The Importance of Food in Dreams

Food has become more than just a necessary to survive but has become a part of us, a part of our culture, and a significant role in religions. 

It has the ability to bring different groups of people together in an environment where each person has their own individual seat, but all share one table. In a world in which we are culturally different, yet share a common humanity.

In our dreams food becomes highly symbolic connecting us with our physical and emotional strengths and energies. Essentially you are fulfilling parts of yourself that are unconscious to you.

Food Dream Meaning

Depending the particular type of food it will reflect metaphorically to what parts of your mind, body or soul you are nurturing.

How Food Appears In Dreams:

  • Receiving or giving food to people.
  • Passed loved ones offering us food.
  • Sharing, cooking or buying.
  • Spilling, eating or burning food.
  • Cooking, rotting, buffet foods.

Why Food Is Considered Symbolic In Dreams

Just as a power station requires gas or coal to power its turbines and generate energy; we need this energy to power our drives and animalistic needs (meat) – often unknown to the dreamer.

Similar how food is represented in the Bible you would need to interpret the specific symbol metaphorically. For instance, bread can be considered a gift from God, meat may relate to our instinctual drives, and chocolate on the other hand relates to love.

This particular food didn’t emerge randomly in your dream, but specifically placed to give you insight to what is unknown to you.

Why Am I Receiving Food In My Dream?

Receiving food in your dream can be considered a very positive omen implying acceptance, success and a connection with that person. The food becomes metaphoric relating to your relationship. For example, if your friend offers you a “chicken” this animal would be symbolic to your connection with this person. Metaphorically speaking the chicken relates to self sacrificing love, nurturing, protection and comfort.

The person you are receiving food from might represent the traits or qualities you are acquiring within yourself. Alternatively warnings can be displayed as food or fruits, for instance, an apple would be seen as a symbol of temptation.

Receiving food as a gift from a dead relative or friend suggests they are expressing their thoughts or emotions though the food. They are offering you a message  of nourishment letting you know they are still thinking of you.

Giving Or Eating Food In Dreams

Many people remember giving food to others in their dreams and question why they are doing that. Giving, can be considered the key to success, fulfillment, and a life of prosperity; you are offering this person a part of you.

Giving is more important that receiving, however you are giving something on an unconscious level to this person. The food would be a part of you that relates to your heart and emotions you are providing.

If you are eating food it all depends on the type of food you are eating. You will need to approach this particular food metaphorically and see how it relates to you in your life. A symbol of fulfilling your needs, acquiring the right nourishment (mentally); or a need to watch your diet. The food or fruit might even have a sexual connotation behind it, for example a banana.

Two people sharing a meal at a restaurant.

Sharing, Cooking, Or Buying Food

Similar to how Jesus shared food in the Bible your dream relates to togetherness or how relationships are established, a connection beyond just the physical. Sharing shows your appreciation for this person and continued success.

Buying food in your dream all depends on the particular item. The properties or symbolism that this particular food contains might be a mirror of what you will be nourishing within. For example, if you are buying meat in your dream it would be direct you to unconscious animalistic nature within in. You may be developing or integrating more of a primitive drives.

Cooking food represents a possible desire to explore your creative side, or providing people with the right energy/nourishment.

Spilling or Burning Food

Burning food is considered a warning to pay attention to things you are neglecting. Something that needs to be inside you has been rejected. If this is in your house it will connect you to your mind psyche. Maybe you are a terrible cook (just kidding).

Spilling food brings your attention to a careless action you are unconscious with. This might be something in your life that has been effected but not to dwell on it.

Fun Fact:

Did you know research has shown that most humans eat between three to five pounds of food per day.

Buffet Food Dream Meaning

A buffet is a system of serving meals in which food is placed in a public area where the diners serve themselves. However in your dreams this can be considered a very powerful omen.

You are being offered many different types of food, fruit and drinks at your disposal. This dream might be a symbol of luck and prosperity in the near future.

Rotting Food In Dreams

Rotting food are often symbols that you are not paying attention to something in your life. Decay or putrefaction in dreams symbolizes obstacles, things left behind or neglected.

This was something that is supposed to give you the right nourishment to move forward in life, however this is not the case. The location, the type of rotting food and the people around you will direct your attention to the place that needs to clean up.

Interesting Food Facts

  1. Bird’s Saliva Is Actually An Expensive Delicacy.
  2. Your Food Is Allowed To Contain Trace Of Insects.
  3. Fruit & Veg Are Less Nutritious Than They Used To Be
  4. Pre-Packaged Salads And Greens May Not Be Clean.
  5. Chewing Coffee Beans Can Help Eliminate Bad Breath
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1 year ago

i had a dream about my deceased brother inlaw who came to visit me and had a grocery packet in his hand with looks like chips and cooldrink. he did not talk he was just sitting and smiling. what does this mean?

2 years ago

My friend Maricor drove me to her place and parked in front of a house. I could see from the window that one of her sisters was sitting in front of a table inside the house. Maricor stepped out of the car to do something. I stayed in the car sleeping while calling out Maricor to hurry up as I wanna go home. I also hear a banging sound from where Maricor was and thinking that she’s busy doing something. Somehow her sister came near me and checked me up under my blanket. I felt scared and thought that she… Read more »