Dreams About Bears

Did you know approximately 98% of the grizzly bear population in the U.S. lives in Alaska. This brings us to the next question. Why did a bear enter your dream realm?

Our dreams like to uses specific images metaphorically bringing our attention to things that we are not aware of in our lives. What makes the bear so symbolic is the fact that it is the world’s largest land carnivore that’s known to be ferocious when provoked.

In fact its wild untamed nature brings the dreamers attention to their unconscious behaviors, traits or urges — or relates to a dominating force in their lives. However its powerful nature may also be used to direct the dreamer to the honey (success) in their lives.

Find out if the bear in your dream is your friend or enemy.

Bear Dream Symbolic Meaning

Understanding a bears behaviour is an essential part when it comes to decoding your dreams. Similar to the wolf, these are wild animals that are seen as a threat once provoked. Despite how intimidating they appear in our dreams it needs to be recognized and confronted no matter how scary.

Often times when the bear shows up its never a happy camper, often emerging as aggressive manner or pinning you down to attack you. They are commonly known to be lurking outside your house reflecting your mind, or behaviors or instincts that are not fully understood within.

Remember this is not a bear but a reflection of a large hidden presence in your life that overpowers you. It wants you to acknowledge its presence and if you continue to ignore the bear it will become more dangerous.

Bear Dream Meaning

Did you know that Bears are not mean or malicious, in fact they quite gentle and tolerant animals. Since bears are associated often with power, strength, sociability and intelligence it might hinting at these personal traits within in. Another clue is their ability to form hierarchies and have structured tight relationships within groups.

There strong sense of smell and curious nature might have lead them to you. Could the bear display strong and aggressive qualities that lead you to the top of you hierarchy group? Perhaps it might suggest that you are aggressive and territory that uses these abilities to reach to the top. According to Carl Jung he thought of bears to be linked to our unconscious feelings and emotions.

Bear Dreams: Mama Bear

We know that bears are very territorial of there cubs and family that might be a metaphor for a mother who is extremely protective of a child or children. Could the bear relate to the possessive nature of your mother?  Known in psychology as the devouring mother trying to control and protect its young but ends up doing more damage.

The mother develops a complex as she is afraid of being alone; scared of solitude in the guise of loneliness. She is inevitably afraid of herself. Like the bear its with its food and young its protective, obsessive and controlling. The aggression appears when you try and challenge or move away from the bear grip.

Could this dream be a reflection of your family life? Many dreams revolving around bears seem to attack the family. Could it suggest you are seeing a threat that is consuming the family? The bear falls under the category of symbols that connect with the toxic mother.

Bear Dreams – Our Wild Side

Bears like humans walk on the heels of their feet and move both legs on each side of their body. Could there be a threat to your primal instincts? Our built in drive or survival tends to become aggressive when it is provoked.

The bear in your dream might be hinting at a threat towards your basic human instincts; food, water, survival, and love? These feelings may be wild like the bare but might be in the back of our minds. The fight or flight response might be connected to being chased and how you handle it.


Aggressive Bear Attack & Chase Dream

The majority of bear dreams involve one being attacked by these massive creatures. These dreams bring your attention to a threat that you are unable to overcome. This threat might be unconscious or unknown to you.

The location and who is around you can give you insight to what the dream might represent. If the bear is attacking your family it might suggest an unknown threatening force that you see as a problem. The threat could present itself as an outside force or possibly issues within the family. You might want to explore if you have the same characteristics of that of the bear.

A common dream symbol is being chased. These dreams bring your attention to fears of the unknown. The inability to understand and face what is threatening to you. The bear is a manifestation of hidden fears or agreeable nature. You might not be able to face your own problems or that of others that pose a powerful force in your life.

Black And Polar Bear Dream

The color black can represent the unknown part of the dreamer – the shadow. However the black bear is displayed may alter the meaning. Is it threatening or just minding its own business. A black bear is a very powerful animal that represent strength, power and Independence.

Polar bears dwell in planes no human can endure suggesting something frozen in your life. They represent endurance, strength, determination, protection, and peace. Its white coat embodies invisibility, purity, peace and acceptance. When they appear in your dreams they are symbolic of the unconscious. Snow and fish are two powerful symbol that they associate with.

Brown, Grizzly and Cub Dream

These dreams bring your attention to the wild side of the dreamer. Depending the context of this dream the interpretation may alter. However they are very intelligent and courageous animals displaying strength and unity.

Could dreaming of cubs relate to you and your family life? Could it suggest that you have a devouring mother? (see above). Cubs are innocent however they are protected by a strong mother. If you get too close you wouldn’t get out of the grip of the mother. You will be eaten alive!

