocean, fishes are associated with the emotional unconscious part of the dreamer. Dreaming of fishing represents you desire of something more challenging and meaningful in your life.

Fish Types

No two fish are the same and each fish has a separate meanings. Salmon struggling upstream are signs to keep going when its hard. However if you dream of an eel suggest danger or energy rising.

Fishing Rod

To dream of a fishing rod symbolizes the dreamers ability to explore parts of their emotions, or suggest you might be fishing for something. Fishing is known to emerge when people are undergoing self examination and inner growth.


To dream of this means that you are putting it to play in your waking life. A relationship or something at work need some putting back into the right path for it to function like it used to. The object that you are fixing becomes metaphoric, for example fixing a car relates to the drive, whereas fixing parts of the house relate to the dreamer mind.


To see your national flag in your dream is symbolic of patriotism. If you are waving the flag it means you feel you have to help your country. If you are saluting the flag then you are proud of your country and what it stands for. To burn your flag means you are against your country or government. To see a white flag whether you or someone else is waving it symbolizes peace and retreat.


When you dream of fleas being in your house then something that will bug you has occupied your home. If you find fleas on your body then you are neglecting your health or you feel someone is attacking you. Dreaming of fleas on a dog or cat reflects the unconscious instinctual or behaviour side of the dreamer. Negative associations either attached to the feminine or masculine side.


You have a talent and a great personality that allows you to adapt to people and situations you are placed in. The ability to be flexible in your dream stands for your openness and bendable character.


Dreaming of flies represents the ongoing distractions and daily annoyance in your walking life. A symbol encouraging the dreamer to clean up something as they love to swarm on dead and gross things in life. They are bod omens that show up on the dead, implying something is unclean. Nightmares about flies in the mouth represent communication, negative speech or internal rot. A swarm of flies that attack are unconscious symbols of the things in your life that you have neglected for too long. Locations and people around you become clues where to look.


We commonly know to dream of flirting with our crushes in our dreams. Could this be a wishful fulfillment or a dream predicting the future? We flirt with things we are attracted too – these may also be traits that you may want incorporated within yourself. It is common to flirt with strangers, celebrities, or even an ex; the dreamer must find what qualities they might want to adopt what is lacking within.


A symbol that implies peace and calm in our waking life. The dreamer who floats over the water reflects control over their emotions. Floating over land reflects confidence, success, and happiness. Floating is closely affiliated with the beginning stages of flying and lucid dreaming.


Flood dreams bring out attention to our emotional state of being. These dreams are usually pointing the negative build ups that have been neglected in your life for too long. Anytime we dream of water it always leads back to how we are on a emotional level at the current moment. The color of the water helps the dreamer understand the mood of the emotions. If the water was brown and murky would be different as if it was clear. The location of the flood determines if this is to do with the mind (house/psyche) or possibly a friendship or work related.


Since the floor becomes your stability or foundation in life, the condition of the floor in your dream will determine its strength. Once the floor breaks or is damaged is shows a week state of mind or something relating to the psyche of the dreamer. Clothes that are found of the floor represents the dreamer identity or something being walked on.


To dream of flowers implies passion, beauty and endings. Something beautiful but only flourished for a short time. Dreaming of a budding flower or a flower bud then you are learning more about your abilities and experiencing a new start, or puppy love. If the flower is opening it means that a new opportunity or someone is opening up to you whether it is literal where someone is ready to be intimate with you. If you are receiving flowers then someone is admiring you or so you think and if you give flowers then you are attracted to the person or someone they represent. Dreaming of dead flowers symbolize the end to love or a relationship where you thought passion was present.


Flying dreams can be the most exhilarating, liberating and instantly gratifying dreams you can ever have. These dreams are classified as “lucid” suggesting that the dreamer is aware that they are dreaming. In a lucid state the dreamer may gain some amount of control over the dream characters, narrative, and environment. Some lucid dreams are spontaneous or self induced as others practice to obtain the feeling of flight.


(see flies)


Fog in your dream could be pointing at mental clarity, or the lack their of. The image of fog indicates a level of uncertainty or confusion going forward in your life, a symbol that encourages the dreamer to meditate or ground themselves in a particular issue. The Biblical meaning of Fog represents obscurity and an image preceding great revelations.


In dreams we are often followed by an unknown person, police or animal that poses a possible threat. Similar to being chased these are very important dreams that imply not facing your fears in your life.


Food can be interpenetrated as energy we are putting in our system. Depending on your attitude about eating certain foods and how you react can alter the dream meaning. If you are enjoying the food you are eating then you are happy with the world and the bodily image society has. If you feel guilty about consuming food then you are not satisfying your body.

Food Poisoning

When you get food poisoning, your body is drained mentally and physically, you become sick and weak! If you dream of food poisoning, your subconscious is trying to tell you that are not heading in the right direction, you are doing things that are wrong and immoral which you would pay for in the end.

Food Processor

A dream about a food processor suggests that you need to learn a new method of conducting your emotions. Be aware of how to process them so that it would be easier for your mind to operate.


