Lion Dream Meaning

Are you the king of the jungle or its prey?

When the king of the jungle has appeared in your dream it has come to you for a specific reason.

Lions are powerful dream symbols that represent power, courage, pride and aggressiveness. The lion has the ability to manifest relating to your hidden fears you need to overcome, or you have activated a new found powerful potential within.

I guess this is why the lion likes to make its appearance in our houses in dreams; the house relates to mind or inner architecture of the dreamer.

Lions may also represent the masculine instinctual side of your personality that is often unconscious or reflect the people around you. However the lion appears in your dream it contains a message relating to your own personal strength and power that might be hidden below the surface.  These powerful animals may also emerge to represent a threatening or dominating person who has entered your life.

Lion dream interpretation

Whenever we dream of a lions in the house it often relates to what is going on in the mind. Almost as if there is a power struggle between both a masculine and feminine force.

Since they are kings of the jungle they want you to focus on the people who have authority over you in your life; oftentimes connected with the family structure. Your interaction with the lion determines it if has power over you.

Lion Dreams: Feminine Energy

Lionesses are caring mothers that kind enough to feed other rejected cubs. They provide nutrients so they have a better chance to live. If you have a positive interaction with the lioness in your dream it points the spirit, motherhood, empathy and power.

It might also be connected to your maternal instincts or the divine feminine energy; lunar energy of the moon – nocturnal night hunters. If she is protecting you it may act as a guide or a protector.

The location where you interact with the lioness and who is around you are all clues in what to search for. If the lioness come across as aggressive shows a disharmony related to the feminine.

If you are being chased suggests avoiding and not addressing your fears. These might be people or situations that have caused you to run. You may want to explore the relationships you have with your siblings.

Lion Masculine Role In Dreams

The lion that protects you shows reflects your own inner strength and leadership. They could also appear related to sexual energy, roaming to find mate. An encounter with the lion suggests the beginning of personal progress.

Most often lions appear in dreams to be very aggressive and dangerous to confront. Negative dreams on lions connect us to our fears, repressed instincts and desires to hurt others. An aggressive lion might be connected to the shadow side of the dreamer – the unknown traits.

Could it suggest you might be running away or unable to face these qualities you inherit within? Could this be connected with your father or the masculine? Maybe this might be a metaphor with having too much pride.

  • Fears and anxieties
  • People who dominate you
  • Your not the leader of a pack
  • Fight for dominance
  • Repressed instincts or sexual urges
  • Anger/temper

Attacked Or Chased By Lion

Lion attacks represent our own personals weakness, irrational fears and anxieties that have overpowered us – a sign to stand up and fight. Running away from a lion in your dream shows you that you are not confronting or ignoring these aggressive people in your life. Reasons Why You Are Running Away.

Baby Lion Dream Meaning

Baby lions represent our underdeveloped masculine or feminine instincts. They are a symbol of weakness and needing protection from the mother or father. Stages of personal development a need to develop power within.

Prophetic Meaning Of A Lion

In the Bible, lions are seen as powerful and positive symbol. They appear to represent bravery, strength, courage and protection of the person. A sign of control power, dangerous when needs to be but humble at the same time.

Mountain Lion: Noticing a mountain lion is highly symbolic reflecting on your life’s journey. Dreaming of a mountain reflects areas of  hard work, overcoming obstacles, and spirituality. However the lion presents itself is a clue on your progress.

Puma/ Panther: These dreams bring your attention to the shadow side of the dreamer. Connects the the unknown feminine attributes, usually hidden. The inner feminine within males (anima); or animus for females.

Lions Inside House: These are very significant dreams relating to your mind/psyche. When the inner journey begins you will notice lions in your house as they represent progress or warnings. They might be related to the feminine or developing similar traits as the lion. These dreams alter depending if you are attacked at home or just noticing it roaming.

Helpful Tips For Analysis:

Do I have anger based off of fears? What are some of the fears you identify with?

What is my family life like? Could I be the lion or someone else? Relationship with mother and father. The masculine and feminine combined within.

Could this suggest you might be lying?

Exploring hidden instincts or talents.

Did you watch the movie ‘The Lion King’? What does it mean to you?

In the bible, Daniel and the lions den.

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3 months ago

I watched me talking about Chakras and understanding of similar spiritual terms with a woman on a rooptop at evening somewhere I don’t know in a big city. I went downstairs and I watched I came have came around my school and that my Family has hunted a Wild Lion (so more, 20x huge in size than ordinary, like a beast) out of nowhere and it was unconscious hanging in chains under a shelter made of dried grass as at an old time butcher shop. My mother cut a lot out of it, about 1/4 of the body from behind… Read more »

Addison Bennett
Addison Bennett
4 months ago

I had a dream that was very peaceful. I was in this savannah and 3 lions came running towards me, one male and two female. They saw me and they came really close but they then started playing next to me. It was really cool but I’m a little confused by what it could mean.

Dominique Trueman
Dominique Trueman
4 months ago

I dreamt that a lion was being attacked by other lions but had no idea. It was lying down and they had made an injury to him and his insides/organs were showing because they had made this big hole in the body. (Apologies if it sounds a bit gruesome, I’ve never dreamt of anything like this before!) It felt like they were setting him up and then the vultures would come along and start eating him alive. He was unaware for the most part until he looked back and then he realised he had a wound and started licking it,… Read more »

4 months ago

In my dream, I’m on some sort of nature reserve. I’m driving around with some others who work there on an ATV-type vehicle. Anytime we get off of the ATV animals are trying to attack us, mainly wolves, black panthers, and mountain lions. It’s a recurring dream I’ve had and it always ends the same way: I get pounced on by a mountain lion and then I wake up. I feel like it has some family meaning for me but would appreciate a second opinion.

5 months ago

Hi, I just saw that a male lion came towards me for a cuddle and I pet his forehead. It felt so natural, calm and fulfilling. I am a young woman. We were on the street. Further away there were more beasts like 2 black bears chasing one another. I was not afraid just observing. Any ideas? 🙂

Reply to  The Dreamer
5 months ago

Thank you Dreamer! It seems you are saying I am balanced with my masculine side but may still need to work on my feminine. Thanks! I’ll think about it.

5 months ago

In my dream I’m riding a white lioness on a white sand beach, there are also two other white animals, one is a large dog but I can’t remember the other animal, only that is bigger than a dog and also white. We are moving with purpose and focus on moving forward quickly.