Parrot Dreams

Fun Fact: Parrots like cats were first kept as pets by ancient Egyptians then followed by the Indians and Chinese. They were brought to Europe as far back as 300 BC, often kept by the rich or the nobility. Some scientists even believe they have the logic of a four-year-old human.

These tropical birds can appear in your dreams for many different reasons. Parrots are known to talk or mimic what they hear around them, a representation of conversation – a positive or negative omen.

The context of your dream such as the behaviour of the parrot, people, and location will determine the motive behind it. The clues provided will better help you piece the meaning of your dream together.

In dreams we will have to approach this unique bird metaphorically and relate it to what might be going on in your life at the moment. A parrots characteristics are way more advanced than other birds, they are considered highly symbolic.

  • extremely intelligent
  • imitate sounds
  • lifespan is as long as humans
  • parrots mate for life
  • talk, screech, squawk

Word Spreads Fast

Parrots for the most part emerge in our dreams as warnings to be careful of what you say to others. An African proverb says “A tongue weights practically nothing, but so few people can hold it”.

The more negative the gossip the faster it spreads to others. The noise of the parrots squawk can be heard from a distance, this suggests that word can spread quickly. The people who talk about others behind their back can be doing the same about you.

You may reflect if you are talking bad to others behind their backs or known to gossip to friends. Alternatively what you might say as a secret to others will come right back at you.

Quite Please!

It is true that three people may keep a secret if two are dead. A parrot may act as a guide warning you to shut your mouth and stop talking. It might even suggest you are talking too much.

Could this dream suggest you are the parrot? It might imply you are talking with the wrong people. You might think the people in your life have good intentions but clearly they have other plans.

Pay close attention to what information you could be spreading about others, or possibly personal information you don’t want getting out.

  • listen more than talk
  • careful what information you say to others
  • people wait for you to speak
  • you are being spoken about
  • keep tight lipped


Parrots may also emerge in your dream to imply live long friends or partner. Once they find their mate they stay with them for live. This is a positive dream symbol that might suggest a live long partner.

Common Parrot Dreams

Thousands of dreamer enter ‘parrot dream meaning’ on google search to find answers. Often times these people want to know the meaning behind a green color.  A common color we tend to see parrot in are green, however green can be seen as envy, greed and money. This is a perfect color to remind you the reasons why negative talk is being spread.

Another common parrot dream is noticing them in cages. A cage can be interpreted as something being restricted, confined, or restrained from getting out. This doesn’t have the mobility to move like the other parrots, it is stuck. In this case you can reflect on area in your life where you feel restricted to communicate with others.