Wind Dream Meaning

Dreaming of wind is considered a very symbolic in our dreams connecting to the intellect. Wind brings your attention to sudden change that will show up unexpected, an leave fast. This unexplained enigmatic force has come to you for a reason, the immediate shift can be either external or internal; conscious or unconscious. Wind can manifest in both spiritual and psychological forces.

Wind Symbolism

  • Communication
  • Knowledge
  • Creativity
  • Cleansing
  • Displacement
  • Independence

Wind Dreams: Unknown Force

The winds mysterious presence comes when you are not expecting it. It’s unseen force that cannot be traced makes this symbol out of our control. The unpredictability of the winds nature flowing state can become powerful or violent force. Often associated with hurricanes and tornadoes that can bring a destructive element in your life.

  • Air
  • Breath
  • Elusive
  • Transient
  • Spirit or intellect
  • Message, idea or news
  • Change

Wind Dreams True Meaning

Air or wind is generally seen as one of the four basic elements believed to be essential that sustain life. Comprised of fire, water, air, and earth; these elements are essential parts making up the phyical universe. As you are a physical creation existing in the material realm, air is what we breath hence connecting it with ‘spirit’ or ‘life force’.

The wind acts as messenger of the gods, the transit and elusive nature implies you might be in the presence of divinity. Wind is around us at all it is invisible except by its manifestations – thus connecting us  with the holy spirit.

In the bible quoted in John 3:8 speaks about the wind.  “The wind blows wherever it pleases. You hear its sound, but you cannot tell where it comes from or where it is going. So it is with everyone born of the Spirit”.

Wind can also be metaphoric to breath, exhaling as we meditate. Focusing your attention to your breath connects your mind, body and soul. The breath is an invisible agent within that controls the monkey mind. A powerful exhale might remove or cleanse negative energy in the body.

Strong Wind Dream Meaning

Often times the wind appears to be very strong in our dreams. This natural invisible force brings your attention to your spiritual, mental, phyical; and Etheric energy that has emerged . The stronger the force connects to where the “consciousness” or “higher awareness” resides within.

The strength, power and movement of the wind is out of your control; origins unknown to the dreamer they will be face with a powerful energy. Your reaction to the wind reflects your sensitivity or weakness to this matter.

  • Surrender
  • Comply
  • Paralyzed or stuck
  • Hiding
  • Shelter
  • Scared
  • Excited
  • Holding on to something

The wind is often associated with strong energy with the capability to manifest into a hurricane or tornado. Often considered as a bad omen,  this is a fast unpredictable force that destroys anything in its path. Though it has the ability to change the air as it times to rebuild.

Wind Dreams: Gods Voice

The wind will appear as a metaphor reflecting change or movement coming towards you. The interpretation of the winds force can analyzed by its vigor or gentle breeze. In I Kings 19:11-12 in the Bible the “gentle breeze” or “a calm breeze” is the communication with God is manifested with a wind.