Dreaming Of Eggs

Dreaming of an egg is regarded to be one of the most emblematic symbols that connects our inner being with the cycle of life, the self, and rebirth. The egg is a highly searched dream symbol with over thousands of searches a month on google.

Though, there are many different interpretations of what the egg represents online that are trivial or generic. The meaning is merely overlooked and never captivating its true magnificence and mystery.

Article: How The Circle Of The Egg Connects To Enlightenment

To properly decode the true meaning of the ‘egg’ we will need to crack open the shell and investigate a bit further. The eggs  enigmatic nature we would need to incorporate this iconic image similar to how it is depicted in religion, art, mythology & literature.

Egg Dreams

Eggs are never actual eggs you eat in the morning but a powerful metaphorical image of a major transformation in your life. Throughout our human existence eggs have been connected with potential life, creation and immortality. A collective symbol of the beginning of our world magically created from a cosmic egg.

An ancient symbol that contains much of the same charactericts in our dreams. So what does the egg mean in our dreams? The Egg In Your Dream represents your hidden potential and unconscious aspects that have not been realized or not fertilized in the mind. A hidden gift currently dormant or unconscious that is waiting for you to be recognized.

I am the egg that surrounds and nurtures the seed of the God in me“. ~ Carl Jung

  • Fertility
  • Universe
  • The Beginning
  • Rebirth/resurrection
  • Fragile
  • Creation
  • Wealth

Egg Dreams: Growth & Fertility

Eggs often connected with pregnancy hence why women dream of eggs more than men. It would only be obvious to point out that women have eggs inside them. Could the dream be unconscious fears or desires related to pregnancy? Could your biological clock be telling you something? The overall shape can be associated with the testicles and ovaries hinting at new life.

The potential of life can be masked behind the fragile nature of the egg, the feelings of vulnerability with something internally cherished. The very first religious symbols that identifies with fertility and eternity, providing positive associations.

  • Internal change
  • Creating something new
  • Potential growth
  • Pregnancy
  • Creativity

Egg Dream: Biblical Meaning Of Eggs

Easter has become a time to celebrate eggs, we are either finding, hiding or biting our way though cream filled ones. Long before all the marketing behind these sugary sweetness, the actually purpose of Easter was to commemorating the resurrection of Jesus from the dead.

For thousands of years humans have connected the egg with magical and supernatural beliefs. Eggs symbolize birth and new life as well as a rebirth, hence the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Eggs bring our attention to the magic and mystery of creation.

So why the egg? The Biblical Meaning of Eggs in dreams represents the sealed Tomb of Christ, thus cracking the shell symbolizes the resurrection of Jesus from the dead. The egg could also been seen as the rock that rolled away from the tomb as Christ was rising. Could your dream hint at an internal rebirth or a possible rejuvenation in your life? Has there been some transformation as signifying a rebirth; death of the old you.

In Hinduism they believed the egg symbolizes the source of life and saw it as a cosmic egg. There was non – existence that became existent. This massive egg took a full year to develop and then split open; one part gold and the other silver.

During the Jewish Passover holiday that takes place in the Spring, the time for growth.  The egg that is placed on the Seder plate represents sacrifice and loss; or death and rebirth. The ancient Egyptians used the egg as a symbolic role in creation.

Biblical Meaning Of Eggs Symbolism In Dreams

  • Awakening
  • Renewal
  • Activation

Common Egg Dreams

Golden Eggs In Dream Meaning

The egg is a symbol of the self, soul or inner transformation. Emergence with the new and out with the old. Something that is fragile yet strong, unhatched potential. The golden egg in your dream connects you with the divine power, masculine energy, higher self, and higher consciousness. Gold in dreams is considered one of the most powerful colors to see.

Egg Yoke Dreams

Depending the context these dreams can go both ways. The yoke is separated from the egg whites. Could this be a metaphor for separating away from something pure? If you are cracking the egg yoke suggests new beginnings positive changes afoot. Noticing double egg yoke in your dream brings your attention to pairs, double or twins. This is two inside one.

These are also positive dream symbols that show you abundance and wealth. The color of the yoke has its own interpretation to the dream. Black yoke which is common brings your attention to neglected or failed situations in life.

Noticing blood yoke might be related to a women’s period, or related to passion or anger. How you react to the colors of the eggs will give you further insight.

Fried Egg Dreams

Unusual as it sounds eating fried eggs can be quite common. Eating fried eggs in your dream suggest you will be nourished by your work.

Broken Egg In Dreams

One thing that we understand eggs to be is fragile. Broken eggs in your dream reflects aspects of ourselves that are soft shelled or easy to break. You would need to reflect in areas that you might be sensitive or easily cracked.  However, depending the context it can be positive. A broken egg might suggest it is time to come out of your shell, or indicating new growth.

