House Dream Meaning

Houses in dreams are a symbolic representation of the dreamers sense of self. Every individual room contains a construct of different emotional functions, past memories, phyical body and unexplored parts of your unconscious. Inside encompass a blueprint or map of your emotional and phyical nature, the house is a place that safeguards the soul.

Inside the house is a metaphoric labyrinth of images and symbols that bring you closer to your true self, the core of you existence.

Keep in mind that no two house dreams can be interpreted the same way. The house is specifically molded based of the dreamers past and present experiences,  feelings and emotions often unconscious.

Remember when it comes to analyzing your dreams you are the best interpreter. You hold the key to your deepest and darkest secrets, though finding the answer takes some inner digging.

What House Dreams Mean

You might notice the condition of the house relates to your current mental state of mind. You might notice some rooms are left unfinished, haunted or neglected thus symbolizing parts of your mind that need examining. Feelings of claustrophobia might relate to aspects of your life that currently stuck, or restricted in your life.

Description Of The House

  • What locations of the house did you visit?
  • General mood or feeling inside the house (haunted or calm)
  • Was it finished or unfinished?
  • Size of the rooms, items in closets
  • Colors and fixtures
  • Are there people or animals inside?

Your current emotions shape the design of the house and contents in the house. If you are suffering from depression, anxiety or daily stresses; the mood of the house might appear to be haunted or a uncomfortable.

On the other hand a mentally healthy state makes the house appear to be bright and calm. Bridging your outside world with your inner world helps determine your dreams motive.

Attic Dreams

Unseen, difficult to access, dusty and usually made up of used storage. Metaphorically speaking this is an area in your mind that contains forgotten memories, feelings and emotions from your past. The context in the attic are valuable and symbolic to the dreamer as they are up there for a reason. What are in the boxes, what objects do you see; how are they unique to you.

What might be hidden? If the attic is haunted hints suggests to find and fix an old issue that is not settled.  You could also entertain the idea the attic connects with the crown or the seventh chakra, is located at the top of the head. A symbol of spirituality and higher consciousness; the area most forgotten but its part of the house. The condition of the attic might imply if the area is blocked or off balance.

Living Room In Dreams

An area where you relax, entertain, interact socially with people friends and siblings. The living room in your dreams brings your attention to your personal space, and you emotional and mental well being. In this area is shaped as a version of yourslef, how it looks and what is happening gives you a clue.

Bedroom Dream Meaning

The bedroom in our dreams is a very powerful symbol that relates to sexual encounters, relationships, and intimacy. The bedroom is your private area, the door is locked indicating privacy. An area that is metaphorically hidden that you don’t want to expose.

The BED can also be a symbol of what might lay dormant within, as being asleep is opposite to wake. It might also suggest the symbol of death and rebirth. The bed is an ancient dream symbol has a wide range of interpretations attached to it, primary connecting the dreamer to intimacy, relationships and security.

What happened in the room or bed? Could this be associated with memories in the past? What experiences you encountered in the past?

Basement Dream Meaning

Basements are a very symbolic yet enigmatic representation of the unconscious. As you enter the basement you leave your soul on the stairs above. This is the unknown part of the dreamer, the repressed thoughts and emotions, universal knowledge and hidden motives are below.

You have opened the door to your unconsciousness, what is found or sought out contain a key to the underworld. The main goal is to unlock the meaning behind the symbols to uncover endless possibilities that are held within. This is also an area that is below you, things that are considered lower or look down upon.

Bathroom Dream Meaning

Toilets and showers are synonymous with releasing, letting go and cleansing. The inner energy that needs renewal or negative energies that are pent up are symbols of the bathroom. In many cases we dream of clogged toilets or dirty bathrooms as an indication that these unconscious energies need to be cleansed.

Bathrooms in dreams are often connected to the ROOT chakra responsible for stability, safety, strength, and commitment and is responsible for self-preservation and feeling grounded. This is why it is located at the bottom or base of the spine. 

Kitchen & Dining Room 

The place we sit down with the family and eat, nourishment for the soul. The kitchen in a dream brings your attention to the creative side as well an area where transformation takes place. Similar to the kitchen the dining room focuses more on family and socialization. An area where gathers occur for big events or time of the year.

Windows & Doors

Identifying if they are open or closed brings your attention to new opportunities and personal freedom. Like the saying ‘a window of opportunity’, brings glad tidings when it is open. Locked or closed windows suggests views, perspectives and growth closed off  Symbolic Nature Of Windows.

Looking out the window brings your attention to your own personal awareness within. A small or large window would reflect your sense of perception.  If the windows are broken can be a reflection on ideas, views that need to be fixed or put back together.

Doors connect the dreamer to openings or closing relating to emotional, mental or outside opportunities. Closed door are symbols of set backs or being stuck in a particular situation. You will be temperately stuck in your head and without much room to move – Symbolic Nature Of Doors.

Closet, Ceiling, or Wall 

The wall brings your attention to areas of your life that are protected or guarded from others. This separates you from the next person, thought and emotions divided. The ceiling focuses on your thoughts and emotions that are free or restricted.

Closet Dream Meaning

Closest in dreams are symbols of what you might be hiding “skeletons in the closet. These are feelings, memories, and urges kept locked up so nobody can see. Related to fears or anxieties being exposed. The items in the closet are clues in what to investigate.

