Building Dream Meaning

What makes building dreams so symbolic is the fact that it represents the dreamer mind.

Often, a building dream meaning is an image of your own inner architecture or structure that has been built over time. Similar to a house a building is an aspect of your personality that connects with principles, values, relationships, environments and beliefs systems.  This is why it is so common in our dreams to see buildings on fire or collapsing because when aspects are compromised the building becomes destroyed.

Building in our dreams contain a lot of hidden clues that can tell you about new growth and development – or – if this inner structure you have built is damaged. How did the building appear in your dreams? Was the building empty or was it big with lots of elevators?

Building Dream Interpretation

Buildings often appear metaphorically representing important things in our lives that hold great value. These structures can be both positive and other times negative depending how we build them. Sometimes they emerge to show us what needs to be broken down or fixed.

The building is like our inner personal blueprint connected with religion, relationships, a peer group, workplace or the society at large. For others, it might be related to system or code of morals. Buildings will help the dreamer to understand the deeper parts of their personality.

Symbolism Of Tall Buildings Dreams

Dreaming of tall buildings is a positive dream omen suggesting high value, ethic or a strong foundation that makes you who you are. A reflecting of your core being revolving our personal relationships, morality, gender and social roles, race, social class, and role in society.

A building with lots of rooms in your dream suggests ideas, opportunity and new found metaphoric compartments relating to inner success. If you dream of a building with lots of elevators it tells you about advancement in this particular area in your life; now this can be anywhere from your job, business or relationships. Elevators that go up are very positive omens and when it does there is usually success that follows behind it.

The Building Under Construction Dreams

Anytime a building is under conduction in our dream it becomes metaphoric for new internal structures, experiences, behaviors being built. These are often positive symbols of new beginnings to come, however it might take some time to build.

Destruction Of Buildings In Dreams

To see a destroyed building tells you about your past relationships or things that have been neglected by you in your past. In a way your dream is brining you hear to reflect on something that still remains with you today. So you need to ask yourself what has been metaphorically broken down from the past and why would your dream want you to see this? Maybe there is a repressed memory or there might be something in your current life that is mimicking this so called building.

The location and people around you in the building will point to where it might be stemming from. Destruction from fire becomes symbolic relating to taking down the old and starting with the new.

Climbing A Building Dream Meaning

Climbing  a building is a positive dream symbol suggesting inner and outer exploration of these inner parts of your mind. (see climbing dreams).

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2 months ago

I dreamt of a huge mega structure. A ring around the Earth of sorts, supported by pillars so massive that there was lighting and snowfall around them….even in the Tropic region I was dreaming about. I don’t know why but there was a feeling of dread as I gazed upon them rather than wonder. They were so elevated that they looked like clouds…yet I knew they were solid. There was no impending danger but something about it made me wake with my heart jackhammering in my chest.

3 months ago

Hundreds of people jumping off a building. After someone sabotaging this building that lead to people jumping to their deaths. What can that be telling me?

5 months ago

I had a dream where my husband and I drove to a building where trees were growing out of the foundation and one was being cut down and when it fell another worker pulled on the others and they all fell… then the building started falling apart. My dog was somehow trapped inside and I knew I had to try to save him. A stranger went with me inside and we had to climb these very disjointed stairs to get there… when we got to him he was trapped and injured. We freed him and when we got back to… Read more »

10 months ago

What if you are inside of the building peering out through the blinds?

Appreciate anyone who can answer this.

1 year ago

This article gives me goosebumps. I just wrote down my dream under the “Inner Child” article and looked up buildings right after. In my dream, there is a huge building structure much like the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona but with a round foundation. It was floating really high above the sky with a path of huge blocks of earth and stones to get there. Really like what we see in starwars movies. It was under construction and I was standing in the ground miles away from the building feeling curious how the building was being constructed. I saw long ladders… Read more »

Reply to  The Dreamer
1 year ago

Thank you so much! I’ve told my therapist today how your dream interpretations give me a lot of hope and positivity as I’m facing difficult times these days. God bless you!