Dreams about Poisoning

Poison in dreams is a negative symbol that represents toxic environments, people or unconscous aspects of ourselves that do us harm.

Poisonous substances always seem to lurk around the dreamer that warns them to pay attention to this very toxic element in their lives. Based off of how the poison manifests in your dreams you will be very close to figuring out where this underlying threat is exposed.

Remember the main objective of poison is to shut down, stop or block you from being your true self. Once the dreamer is able to identity who or what this hidden toxic threat is in their lives they will live a much healthier lifestyle. So what is your poison?

Common Poison Dream Themes

  • food poisoning
  • dreaming of someone being poisoned
  • being injected by poison
  • poison gas dreams
  • drugged by poison
  • carbon monoxide poisoning
  • poison ivy, snakes, spiders, frogs and bugs

What is your poison dream telling you?

As you can tell from the most common dream themes, Poison In Dreams seems to morph unto many different symbols for a particular reason; a warning that lets you know how close this threat is in your vicinity. If or when this so called threat consumes you then the poison enters the bloodstream of the dreamer affecting their mind, body and soul.

Due to the fact poison is a chemical that cannot be detected by your senses it tells the dreamer that this issue remains hidden or unconscious. It comes in unexpectedly that poses a risk on your mental health and needs to be identified right away.

Poisoning Dream Meaning

  • toxic relationships
  • jealousy and envy
  • psychic vampires
  • negative influences
  • harmful ideas, thoughts or behaviors
  • people who want you to suffer
  • bad diets, poor health, alcohol, drug addiction, medications

Dreaming of food poisoning meaning

Dreaming of food poisoning is a very symbolic dream that connects the dreamer towards what is nourishing their mind and body. By ingesting something from the outside that is not good for you mind/psyche, food poisoning in your dream becomes a symbol of outside influences affecting you. Alternatively, someone with a weight problem or poor diet could connect junk food as poison.

Dreaming of someone being poisoned

If you are dreaming of other people are being poisoned it represents your ability to see others in danger in relationships, environments, drugs or negative habits. How the dream unfolds will let you know if this is something you can help or warn this person.

Dreaming of being injected by poison

If the dreamer is injected by poison it tells them about outside influences that are causing a negative impact on your mind. Whatever is injected through the bloodstream (blood being vital energy, life force) is stopping you from being yourself. Locations and who might have injected you become metaphorical clues; an unknown person directs the dreamer towards the SHADOW. If you are being drugged by poison in your dream it may represent deceitful people in your life that want to take you down.

Dreaming of carbon monoxide poisoning

Dreaming of carbon monoxide poisoning represents the undetectable negative elements that enter into your mind. Houses in dreams often connect the person to the psyche/mind or inner architecture; a threat that you cannot see but alters your mind. Alternatively, carbon monoxide could appear in your dream as an unconscious fear or maybe a precognitive dream. It wouldn’t hurt to check on your detectors just in case.

Dreaming of poison ivy

Plants in dreams are highly symbolic that connect the dreamer towards inner growth in life. Though, poison ivy works in the opposite way, a symbol that warns the dreamer of negative aspects are growing within or dangerous people that blend in undetected. Plants in our dream are symbolic in the sense they point to the growth of the dreamer, but this is a plant that is dangerous to you — poison ivy is a clue to be careful around this new development. See plants in the search bar for more information.

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11 months ago

Had a dream just now when taking a nap that I was eating dust off the back of CDs for some reason. My mom was over with my niece and I was yelling at her. Then I felt really off like I was drunk or something in my dream. My eye started turning blue and I begged my fiance to take me to the hospital. I woke up then. I also had a dream not too long ago that my oldest brother injected me with lethal injection. The kind that they use for execution. I was arguing with his wife… Read more »

1 year ago

okay so i have this friend and her sister and i were childhood best friends. she was in college at the time let’s call her a. okay so in the dream a walks out of a house drinking something and on the front it says “gas poisoning” and obviously i don’t think u can drink gas poisoning but anyways. so everyone tries to take the thing away from her and then the nightmare stops. and then it loke comes back. and i have it again. same night obviously. but this time it continues after we try to take away the… Read more »

Last edited 1 year ago by mal
Reply to  mal
6 months ago

Hey there, sorry I have just come across your post regarding your childhood friend. But perhaps it’s a kind message from Spirit / the Universe, for this person to look into something related to health (?) A possible health issue that needs to be addressed perhaps (?) May not necessarily be anything to worry about though, but could be worth letting her know (?). I have heard that when it’s a recurring health dream it can possibly mean this. But hopefully all is absolutely fine and all okay 🙂 Best wishes.