Dreaming of Pigeons

This actually might surprise you but dreaming of a pigeon is considered a very positive omen. Contrary to its horrible reputation around the world humans have practically waged a war on them by make it a criminal act to feed them.  So why have they earned such a level of scorn puzzlingly disproportionate to their crimes?

Our dreams like to use specific images metaphorically that bring our attention to things in our life that we might not be conscious of. The so called “pigeon” that emerged in your dream is not necessarily a pigeon but a symbol that needs to be decoded by its characteristics. Due to its close connection with the dove they come as messengers of renewal, love, and inner peace.

For the most part we see the pigeon as a positive omen, however the meaning alters if you have a bad encounter with the bird, for instance killing or finding one dead.

Pigeons Dreams

Pigeons might be the ugly cousin to the dove but its striking similarities we need to focus on. These two birds are pretty much interchangeable and if that is the case we need to explore why they were considered good omens in religions and the ancient world.

The pigeon enters during a specific time in your life that is trying to guide you in the right place. They can be seen as symbols of sacrifice, adaptability and calm nature.

Think about how they can live in almost anywhere in the world, humbly blending into its environment and just goes with the flow. You either have the tendency to adapt these traits, or this is a sign a need to develop some of these mannerisms.

This bird has a tendency to manifest in many different colors, dead, attacking, or even seeing them in your house.  The image will manifest depending on what message it is trying to tell you.

  • Peace, calm and love,
  • Messenger,
  • Receiving good news or luck,
  • Protection, vision and feminine.

Pigeon Biblical Connection

Dating as back as far to the ancient Mediterranean world pigeons are considered an iconic symbol of the mother goddess. If they were to appear in your dream they can be seen as symbols of protection and guidance on your life’s journey.

Moving on to the Hebrew (Tanakh) they use this majestic bird as a feminine symbol representing the spirit of God. Engraved in Christian iconography as being a symbol that is closely affiliated with Noah and Jesus. This bird was released by Noah after the flood in order to find land; and in the New Testament associating with Jesus’ birth, baptism and just before his death.

The symbol that is commonly associated with peace and was brings us back to the time Noah sends out a dove three times to see how far the flood waters have receded. The first time it went out and found nothing, but the second time it brought back the olive leaf.

Could this suggest that you are receive a message from your higher self or being? Some consider the pigeon a spirit messenger that has the ability to communicate between the world of the dead and the living. This might be the reason why these birds are commonly seen as symbols of vision from the divine – Noah’s uses these birds as mirrors to communicate with God or spirit.

Pigeon Symbolism In Dreams

Often times dream will use the pigeon in different ways for you to decode it metaphorically. If you notice the pigeon in your house it could suggest an inner transformation relating to love and peace. House are usually connected with the dreamers mind/psyche, depending the floor and your interaction with it are clues that are specific to you.

Killing or noticing a dead pigeon are not really considered good omens as their might be an ending or a rejecting to guidance, gentleness, understanding and peace. This might be unconscious traits or behaviors, emotional healing that have been killed off, or that relating to peace in your outer world.

Noticing a black pigeon connects the dreamer to the mysterious, shadow, yin energy. Opposite to seeing a white pigeon in your dream signifies purity, innocence, freedom and spirit. The iridescent colors on the bird can be considered a very positive symbol – what colors stuck out in your mind?

Alternatively if they show up in your dream in a negative manner you can look at the negative aspects of these “rats with wings”. What do you know that mimics things that create mess, are noisy and dirty?  We can just say these are the people who like to crap all over people.