Paranormal Dreams

Many people report of strange explainable events that happen during the night or just before you wake up from bed. A lot of these experiences can be a direct link to the dreadful ‘sleep paralysis’ the inability to move in our sleep. Other times dreaming of nightmares that involve paranormal activity are common that are connected to a lack of control in life. Sleep paralysis or ghosts?

Before we determine what falls under the category of “paranormal dreams” we first have to separate if these dream are in fact caused by sleep paralysis, or dreaming of paranormal activity occurring in your house. Their seems to be a fine line when it comes to an actual hallucination right before you get up and a dream involving ghosts.

Paranormal Dream or Sleep Paralysis?

Sleep paralysis is the dreadful feeling of being unable to move, either at the onset of sleep or upon awakening. Several common types of hallucinations have been linked to sleep paralysis: noticing a shadow lurking in the room, the feeling an intruder is in the room, demon hold you down, and the sensation of floating or shaking.

Often times the dreamer senses and awareness are fully  intact, but they may feel as if there is pressure on them, similar to the feeling of choking. It is commonly associated with hallucination and intense fear. Many people report sleep paralysis as a tingling, numbness, or a vibrating sensation. Others describe a sense of floating, flying, or falling.

This is a common occurrence that leaves many people to think that their room might be haunted or they have some sort of a mental illness. The good news is that it is perfectly normal and can be induced if one is under stress, alcohol, sleep disorders and diets. You can snap out of sleep paralysis by wiggling your feet.

Common Sleep Paralysis Experiences:

  • Visual hallucinations, seeing black shadows, demons, or a witch in your room.
  • Audio hallucinations: hearing voices.
  • Tactile hallucination: feelings of being touched.
  • Olfactory sensations: the feeling of smelling things in the room that are not their.

Paranormal Activity Dreams

Many people think when they dream of paranormal activity it mean their house or bedroom is haunted, in fact the haunting is actually within. Our dreams speak to us in a metaphoric language that helps you understand where the root of the problem is.

Paranormal dreams are your unconscious mind telling you that their is a disturbance that you are unable to identify with. A common paranormal dream normally takes place right in your house that symbolizes your mind/psyche – an unseen but evil presence that needs to get out.

Similar to possession dreams that reflect an inability to have control over your vices, urges or inner demons; paranormal activity in dreams suggests you need to find the problem that is causing you distress in your life. You will be offered clues in your dream as in what is haunting you, objects found, location of the room and so on.

A haunted house is a haunted mind. Perhaps this haunting relates to your past, or maybe to do with your family life. Only you know the answer to what is haunting you for so long.

Paranormal Dreams: Fact or Fiction?

Since the horror movie Paranormal Activity hit the big screen many people report dreams of their house being haunted. Every generation continues to incorporate what scares them in their dreams, usually chasing them as you hide.

Does this mean that the so called “activity” is real? Technically it is. Fears that we are unable to face or stand up to usually manifests themselves in our dream as what scares us in our walking life. These sorts of dreams offer you a chance to face your fears so these dream monsters no longer have power over you.

Shadow People Dreams

One of the most common sightings during sleep paralysis are what many like to call “shadow figures” that seem to lurk in your room. You are basically defenseless as they have the ability to move around as they wish or enjoy holding you down.

Shadow people tend to get a bad reputation, maybe they just want to hang out with you! In any case if you want to get rid of them you must not play into the fear. You can smile as you notice their presence, or maybe wiggle your feet to snap you out of that feeling of being stuck.