Dreams about Protecting

Dreams about protection are very complex symbols that usually revolving around protecting babies, children, loved ones, or some random person. In fact you might even be protected by a stranger.

Although your dream might elude that you are protecting yourself “physically” in fact it is just the opposite. These are often unseen forces that attack what is close and personal to us, often a display of whats unconscious.

Your dream will provide you with little clues to help identify what you might be safeguarding yourself from. Essentially what you are protecting becomes the main highlight in your dream.

What Could You Be Protecting:

  • Past actions.
  • Unconscious instincts or behaviors.
  • Emotions.
  • Protecting your inner child.
  • Standing up for someone who is unable to.
  • Projections.

Your Internal Defense Mechanism

Before we jump into the meaning of the dream we first need to examine if the attacker is in fact you. The unknown man might have been created as a defensive you use to avoid being hurt.

Defense mechanisms can be classified as behaviors people use to detach themselves from unpleasant events, actions, or thoughts. Since we are unaware of these unaware it becomes unknown to us.

These psychological methods may help people put distance between themselves and the perceived threats or unwanted emotions, such as guilt or shame. If what you are protecting remains unconscious then you will need to go below the surface.

Dreaming Of Protecting A Baby or Child

Dreaming of protecting a baby or child might be connected with your inner child. According to many analytical psychologists we harbor a hurt or damaged child in all of us that needs rescuing.

We are effected by our past childhood trauma that essentially stunts our development to becoming a fully integrated adult. You will then need to do the process of inner child work to reconnect with the lost or fragmented parts of ourselves that have been forgotten.

A parent holding his child's hand to cross a street.

Protecting the innocent defenseless child or baby is the vulnerable side of you that has been damaged. The good news is you have found him or her and now it’s time to start the healing process. The child obviously needs your help to defend him or her against an opposing force.

Did some recent event in your life provoke the inner child in you? Did something resurface that you need to protect or defend?

  • Protecting your unconscious pain
  • Emotional defenses
  • Not wanting to get hurt or rejected
  • Ignored feelings

Dream Of Being Protected

Not often you have a Terminator to help you out in your dreams. It is not uncommon for people to experience being protected by an unknown man or stranger.

The “person” that is protecting you will be metaphoric for people or things in your life. Lets say for example you are being protected by a police officer, it would relate to authority, direction and assistance.

This will mirror things in your life were you are either being protected (supported) emotionally, financially or mentally.

Protection Dream Meaning

If you are protecting animals in your dream it will turn your attention inwards to your behaviors and instincts. If the animals are kittens it will direct you to the unconscious feminine aspects.

Protecting your ex boyfriend or girlfriend might imply feelings of them not wanting to be hurt. You might see them as being vulnerable or needing assistance without you helping them which you did in the past.