Pregnant Dream Meaning

These unusual dreams are fairly common to both men and women that signify a powerful message.  Pregnancy dreams can reflect inner growth that is soon taking place to the dreamer, almost like a rebirth that connects with mind, body and soul. These dreams often hint at personal advancement, deeper connection with self,  or even positive changes on the way. Pregnant dream meaning can alter if the dreamer is pregnant or trying to have a baby.  Roughly around 80% of pregnant dream of  their pregnancy  due to excitement or anxiety.

  • Rebirth
  • Transition
  • Future new growth
  • Feminine
  • Creativity

Pregnant Dreams Explained

For the most part dreams of being pregnant point to creativity. With dreams we have to think metaphorically, so pertaining to being pregnant, these dreams hint at new life growing unconsciously that will so be conscious. Depending the month of the baby it can determine when the turn of events will become conscious. You will have to do your own self reflection and try to figure out what changes might be coming your way. Maybe you will get a promotion at work, or even find a new connection with your inner self. It could even be as simple as new ideas that will lead you in a different path.

Men being pregnant in their dreams are not that uncommon. The interpretation could reflect the same meaning as a women being pregnant, or could suggest a closer connection his anima. The anima symbolizes as the totality of the unconscious feminine psychological qualities that a man possesses Carl Jung thought this archetype is connected to the collective unconscious and not an aggregate of father or mother, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, or teachers etc. If men have trouble identifying with their mother instinct the dream theme can change accordingly.

Psychic Dreams:

Many people claim to have sensed or picked up on a dream about the pregnancy of friends, family or even themselves. Precognition dreams still remain a mystery.  Dreaming of others pregnant can also signify that you are able to see new growth to the person that they are not aware of right now.

Pregnant Dream Theme:

Symbols, moods and themes in the dream can flip the meaning entirely from good to bad. The dreamer would have to decipher how he/she felt in the dream, any complications or fears being pregnant. An uneasy feeling can donate to fears of change or growth on a unconscious level. Having a baby inside you can hint at responsibly that you might not be able to handle right now.

Giving Birth:

Did your water break? This could suggest pent up emotions that will be released. This is a good sign that implies new birth of ideas or events are just around the corner. Complications  will determine how the new change will effect them in their walking life. How did you feel? Did you want the baby? Where where you when the pregnancy took place. These are some questions you should ask when decoding the dream to figure out the meaning.  If you need to decode the dream come visit us at our dream forum for further analysis.

Abortion Dream

Dreamers also report having dreams of losing or aborting the child. These nightmares suggest that the dreamer might be effected by internal or external circumstances that cause the new growth to die. This can very well mean that something that was once alive in them has died. The dreamer will have to decode if this is caused by their past or present pains in their lives. It could very well mean a positive symbol depending the context. If the baby was not theirs, or if the baby was a mutant of some sort then it can imply something bad had left the body. These dreams occur when something takes over the psyche that is effecting the development of the dreamer. Death of the baby can suggest the death of the idea or advancement. If the mother dies at birth this can vary well imply a totally transformation of the dreamer that is a very healthy symbol.

The symbol of the umbilical cord  could suggest a connection to self or new beginnings in ones life.  If the cord was cut can imply time to let go of something that has been inside you for a long time, a possible connection to attachments.

Baby Dreams:

To see your baby in your dream represents purity, warmth and innocence in life. The meaning will change depending if the dreamer is expecting or not. A baby gives joy to one and others around them, a new start to life, fun and excitement. What is the baby doing? Is it a boy or a girl? According to Dr Carl Jung anima and animus, are the two primary anthropomorphic archetypes of the subconscious mind, as well as the abstract symbol sets that formulate the archetype of the Self. This dreams could suggest that the dreamer is aware and becoming closer to ones self.  Does it suggest that you might be a baby and need to mature in ones life?  Could this imply that you need to reflect on your own childhood?