Toilet & Poop Dreams

You might want to close the door because we are going to talk about toilets in this post. Dreaming of toilets are very symbolic yet overlooked images that represent the negative aspects of our personality we are unable to let go.

Remember a toilet function is to help remove waste from your system which is comprised of remains of food that cannot be stored anymore in our body. Metaphorically speaking this so called “waste” may relate to anything in your life that you have trouble letting go or removing. This is why in our dreams the toilet is often displayed as overflowing, filled with poop, dirty or blocked toilet.

Though with the help of your emotions expressed in your dream, location, and what happens in the toilet will help bring you one step closer to flushing down this problem down the drain after all.

Our dreams might be compiled of a pressure to urinate, a strong desire for privacy, annoyance, mounting frustration, embarrassment, self-consciousness, and fear of being observed and judged.

Toilet Symbolism

  • an inability to let go
  • build up of negative thoughts, behaviors and urges
  • a need to release aspects of your past
  • embarrassed or self-conscious
  • a need for privacy
  • Sewage

Toilet Dream Meaning 

The condition of the toilet will help determine what the dream is trying to tell you. Toilets are symbols in dreams that indicate how you are processing emotions that are often unconscious.

Locations provide the dreamer with clues where the issue might be stemming from.  Normally we use the bathroom in our own house so it could be related to our mind.  However if you dream of a toilet in the basement or underground area you then have entered the unconscious side of the dreamer.  The emotional side the root chakra might be in need of a release.

An unclean toilet might represent something relating to leaving something unattended in your life. Something needs to be cleaned metaphorically speaking. Being stuck to the toilet seat might imply procrastination.

Flushing your waste in the toilet is unwanted energy that is now cleared out of your system. This can be seen as a positive dream symbol.  If you noticed a clogged toilet signifies problems and obstacles that are still lingering around in your life.

Toilet Dream In Public

Often we dream of using a toilet around other people in the open. These embarrassing dreams could suggest you are exposing something that you hold deep within that you could be vulnerable about. It could also imply your need for privacy for personal matters.

Occasionally some dreams you may experience when you are trying to find a public washroom. These dreams might imply fears of holding something in that could be dangerous if not let go.

If you noticed the toilet overflowing suggests a need to ground. This is metaphoric for something that is clogged in your life. Possible root chakra or stuck energies in your life.

Dreams of urinating is a symbol of expressing one’s innermost nature.  The need to urinate is the one thing we have no control over. The details and emotions of the dream speak to the personality and issues of the dreamer.  Carl Jung said, “Pressure of urine in dreams and also in the waking state is often an expression of some other pressure, for instance of fear, expectation, suppressed excitement, inability to speak, the need to express an unconscious content, etc.”

Poop Dream Meaning

Dream Human Feces:

Dreams about human feces might suggest an unconscious build up that needs to let go. Perhaps you need more time to investigate something before you let it go.

These dreams might reveal your current inability to deal with some problem in your life. If the poop was yours, maybe your dream signifies your desire to have a visible outcome of some situation.

Dream Poop On The Floor:

Often times we notice poop on the floor in our dreams. These unusual dreams depend on the context of the dream. How did you feel? Where did this happen? If it is a house it might connect to the psyche/mind. These would suggest past issues that are still stagnant in your mind – a need to sort out these toxic emotions.

Cleaning Poop Dream:

You might be cleaning up your mess or others metaphorically. However these are positive dream omens that you are sorting out your personal matters. These dreams are toxic energy or left over matters that haven’t been dealt with previously. The location where you are clean would be connected to where the issues might stem from.

Overflowing Toilet Dream:

Overflowing toilets are common dreams symbols that brings you attention to negative events, situations; or personal energy that is stuck. It has backed up and not able to flow through. A reminder to let go and not hold on to matters that need to be forgotten about. It might direct your attention to an embarrassing uncontrolled situation in your life.

Poop Everywhere Dream:

Dreams of poop everywhere bring your focus on your mental state of mind. It connects to your past, a problem that takes time to clean up, issues that haven’t been sorted out in your past.

Animal Poop Dream:

Depending the animal it reflects your instincts that might be unconscious to the dreamer. Dogs and cats are two animals that can relate to the masculine and feminine instincts.

Baby Poop: In depth analysis:

Noticing baby poop can be interpreted in many ways and is more common than you think. Babies could be linked to a metaphoric birth that has occurred within – a connection to your inner child. It can be seen as a positive symbol as their has been a release of a build of of this transformation.

Pooping Worms:

A common dream symbol that is metaphoric for a parasite inside you that needs to come out. This would be something that is hosting off your mind, body and soul. It has manifested for a long time, a symbol to look inwards to do a mental detox (see worm dreams). Since worms in dreams are symbols of the weakest and lowest species on the food chain it might suggest you are letting go what was once inside you.

Poop In Hand Dream:

Dreaming of poop in your hand suggests a need to become more self aware. You might be holding on to something that is unclean and a time to clean up your act. These are symbol of your sociability, relationship and how you see society. Your hand reflects control and movement.

Eating Poop Dream:

As disturbing as this dream sounds its is not uncommon to dream of eating poop. Why you might ask? These dreams might suggest you might be metaphorically injecting toxic behaviors that have been discarded by others.