Dreaming of a Piano

Did you know the word “Piano” has several meanings in the Italian language, all deducted by context: It means: Softly, Slowly, Quietly, Soft, Slow, or Quiet. What does this have to do with dreaming of a piano? Nothing actually, just a fun fact. Now lets find out what a piano means in your dream.

An unusual musical instrument to be showing up in your dream right? Well if we take it apart metaphorically and relate it to your life you might find some interesting finds. The meaning of the dream alters depending the condition of it, if you heard it playing; or if you were playing a song.

Remember this is an instrument that relates to the mind that needs to be fine tuned and cords maintained. The piano provides a message to the dreamer that is currently unconscious to them.

Piano Dream Meaning

First thing that we notice would it be it black and white color, this interesting contract can be used as opposites in your life – the yin and yang, behaviors or even thoughts.

The keys that are found on the piano can be viewed metaphorically pertaining to openings or opportunities in your life. Do you need to play a tune for doors to open, or people to hear your talent?

What does it tell you that the  piano has over 12,000 parts, 10,000 of which are moving. Could this intricate movement be connected with your mind and body? Could it suggest how multiple things in your life react by you moving just a small button?

The strings and hammer that hits the cords can be related to your life. These strings hold a large amount of tension… Does this somehow relate to your life, and if so could the location of the piano be a clue?  The three peddles suggests you are bringing something together that makes a different sound.

Common Piano Dreams

Often times the dreamer might notice that the keys are not working on the piano. This brings the attention to the things that relate to your mind that are not working or communication with each other. Have close to 200 strings this shows the relationship with your mind and body, or your thoughts and movements relating to your outer world.

Playing a piano in your dreams can be considered a good omen if you are playing it properly. The song playing is a message from your higher self that is specifically tuned to your ears only.

Piano Symbolism:

  • Fine tuning aspects of your mind,
  • Connection to the mind and body,
  • What is black and white?