Airplane Dreams

Planes appear in our dreams to reflect a major transition or shift that will be occurring in your life. Planes are considered highly symbolic connecting the dreamer to advancement, transition, and a new destination in life.

Unlike other modes of transportation planes have the ability to take you from one place to another completely different area. This is often connected to opportunities, ideas, lifestyle changes, and career. Plane crashes in dreams are fairly common that result in failures, mood instability, or things that halt to your progress.

Why Airports Are Symbolic In Our Dreams

To properly interpret what the ‘plane’ means in your dream you will need to reflect on what is taking currently taking place in your life. The contents that surround the plane can be translated metaphorically that mimic your current movements.

Airplane Dream Meaning

More than likely you have had previous dreams before you arrived on the plane. Some you may remember and others probably forgot. You may have been packing your luggage, heading to the airport, or waiting in the terminal.

Airplane dreams are riddled with specific clues that metaphorically mirrors how this new stage in your life will unfold. For instance many people report the plane taking off at a fast speed, sometimes the pilot could be struggles to fly it, or landing smoothly to the next destination.

Though it us important to note that these symbols run parallel to what events will unfold in the future, you will only understand looking back.

Airplane Symbolism:

  • Starting up new ventures,
  • New career in the future,
  • Embarking on a new journey (relationships),
  • Mental or phyical changes,
  • New opportunities,
  • Changing job, lifestyle, or attitudes,
  • Unconscious growth;
  • Spiritual advancement.

Plane Crash Meaning

Did you know the risk of being killed in a plane crash for the average American is 1 in 11 million. Negative dream symbols associated with flying occur when you are unable to make your flight, turbulence, cannot take off; and even plane crashes.

Despite how unnerving these dreams are, once decoded they can provide you with insight you have never thought of before. These dreams might reflect what is taking place in your life relating to what we mention below.

  • Inability to move forward
  • Stuck at the same place
  • Unable to advance
  • Fears and anxieties moving to the next step
  • Failed opportunities
  • Advancement troubles
  • Moods fluctuation

This issue that occurs might be unexpected as you are not in control of the plane. Alternately, the unpredictability of life throws us for loops and holds us back from advancing at times. Does this suggest something bad is going to happen in the future? Not necessarily, but you should be aware that you might encounter a minor setback or change.

Common Plane Dreams

Watching A Plane Crash 

If you are watching a plane crash differs than being on the plane as you wouldn’t be directly impacted. This might relate to other people movements or possibly opportunities that you walked away from.

Plane Crash In Water

The symbolism of water is synonymous with your emotional state of mind. Crashing in water might suggest that this setback will effect you emotionally.

Surviving a Plane Crash

These are positive dream symbol that shows you will overcome a major obstacle that could have taken you down. You might have experienced issues getting to the next step in your life – sudden changes that you were able to recover from. The location and people around you are clues provided that will help you decode the meaning of the dream easier.

Missing Your Plane

Often we are running in the air terminal trying to get on to our plane that is leaving. The feelings of anxiety and stress in your dream are reflections of what is taking place in your life at the moment.

Missing your plane in your dreams are often recurring, similar to test dreams they help you identify why you are unable to advance to the next stage in life. Something may be holding you back from reaching where you need to go.

Plane Ticket

A very positive dream that is letting you know that you are close to starting a new path in life. This journey might be what is to come in the future so expect something new to come up on the horizon.

Boarding A Plane

These dreams are letting you know that your hard work is now paying off. Did you know only 5% of the population has been on an airplane. Well consider yourself lucky as you are ready to advance and start a new journey in your life.

Flying A Plane

These are very positive dream symbols that are letting you know you are in control of your path or destination. Normally we are being flown by a pilot, as we might not have a much stability. Flying would be similar to lucid type dreams.

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Regee Yalyk
Regee Yalyk
2 years ago

What about fixing an airplane? Like a big one, with lots of people waiting for you to finish fixing it?

4 years ago

Thank you for the article I now understand what a plane ticket was in my dream and came true!