Pig Dream Meaning

Often times when we hear the word “pig” it is synonymous with being fat or greedy. A Pig in your dreams can emerge for many different reasons. It contains a both negative and positive symbol that can switch depending your interaction with the pig

A metaphoric symbol reflecting unconscious behaviors and patterns, luck, sexuality, wealth; or something forbidden in your life. Pigs can be both friendly or aggressive in your dreams.

In order to properly decode your pig dream, first you will need to incorporate your past experiences, religion views, and cultural associations. Reflecting how pigs have influenced your life from popular culture and literature – Three Little Pigs, Charlotte’s Web and Babe.

Someone who is of Jewish or Muslim faith will perceive the pig differently then someone who is non religious. A follower of the Abrahamic faith might manifest the image of the pig as something unclean or sinful in their lives. Greed is one of the 7 deadly sins in the Bible.  They are known to give you ringworm, a parasite in your dream feeds off of your energy once consumed.

Pig Dreams: Happy As A Pig

A pig can emerge in your dream reflecting aspects about your intellectual power and care free nature; grounded in earth brings them closer to mother earth.  A representation of the bringer of fertility, a provider of nourishment to many . They have often been associated with wealth, a piggy bank – or – like pigs in clover. This can be connect to luck obtaining money or having a lot of something.

  • Highly Intelligence
  • Wealth & Abundance
  • Social
  • Ability to have fun and live carefree
  • Abundance
  • Sacred in mythology (death and rebirth)
  • Communication, vision and senses

Pig Dreams: Disgust

Deciphering if the symbol of the pig represents repressed shadow qualities that you might inherit. The negative traits (see below) once unrecognized, the pig becomes unconscious in your dreams.

The same way you might look at pigs being dirty and repulsive is the often the same approach when dealing with our own flaws. The general disposition of the pig determines if these traits are recognized or unrecognized within – noticing a pig as opposed to being attacked or chased

Pigs want you to explore your masked vices and bad habits that might be impacting your life. Essentially the pig reflects the excessive behaviors you indulge in that are not under control – materialism, sex, gambling, drugs; health issues to name a few. These vices are masked in attempt to sooth unresolved past conflict and emotional trauma.

  • Gluttony or overindulgence
  • Weight or laziness
  • Dirty or unclean
  • Sin
  • Greed or selfishness
  • Materialism
  • Sexuality (urges, instincts)

Common Pig Dreams Interpreted

Chased By A Pig: Being chased is a common dream, however, what is chasing you gives you a hint. A symbol of running away, avoiding or not facing in your life. The pig wants to consume you, it has the ability to devour you whole. What has the ability to do this in your life? Could it reflect your greedy ways or relates to your eating habits?

Pig Attacking: When you have interacted with an aggressive side of the pig it can relate to people or unconscious traits you possess. Something was provoked and has come out to attack. Questioning what made it attack you, who was around and location are all hints. The pig may represent the people who display these characteristics. Have you provoked or challenged these qualities in them?

Pig Bite: Often times bites relate to people who have the proclivity to hurt or offend you. These are the people who display pig like characteristics; they bite the hand that feeds them. Being bitten on the hand implies someone who has taken advantage of you.

Black Pig: The color black often connects the dreamer to its shadow; the repressed and ignored side. The image whats you to be aware of these traits that you are unaware exist.

Killing Pig: These are good dream symbol suggesting you are taking down the negative traits or behaviors in yourself or others. It will no longer possess you.

Roasting A Pig: These dreams might bring your attention to getting penetrated on both ends. The heat and flames over a fire brings your attention to passion, rebirth, energy and change. It could donate that you are ridding yourself of these traits.

Wild Boar: These are untamed wild animals that connect you to your instincts. It remains unconscious as it needs to be integrated so it doesn’t cause any destruction.

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2 years ago

I dreamt of climbing up the stairs of my childhood home and a flesh-colored pig was at the top waiting for me. I tried to avoid it by climbing up through the railings of the stairs and it kept following me. It wasn’t aggressive though. It just kept following me while I was trying to avoid it. I stood on a table and it went underneath the table. In real life, I’m afraid of any animal so it’s normal that I avoid them even in my dreams. What does this pig represent in my dream?

2 years ago

I dreamt a sow and boar entered my yard. I was going to chase them out of the yard but when I got closer to the sow, she had piglets but they were separate from her. She had fit herself, rather uncomfortably I thought, in a cupboard. I immediately thought of how I could build a shelter for the family.

2 years ago

An evil monster pig was digging its snout into my underarm and it actually hurt in my dream.

3 years ago

A pig was being tortured in my dream. But they couldn’t kill her because of her strong heart. They had her on her back and sliced through her stomach on each side and the woman was going to put her in the oven. It was horrifying!