Building Dream Meaning

What makes building dreams so symbolic is the fact that it represents the dreamer mind.

Inside the building is an image of your own inner architecture or structure that has been built over time. Similar to a house a building is an aspect of your personality that connects with principles, values, relationships, environments and beliefs systems.

The condition and interior of the building determines whether the  inner structure is healthy or damaged.

Building Dream Interpretation

Buildings often appear metaphorically representing important things in our lives that hold great value. These structures can be both positive and other times negative depending how we build them. Sometimes they emerge to show us what needs to be broken down or fixed.

The building is like our inner personal blueprint connected with religion, relationships, a peer group, workplace or the society at large. For others, it might be related to system or code of morals. Buildings will help the dreamer to understand the deeper parts of their personality.

Symbolism Of Tall Buildings Dreams

Dreaming of tall buildings is a positive dream omen suggesting high value, ethic or a strong foundation that makes you who you are. A reflecting of your core being revolving our personal relationships, morality, gender and social roles, race, social class, and role in society.

A building with lots of rooms in your dream suggests ideas, opportunity and new found metaphoric compartments relating to inner success.

The Building Under Construction Dreams

Anytime a building is under conduction in our dream it becomes metaphoric for new internal structures, experiences, behaviors being built. These are often positive symbols of new beginnings to come, however it might take some time to build.

Destruction Of Buildings In Dreams

Destructive buildings in dreams is not necessary bad omens but suggests endings or breaking down what used to be. The location and people around you in the building will point to where it might be stemming from. Destruction from fire becomes symbolic relating to taking down the old and starting with the new.

Climbing A Building Dream Meaning

Climbing  a building is a positive dream symbol suggesting inner and outer exploration of these inner parts of your mind. (see climbing dreams).


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