Egg Hatching In Dreams

These dreams could be very positive depending what exactly is hatching. Eggs hatching in dreams represents new life and realization of your goals. The wheels are now starting to turn as there is new birth and beginnings. Could it the eggs reflect your personality? What was needed to break free from the shell. Could this suggest your creative talents? Spider eggs could be connected with the inner feminine or creative emerging. If you notice snake eggs might be connected with rebirth or kundalini – energy rising from the base of the spine.

Rotten Eggs Dreams

Normally in dreams we are noticing or even eating rotting eggs. These unfortunately are not the best omens when it comes to eggs. Rotten eggs in your dream represents something possibly internally has spoiled, or something new has closed off. Something that was once valuable to you is gone, new growth has stopped.

Cooking Eggs In Dreams

These dreams hint at testing out your creative side. This connects the dreamer to their golden shadow (unconscious talents) that have been repressed. How the eggs looked and turned out reflects the outcome of your new talents. Another take on it would be how the eggs are cooked. Sunny side up might be a metaphor for positive changes to come.

Eggshells Dreams

Ever heard the term walking on eggshells? This donates to people or possibly yourslef that might be very uneasy to be around. This dream could also suggest that something has hatched a while ago and now you just started to recognize.

Boiled Eggs Dreams

Something in your life where you have to wait longer, be under pressure to get results. Could it suggest your personality is hard boiled?

Picking, Selling or Buying Egg Dreams

Often times you will notice picking up eggs; these dreams provide you with creative insight. If you are selling eggs in your dream it suggests you have the ability to help make others complete; a powerful offering that you have the ability to give. If you are buying eggs in your dream it suggests you are now undergoing a new rebirth in your life.

Egg Idioms

  1. To be a bad egg
  2. To egg someone on
  3. To be a good egg
  4. To have egg on one’s face
  5. Walk on eggshells
  6. Tough egg to crack
  7. Hard egg to crack
  8. Egg – excitement

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1 month ago

Good afternoon every one I dreamt that I bought two eggs to cook but I didn’t cook it I later returned it where I bought it I told the lady that I was unable to cook it that she should give me back my money and take the egg so I noticed that one of the egg has cracked so she said I shouldn’t worry that she would keep the egg in a safe place to make it form back and that when the egg forms back she will refund my money then I woke up

6 months ago

I had a dream where I had two eggs in my hand to prepare a tomatoe sauce with. I broke the first one, and to my surprise there were five yokes in it. Four came out but one got stuck in the shell. And the sight was beautiful. After that I fried it, but I don’t remember eating it though.

What does it mean, please as I used to dream about eggs a lot.

Reply to  The Dreamer
6 months ago

Thank you…

7 months ago

Hi, I’ve had a dream with two significant symbols, eggs and mice. The mice were an infestation in a room somewhere, they were all white and calm. Someone slept in that room but I did not understand how. Later in the dream someone (I did not know this person I think I sold her something or gave her something) gave me a tray of 12 eggs. I know these greenish pastel colored eggs and I thought it was them but when I looked more closely they were light blue with darker blue spots, like a painting, very beautiful. I put… Read more »

10 months ago

i dreamed that i or someone dropped and egg and it was really important that we cleaned it up but no one was cleaning it up and by then time i was about to the dream ended

11 months ago

I dreamt of walking into a hen house tasked to go and collect eggs (something I’ve never done in my life). When I entered, there were no hens only abandoned nests with 1 egg in each. Each egg was different size and color. Using my left hand, I started to place each one into a basket in my right hand. At the end of the row of nests, there was a stack of misshapen eggs, different sizes and colors and some warped, some cracked, and some hatching. I remember feeling anxious peering at these eggs as I was unsure if… Read more »

Elizabeth Ysquierdo
Elizabeth Ysquierdo
1 year ago

In my dream,I was stacking eggs , like a higher than me stack. And I told my mom, not like that, mom, because if someone grabs one, they all will fall.

1 year ago

Collecting many gathered eggs in bowls. Left few which werent good.

1 year ago

I dreamt i had dozens of spider eggs hatching from a wound in the palm of my left hand after I pressed the wounding bump because it hurt. Some were propelled just like a zit others just walked on my hand.

Niwagaba Felix
Niwagaba Felix
2 years ago

I was brought two treys of eggs, broke them and tapped their content. After the extraction, I then pilled the shells.
What is the meaning of this dream.
Thank you

Niwagaba Felix
Niwagaba Felix
Reply to  The Dreamer
2 years ago

I tapped the fluids of the eggs into a basket and pilled shells together in one place.
Thank you