(feet dreams)


When you dream about being a footballer you like to be a team player and you watch out for others. You also like to be competitive and something may not be challenging you enough in your life or on the other hand something is overwhelming you because you cannot win in the situation. If you dream of watching football reflects how you cooperate with others.

Foreign Language

To dream of hearing or speaking a foreign language indicates mystery to you, you are very curious to learn about things you do not understand. If you are trying to learn a foreign language and getting nowhere or everyone around you speaks in a language you cannot understand it means you are going to counter an unknown and strange situation that you will have problems with at first.


If you meet a foreigner in your dream it means something unusual is going to happen. If you are the foreigner then you may having feelings and abilities that you choose to hide and or you do not know about. It could also mean you that you feel uneasy where you are at in life now.


The forest is a place that is closely connected with the unconscious part of the dreamer. In this area it may be thrilling or dangerous depending on how well you know yourself. A symbolic place that helps the dreamer find more about who they are and what has been lost for so long. Known to be dark and mysterious for a reason.

Forest Fire

Either unplanned or deliberately set. Dreams of a forest fire a very symbolic hinting at uncontrolled unconscious anger and rage. In alchemy, fires where used as a symbol of personal transformation, however they also have the ability to cause mass destruction.


Often times when we forget things in our dreams is a reminder of the things you leave behind that are important. What you forget in your dream will metaphorically mirror this issue that is arising. Forgetting luggage suggests the important things you carry with you (identity) that is forgotten about while you move to the next stage. Personal items and what we wear always show up as a reminder to reflect on your own anxieties in life.


To dream of forgiving someone does not necessarily mean you “forgive that person” per se, in fact you might be forgiving the old aspects of yourself. A positive symbol of moving on and forgetting the past so you can grow.


A fork is representative of thoughts that would help you excel in your life. To dream a fork means you are going in the right direction. If you are being attacked with a fork or see someone else holding the fork then you need to accept help people are offering you with their ideas on how to do better in life.

Fork In The Road

To see a fork in the road in your dream represents an important decision that you need to make. It may indicate your choices or ambivalence about some situation. Alternatively, a fork symbolizes the union of opposites. Opposing views or aspects are coming together.

Fortune Telling

A dream of someone telling you your fortune indicates your longing to foretell your future. You are anxious to know what is going to happen or you already sense what is coming ahead of you and you just need someone to confirm it. Your unconscious would help you with what to do.


When you dream of fossils it represents knowledge and awareness of your past that has now been dug up. Related to outdated beliefs, feelings, behaviors, or ways thinking that have recently emerged.


A cunning yet intelligent animal considered a trickster in mythology. The fox in your dream represents unconscious parts of your personality that can deceive and cause trouble – usually when the fox chases or attacks you. Alternatively, they come as warnings to protect yourself around very tricky people in your life.


Dreaming of a fountain reflects joy, peace and happiness. An emotional burst of water shooting out from a spout is a positive symbol reflecting change and movement in your life. It could also correspond to your feelings towards sex and you finally feel comfortable enough to reach your climax. If the fountain is empty with no water then you have a wall up and you do not know or understand how to communicate your emotions.

Four-Leaf Clover

To dream of a four leaf clover is an opportunity and good luck in all aspects of your life. The green color connects the the dreamer heart and the number 4 associated with wisdom, foundation and trust.

Free Things

Finding free things in your dream is a positive symbol relating to energy and new findings in life. Finding money relates to obtaining inner wealth or new ventures, whereas finding clothes suggests a new identity.


A freezer appears in your dream when something is either stuck or frozen. It may relate to the dreamers emotional state or things in their life that will take time to take off. Its close connection with water links to a feelings that might be closed off or restricted. What is found inside would be metaphoric relating to your emotions.


Dreams about friends reflects parts of the dreamer personality that is not fully understood. Essentially these so called friends are a part your past or who you used to be. How they act in the dream is a mirror of what is taking place within the dreamer. You may see qualities in them you want to incorporate within yourself.


A very positive symbol of leaping forward, rebirth and transformation. Due to its metamorphosis in water it reflects an emotional renewal that is taken place within the dreamer. In the Chinese tradition, the frog is a female spirit (yin) is thought to bring good luck and abundance.


Fruits are positive dream symbols that reward the dreamer in some way shape or form. They can be symbols of wealth, luck, abundance, love or even temptation depending the type of fruit. The energy rewards us once received in the body – the colors linking the dreamer to their chakras.

Full Moon

The full moon power omen that that connects with the feminine side of the dreamer. It contains both negative and positive elements based off of your own inner understanding – each phase reflects a part of you, belonging to both the shadow and enlightenment. This is an unconscious force that has been pulling you and pushing away.

Full Toilet

A symbol of stuck and clogged emotions. Connects to the root chakra that encourages the dreamer to ground their energies and release toxic emotions.


Dreaming of funerals suggest ending and renewal in the dreamers life. Death can be viewed as a rebirth or something that has died within the dreamer that is unconscious. The image of the funeral suggests something will be buried the old is now dead for the new to emerge – connected with re-birth, transformation and transition.


