Dreams About Picking

What does it mean when you dream of picking?

Anything that we pick up in our dreams is considered a positive omen that will benefit the dreamer in the future. The hidden meaning behind what we pick up depends entirely on the specific item that is found.

Along your life journey you will be rewarded by the act of choosing or gathering something valuable in your life from a number of alternatives. To dream of picking contains an element of luck and opportunity that you have made the right metaphorical “pick” of preferences.

The symbolic item that you have now incorporated in your life has the ability to work for you spiritually, mentally or financially. So what did you pick up in your dreams?

What we often pick up in our dreams

  • we are known to pick out clothes
  • find money on the ground
  • picking up coins on the ground
  • fruits from a tree or fruits on the ground
  • ripe fruits or ripe mangos, lemons, peppers
  • snails
  • flowers

Are you picking up paper money in your dream?

By finding and picking up paper money in your dream represents new found luck along your life’s journey. You see Money In Our Dreams is considered a very valuable symbol that contains as much inner richness as much as the outer.

The amount that you have found weather it was $1, $5, $10, $20, $50 or $100 numbers that contains a symbolic meaning. The zeros attached to the money are closely connected with the circle that implies some sort of transformation.  Money is also symbolic in the sense it represents self-confidence, self-worth, wealth, power and prosperity.

Did you dream of picking up coins?

How the dreamer is supposed to interpret the symbolic meaning of the coin would be from the shape. Because dreams speak to us in metaphors by finding and picking up anything that has a CIRCULAR SHAPE adds more importance to the meaning.

Circles are knows to be images that connect to some sort of inner transformation or wholeness in ones life. To dream of picking up coins tells you that you will soon stumble upon this inner reward soon. We are known to dream of picking up coins from the ground – a symbol relating to our movements and direction you are choosing to move forward.

Symbolic meaning of picking up fruit in dreams

To dream of picking fruit represents success, luck and fertility. However, the type of fruit that you pick in your dream will alter the meaning. For example, a fruit that contains many seeds such as pomegranates, apples, lemons tells you about the abundance of this new found growth. Furthermore the colors of the fruit may also embody the 7 colors the the CHAKRAS that implies an opening to these inner energies.

If you dream of  picking the fruit from the ground it suggests that you have just arrived on something special that was just going to waste away (spoil). Picking up ripe mangos in a dream represents new found success and happiness; the timing is right for you to advance. Picking up lemons in a dream connects the the SUN (masculine energy), growth and fertility.

When you are picking fruits from a tree it becomes a very powerful omen relating to inner transformation. The iconic symbol of the tree lets the dreamer know that they will benefit from some sort of personal growth, desires or in a spiritual sense. According to Carl Jung he understood this cosmic Tree or ancient Tree of Life is a central symbol of spiritual unity and strength for peoples throughout the world. Depending on the chosen fruit you are essentially nourishing the Self or inner part of you.

Common symbols we pick in our dreams

Some people are known to pick up snails in their dreams, yet have no idea of its true significance. The geometrical shape of the ancient SPIRAL informs the dreamer about some sort of major transition or eternal life.

If you are the person who happened to pick up flowers in your dream it represents new found joy and happiness in your life. However, due to its short life once picked it tells you that this will only last for a limited time.

If you are picking up clothes in your dreams connects to a new found image or identity that will be seen by others. New clothes are positive symbols of inner change that you have found along the way.