Dreams about The Police

 “You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to an attorney. If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be provided for you. Do you understand the rights I have just read to you? With these rights in mind, do you wish to speak to me?”

Police in our dreams may appear as our guides or protectors to help us along our journey, or unfortunately arresting you for doing something wrong.

Though for the majority of our dreams police are commonly known to chase, shoot, arrest or even bring you to the station. Police in our dreams tend to be related to our inside and outside world that relates to our guilty conscious, rules of conduct, relationships with others, self discipline, or our ability to transform and grow.

Whenever the police appear negatively in our dreams it suggests you may want to question these unconscious motives and behaviours. Alternatively, police may even show up in our dreams when we need help and assistance from an external force. Like doctors or nurses they tend to heal or help the dreamer what they are in search for and why.

Police Dream Meaning

If the cop appears in a positive light in your dreams it could suggest correcting aspects of yourself or others that run amok. They can act as a father figure, a person of respect that keeps things in order.  They appear as mediators that controls situations before they become dangerous.

Cops have the ability to take away the wrong doers, liars and people who are a threat to us.  The police could be a manifestation of your own inner strengths, the person who chooses right over wrong and upholds respect.

A power over your shadow – the dark side of your personality that can become evil and dangerous if not recognized. Could the cop suggest always doing what is told to you? Are you afraid to express your own thoughts and behaviors?

  • Ability to fix or remove,
  • Guides and helpers,
  • Keeps things in order,
  • Father figure/masculinity.

Bad Police Dream

Depending the context you will have to decipher if the police are aspects of yourself, or that of others, or submitting to an authoritative figure.

Clues like the location, what might be the police are arresting you for, and if you go to court or not. Keeping an open mind when it come to analyzing your police dream, they are symbol that need attention. Once you understand the root of the problem you are free to go.

It would important to examine your consciousness and see if there is any resistance. Police arrest you when you are doing something that you shouldn’t. A representation of immaturity; possibly always being told what to do – a need to become free.

Could this be a metaphor reflecting being restricted or confined in your life? Are you feeling oppressed at work or in a relationship? Do you have problems with authority? What do you think of police?

  • Fears of changing,
  • Going to be judged from your actions,
  • Abusing your power,
  • Held against your will,
  • Not free to go;
  • Doing wrong.

Common Police Dreams

Arrested By Cops: Being arrested by police in your dream brings your attention to being held against your will. You might not have a choice in this matter as you are unable move. They can appear as symbols of your childlike behaviors that need to be examined by a judge. The reason why you are arrested and who you are around helps determine the motive.

Police Chasing You: A common chase dream revolves around the police coming from you. You have been running away from your responsibilities for too long and now its time to face the music. Finding out the things you most avoid in your life and see if it reflects the theme of your dream.

Police Raiding Your Home: Your house relates to your mind/psyche and is often displayed in our dreams. The court of law is playing out in your mind, metaphoric to your thoughts, urges and behaviors.

Police Towing Car: When we dream of cars we are bringing our attention to our drives and progress in life. This is being taken away or temporally removed until you get it back. These are symbols of minor setbacks and annoyances.

Police Shooting: Guns in dreams are common with anger in which the bullets are the intended target. You need to be stopped because you are not listening to what you are being told.

Help From Police: The police can act as a guide or helper reflecting aspects of your life. They are protectors when you need help, they will bring you safety and comfort.

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2 years ago

i had a dream where i was sitting in a unknown house on ft with my bf. and we got a knock on the door. my dad goes to anwser it and i heard gun shots and police telling him he’s under arrest. i dropped the phone and ran to the door to see what was happening and that’s where i woke up in the middle of the night.

3 years ago

What about them like framing you and falsely arresting you?