A dream of furniture is symbolic of relationships and the way you are living your life. If you are moving around furniture it connects with comfort and finding balance. Buying or selling furniture represents comfort. If you buy furniture it means you are more at ease in your life. If you sell furniture it represents your ability of how easily and commonly you calm others. If the furniture it old or damaged you have forgotten about the simpler things in life that you need and now look forward only to materialistic and enjoyable things.


Dreaming of your future husband, wife or in-laws that symbolizes a precognitive dream. It could also mean that you are anxious and fear certain aspects of your future. If you like the dream of your future and it is positive then so will be the changes you would make for your future.

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5 months ago

I had a dream in which i am cutting someone’s finger and teaching a person how to do it, and later cutting his finger too (both were total strangers to me).

1 year ago

In 90 % of my dreams, I am trying frantically,to get somewhere or accomplish something. There are always obstacles to me getting it done and I wake up before I complete what I am trying too.

2 years ago

i had a dream that i went to my female best friend (im a male) and she rested her head on my shoulder.

2 years ago

I always dream about what’s ahead of me in the next weeks or days, which, in my oppinion, is very unsetteling. Help. Please

2 years ago

Dreamt that water was coming in under the door. What does this mean. Please tell me

2 years ago

I don’t dream often but The last vivid dream I had was that I was walking into an old home I lived an as a child when I entered the living room the entire room was dark and I start to notice a small lizard on the wall moving around the room then sudden flames begin to manifest from the lizard and he is going around the walls setting the entire living room on fire. so I panic and begin to look for water to put it out then notice a bucket of water next to me and pick it… Read more »

Jose guzman
Jose guzman
2 years ago

I had a dream that the world was already broken I seen everyone in the city i live in stranger and friend alike with there faces and fire was everywhere we all were battle worn like a rebellion happened. I noticed people were changing like someone took over when they couldn’t handle the decision do to consciousness. Their eyes turned grey and their posture and demeaner changed. I was left with a choice later and felt the change yet I was still in control the voice was curious and pissed off as it couldn’t understand why i still possessed my… Read more »

3 years ago

So I had a dream this morning and I was feeding my turtle which I always do so then I noticed that there was another tank beside it with a fish inside instead a beta fish to be exact so I start to feed it as well which I enjoy very much but a couple of pinches in I grab another and before I can throw it in a shark hops out the water trying to bite my hand amazed at what I just saw I look inside the tank from the front and see the shark was big as… Read more »

Reply to  The Dreamer
3 years ago

Thanks for always helping me get a better understanding of my dreams and so fast as well don’t know what I’d do without your help I always feel like I get a pretty good grasp of my dreams and what they represent but it feels great to have that help when needed thanks for helping all the time always a pleasure

Christine Campbell
Christine Campbell
4 years ago

Had a dream where my dad, sister and I for some odd reason allowed ourselves to be convinced by a stranger to climb up and cling to the wings of a fighter jet. Which then proceeded to take off into flight. Amazingly we were able to cling onto the plane as it speed through the skies. At a couple of points my hands where able to actually pierce into the plane wing as I clung on to keep secure and always kept my eye on my dad and elder sister. Then the pilot realised we were there and flew down… Read more »

cora Howell
cora Howell
4 years ago

I had dream I was riding down a road and saw a hugh beautiful flying fish in slow motion. I was amazed and was trying to get home to get my camera, I got camera went to glass storm door there was a girl knocking at my door that I dont really care about. and the fish was floating outside my door It had lips and every where I touch the glass it kiss my finger. The girl didn’t seem to care about the beautiful fish like she knew about it,

11 years ago

I was looking up “fairy” because I had an EXTREMELY vivid dream where I WAS a fairy. Normal me- size, shape, etc., but I was a warrior type of fairy, with super strength and speed, jumping and swinging through the trees & vines, fighting off evil gorillas who were trying to kill and take over peoples’ minds. The way I was fighting them is recurring, kind of like “crouching tiger hidden dragon” style; another vivid part of the dream was, when I was fighting these gorillas as a fairy, I never actually used my wings. The wings were more of… Read more »

12 years ago

I had a very vivid dream where i was walking on a plank of wood that was lying across two huge white square pillars about 4 stories high, the room was plain white, absolutely no features in the room. i was carrying a pile of books and an Evian water bottle on top (that’s the vivid part, definitely Evian). the bottle rolled off the pile of books and onto the plank of wood, i bent down to pick it up and lost my footing, i fell for about 8 seconds (falling on my right side), then i noticed my mum… Read more »

12 years ago

I have a dream of a famous person, the first one was him smoking and we were ina dark alley next to a black car and he was smoking the whole time and I was just standing there surprised to actually standing next to him, he also gave me lots of hugs.

12 years ago

i was allways saw my future,and it is really hapen.i can fly,i can hide my self,what is that.i sex with dracula.what is that.i see another persons life,what is that.