Common House Dreams

Haunted House In depth analysis: Aspects of your life that are coming back to haunt you. These are behaviors, memories and unsettled past experiences that are not settled. As if a ghost needs to settle or see the light, it would apply in the same manner. This issues might be out of scope of your consciousness, and remains hidden or out of mind – unconscious or unknown. Recurring dreams become more vivid when the issue becomes ignored.

Cleaning House: These dreams are quite common that signify clearing your consciousness. We must remove the clutter (negative thoughts) so we can proceed to move on with our lives. These dreams are positive omens as the past problems are not going to be carried forward in the future.

Cats In House: Cats connect the dreamer to the feminine side, this can be applied to both male and females. Depending how the cat appears it can alter the meaning. The bring our attention to the creative, emotional and sexual aggression.

Unfinished House: Aspects of your mind that are left unattended. Metaphoric compartments made up of ideas, growth, progress that is not complete. These dream want you to explore these areas in your life and build them up so you will be more of a complete individual.

Buying A House: If you are not on the market for buying a new home then these are symbolic dreams. These dreams suggest a conscious change, as the past has shaped your mind. These dreams point to a new start in life, change of thinking and behaviors.

Bad Dreams About Houses

House Fire: Fires that have consumed your house are negative dreams that can suggest an array of interpretations. Fire brings your attention to something that is out of control, anger or rage that is consuming you. Was the fire set inside or did it come from the outside? Who set the fire and who was around are clue to where the issue might be stemming from. In an alchemical sense, fires have the ability to transform. Could this dream suggest a complete inner transformation as the old no longer serves you.

Childhood Home: In depth analysis: Often times you are back in your childhood home. In this place there are forgotten memories that can be either good or bad (inner child). In this house is unique to the dreamer, what is inside are clues.

House Flooding: A very common dreams that direct your attention to an overwhelming burden of emotions. These feelings have been pent up with no where to go, the flood your house (mind) needing to be drained. The color of the water and where the flooding is occurring helps bring you closer to the problem. For example if the flooding was in your bedroom it can relate to emotional sexual concerns.

House Crumbling: These dreams want you to look at your emotional state or family life. There may be complications regarding emotional areas that are crumbling or crashing down around you. Did a natural disaster cause your house to crumble?

Bugs/Infestation: Dreaming of insects infesting your house can be a symbol of unconscious negativity thoughts, patterns or behaviors that are troubling your mind. Finding out where these areas are would take time to reflect and meditate so you can eliminate from your consciousness. Depending the type of insect and where it is located it will be metaphoric for what areas are bugging you.

Big Or Small House: Depending the size it can show you restrictions or unlimited potential to grow and develop. Does size matter? In dreams it can imply a positive omen and good future outlook.

Old House: In depth analysis: Entering an old house represents an the old part of you, the past that needs to be revisited. Inside this old structure contains forgotten memories, old habits, ideas, beliefs, or attitudes.

Animals or Rodents: Often times you will notice animals or rats and mice in your house. Depending the context and how and what appears alters the meaning of the dream. Bad rodents or aggressive animals need to be investigated as each one has its own meaning. Common dreams: snakes, spiders, dogs, cats.

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2 years ago

I repeatedly dream of having made a new home but not moving in , it stays empty and in my dreams we continue to live in one or the other houses I have lived in . I go to the new house, look at it from the outside, but cannot go in
Please explain

2 years ago

I just bought a tiny home. It arrived a day early, when it first arrived it looked smaller than it was supposed to be,after they set it on the spot I picked out it was the size I remembered it to be.

2 years ago

I dreamt a few weeks ago that I bought over a large house which my aunt used to rent. It had many rooms. I was pleasantly surprised to see so many nicely furnished rooms and invited my family members and helper to pick their own room. In the (furnished) kitchen, it become vague – i remember someone holding a knife. This morning, I dreamt I bought an estate! Came with a few houses, driveway, sizeable swimming pool and a block of shops. Again family members were there and some swimming. I was still in awe with the fact that I… Read more »

2 years ago

The dream started with me kicking a ball around in a backyard with two small boys about seven years old. It was very eerie because the feeling I got from them was almost like an energy was forcing to be there and play with them. You could say that they gave off a haunting or ghostly vibe. I wanted to get away but I felt trapped as if something would happen to me if they caught me sneaking away. So I just went along with it for a bit longer. It started to rain but only a drizzle and I… Read more »

Reply to  The Dreamer
2 years ago

Thank you for the interpretation. Last night I dreamt of another house. It reminded me of a one story house that is across the street from one of my childhood homes. It is on a corner and had the largest royal poinciana tree I have ever seen, with branches spreading over the half the roof of the house. In the dream the difference was that the branches that spread over the roof were cut to make way for a two floor addition that was under construction. It clearly was the largest house in the immediate area. The walls and roof… Read more »

2 years ago

I keep having recurring dreams about houses they never have any toilets in the bathrooms, it doesn’t matter how many bathrooms they are all complete except for the toilet. All houses are big light and bright some unfinished. Also both my husband and Mom are in my dreams who both have passed

Reply to  The Dreamer
3 years ago

Hi Jane I have similar dreams to yours. I’m always in a big house, building with a lot of empty rooms with a lot of people. Sometime a person or two I know. My middle sister is often there. We or I are always running, trying to escape or get out. People are everywhere. Sometimes an unknown person or group of people are trying to hurt me, only. What does this mean?