5 Reasons Death Appears In Dreams & Benefits

In the bizarre dream realm where naked dreams imply fears of being exposed, being pregnant hints at new beginnings, and missing teeth reflects personal loss. So what does death and dying actually represent in our dreams?

Dreams are like Zen masters, they never flat out tell you the answers, yet sends you symbols that can be decoded metaphorically. Unfortunately these riddles take time to figure out and often realized later down the road.

When the grim reaper pays you a visit it might not be such a bad omen after all, in fact death is commonly a symbol of an inner transformation.

So does this mean that all death dreams are actually good? It depends on what is going on with you. Death might appear as a symbol of undergoing a major change or shifts in our lives – other times it becomes a reality check.

Any sort of resistance or met with this powerful unconscious force might make you die violently in your dream. As they say new beginnings are often masked by painful endings.

#1. I Died In My Dream?

Have you ever attended your own funeral in your dream before? How about watching people mourn your death as you observe silently watching in third person?

In our sleep our unconscious mind communicates with us by using abstract symbols and metaphoric wordplay to deliver messages – death emerges only when an ending has occurred.

We must approach death similar to the way philosophy, mythological and religious texts interpret the meaning, as the idea of death itself has nothing to do with your phyical body but something within.

Dying may reflect the “old version” of who you used to be that no longer exists. We can all attest to the fact that we are not the same person as we were 10 years ago.

Before or perhaps not long after these might life experiences or shifts occur you may have a tragic death in your dream, thus signifying you morphing into a new individual.

  • belief systems
  • conscious or spiritual awakening
  • behaviors or ideas
  • maturity and growth
  • ego death

#2. The Denial Of Death

Did you know that approximately 150,000 people die each day around the world, or the fact that doctor’s messy hand writing kill’s over 7,000 people in the U.S. alone each year. Scary stuff right?

Maybe its the fact we are floating on giant rock in space might be a little too much to handle so we numb our brains by watching sports, finding a new trend on social media, or shop for the latest gadget. Could be enviably avoiding something?

According to Sigmund Freud he believed that humans innate refusal to accept their own morality causes some sort of cognitive dissonance and often is disguised with projections, repressions and simple denial in their lives.

While some contemporary psychoanalysts believe that “death dreams” is the first step in coping phase, Freud believe the immature mind conflicts with the ability to learn and cope with the reality. In essence you kill time before time kills you.

#3. When Nightmares About Death Are Good For You

In our recent article the benefits of nightmares shows us that death dreams is our brains way of preparing us for the worst. I mean lets face everybody who you ever loved, interacted with and enemies are all going to die.

Neuroscientists have also conducted studies from the University of Geneva say that nightmares can be used to treat anxiety disorders. Death in dreams becomes sort of like a dress rehearsal preparing us for any situation; or softening the blow in case it happens unexpectedly to anybody we know.

#4. Death Of A Family Member or Parent Dream

Dreaming the death of a family member or parents leaves you praying this dream wouldn’t come true. It seems that death of a loved one suggests an ending, change or major shift in their lives. Similar to your own death in a dream there might be some unconscious knowledge before you find out.

It could be possible that “death” relates to aspects of your relationship, as you grow older things change, thus reflecting death as a symbol of ending of something.

Another interpretation might reflect death relating to unconscious behaviors or traits that you might see within yourself that are dying off. Alternately these unconscious traits manifest and direct itself towards that particular family member implying you no longer share the same qualities.

In essence by integrating parts of your shadow these negative traits no longer exist within hence why they are dead or dying in your dream.

#5. Death Of A Child In Dreams

Dreams about a death of a child might connect the dreamer to his or her “inner child” that is in need of rescuing. An inner child is the kid inside all grown adults that has been effected by past childhood trauma – parents divorcing, enduring physical or mental abuse, financial stress; or emotional neglect.

The child that randomly appears in your dream emerges as a distress signal calling out for your help, when the child dies you are neglecting its cry for help.

Repressed memories may manifest in other ways that cause fears, anxieties, depression, insecurities and self sabotaging life patterns.

Article how to find and rescue your inner child. 

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1 year ago

I had a recurring dream that I was told I only had that one day to live. This part is not what has me so confused as I have had plenty of dreams with death/dying in them. The following events and the fact that this dream was present 5 days in a row is what has me reaching for some kind of understanding. Now, in order to understand the significance of 2 people present in the dream, here’s a shirt backstory on who they are. Exhusband is the father of my only child we were married for 15 years and… Read more »

1 year ago

I had a dream that I died, went through a hallway with closed doors that had frosted glass, opened a door to hell, ended up in a void where souls were milling around. I called for God but a child told me that God couldn’t hear us from where we were, thus is, if course, condensed. Eventually, I waborn. No..it wasn’t reincarnation but the symbols were definitely indicative of death. To this day, I see it very clearly in my minds eye. In addition I’ve had two other dreams of the devil. In one dream, God told Satan that I… Read more »

Michelle Williams
Michelle Williams
2 years ago

I love this site. I have more of an understanding of my dreams. Thank You.