Killing A Bear Dream

These are actually positive dreams that reflects challenging a threat that used to once scare you. It was once a powerful force in your life, possibly that of others or insects that had possession over you.

Teddy Bear Dream

Not so much of a threat but that of protection from fear. This dream might be connected to emotional dependency. Something that comforts during difficult times. It might be a symbol of immaturity and an inability to face your fears as you are considered to soft. A symbol to develop a stronger less agreeable nature.

Did You Know?

  • Bears are among the biggest and powerful animals on earth.
  • You can determine the age of a bear is to count the rings in a cross section of its tooth root under a microscope.
  • They live up to 30 years in the wild that see in color.
  • The American black bear is the world’s most common bear species.
  • Koala bears are not bears at all and are not related to the bear family. Who would have thought?

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5 days ago

I dreamt a huge bear was outside my front door. It was behind a gate Also to go with my last comment, when I tried to get back into my house after walking away from the bear it was locked, and I was struggling to unlock it.but the gate didn’t completely enclose it. I came out periodically to check on it like it was my pet, but I would speed walk away from it because I was still a little afraid of it. Also to go with my last comment, when I tried to get back into my house after… Read more »

24 days ago

I dreamt that my husband was sitting on the front steps of our porch and I was on the other side of the porch and a brown bear came onto the grass in front of him. It was peaceful but then my husband poked it and it turned and looked at me and began to growl. I thought of picking up the patio chair to start freaking out to scare it away but awoke.

1 month ago

Thank you. I had a dream last night about walking in a deep dark forest full of bears chasing me. I was not afraid for my life but I knew I had to eventually confront them. I was scared to death about meeting them and I knew that how to do this safely can’t be learnt in theory, it has to happen. I walked scared and night fell. In the end I felt the bears nearby and was terrified but they never crossed my path. This is a night before new moon and solar eclipse.

Amanda Harris
Amanda Harris
6 months ago

I dreamt of being in a camp ground and a grizzly was in a rage. We had just arrived and weren’t set up my daughter was with me and we ran hide behind a tent and I covered her as the bear approached and was about to attack me and I awoke.

6 months ago

Last night I dreamed that I was sitting in my home when I saw a mother bear and her two cubs outside our window. My husband got up and opened the front door and the bears came in and made themselves at home on our bed. There was no aggression. I was afraid to go into the bedroom with them, but my husband sat on the bed and played with the cubs. My overall feeling was that the mother was happy with this and that it was a sweet connection that they all shared. There was no aggression at all… Read more »

7 months ago

In my dream I met a brown bear cub. In the first instant I was worried about its mother but the cub (a somewhat large cub, not tiny) was very affectionate with me, an absolute love fest. Something like a big puppy, kissing me, snuggling my face. I wasn’t afraid at all.
Is this something like— someone in my life that seems to be a threat but isn’t?
Or maybe someone that is actually a big threat but appears to be acting affectionate as a front?
I’m not sure how to interpret it.

Rosalie Jean Young
Rosalie Jean Young
8 months ago

I have had many “stalking bear” dreams in the past. Last night I dreamed that several members of a family that I didn’t know were killed and that the bear was relentless. I remember thinking, where can I hide that this bear can’t smell me or see me.

Terry bishop
Terry bishop
9 months ago

I had a dream last night and a grizzly bear was walking but was tangled up in ropes and some type of wreckage it was pulling. It was strange and it kept slowing it down and impeding it’s movements and even pull it under in a river which I thought was the end of the bear but it dragged itself out and the tangled wreckage with it and I woke up. Strangely this dream disturbed me which is why I’m writing this. Any opinions would be appreciated?

10 months ago

Hello I had a dream a white bear was chasing animals into the rural area. 2 giraffes and a wolf or coyote to be exact. It was really trying to eat the giraffes. People in cars were honking their horns to scare the bear off and save the giraffes. The bear wasn’t aggressive,just hungry. Even the wolf which was between them tried to save the giraffes. The wolf was taking down the bear because the bear was so weak,hungry and non-aggressive. The schools announced that children couldn’t walk to school because of the bear threat.

1 year ago

I was going on vacation with a small group, possibly family. We hiked into a mountainous area and crossed a narrow bridge over a small canyon-like area. Then we were in a house, maybe cabin, and I had a daddy bear and a cub with me inside. I kept reassuring everyone the bears wouldn’t harm them. I checked rooms to put them in. There were pets in the rooms but the bears paid no attention to them. Later I came to check on the daddy bear and he came from under something that had a cloth over it hiding the… Read more »

1 year ago

I was at work and this girl and I were at someone’s house, the job site I wanna say. But we were struggling for work. This girl had a bear she was letting run around the inside of the house. It kept biting my arm and trying to nudge me a certain direction. I kept resisting.