Dreams of Going to Jail

Guilty as charged! Sometimes when we go to jail in our dreams this sentence has been long overdue. Perhaps you may have ignored the POLICE in your previous dreams. Well now it is too late.

Dreaming of going to jail represents mental confinement you are currently feeling in your life. Jail dreams have been on the rise ever since COVID impacted the globe that made the average person feeling like their home was a jail cell.

Alternatively, dreaming of being in jail could imply feelings of guilt, wrongdoing or major setbacks in your life. This can apply to your relationships, work related or personal confinement; either internal or physical that has been compromised.

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Jail Dream Meaning

Jail dreams purposely grab our attention on purpose so we can see where might this underlying issue reside within us. Despite how uncomfortable you may have felt in the dream it serves as a purpose; a symbol that encourages us to explore feelings or situations that is unknown us. Not all jail dreams have the same outcome, you can post your dream in our active forum and have one of our experts analyze it for you.

In order to decode this dream properly we would need to analyze what it would feel like to go to prison. These feelings are metaphoric that can apply to this unknown situation you are faced with. Dream have a way of using one symbol but meaning something else. You would need to reflect if any of these symbol relate to what might be currently happening in your life.

Jail Dream Metaphoric Clues

  • Stuck, confined or locked up
  • Restricted personal freedom
  • Repenting or reflection
  • Guilty
  • Held back
  • Mental confinement
  • Negativity

There are obviously underlining symbols in your dream that will reflect how you might be feeling towards this situation. These might be unconscious emotions that are either hidden or unknown within.

Jail Dream Hidden Symbolism

  • Scared
  • Intimidated
  • Controlled by others
  • Dangerous environment
  • Being judged
  • Embarrassed
  • New environment

Jail Dream Interpreted

You have already been found guilty, so whats next? Sometimes you may go to trial, or you are arrested heading right to the cell. When you are in front of a judge suggests that this problem reflects being ‘judged’ and tried for your behaviors. Could you be guilty of your actions and now have to pay the price?

If you dream of seeing prisoners might be a metaphor for noticing other people confident. Seeing someone go to jail reflects possible aspect of yourself or others that are guilty of some aspect in their lives.

Common dreams are noticing that you ex boyfriend, husband or other family and friends being locked up. These dreams are projecting possible trouble, timeout or noticing them doing wrong unconsciously. You might see them in a stuck situation that you want to see them out. Do they need you help?

When you go to jail you always come out. You may not remember but you will eventually get out of prison. Leaving jail brings your focus on ending, serving or paying you dues and now you are free. This could areas in your life that have now been fixed and you will no longer need to suffer.  Coming home from jail might be connected to your mind/psyche where there was released anguish.

Could this dream suggest a need to be free. If you feel mentally stuck with depression or anxiety you might come across a jail dream. These dreams are calling for you to break out of the jail you put yourself in.

If you damaged a part of your body that you need in your daily life hints at being locked up as well. You are unable to move how you used to, stuck until you heal (serve time).

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2 years ago

I have dreams that I need explantion about,
1. I dreamt that I told my girl friend not to fellow her friend to a party or a place,
Latter I asked her friend about her she told me she has left with them, I told her friend that my girl friend not listen to me later i received that she is in prison, please what does this mean

2 years ago

Hello, my dream was lasting the whole night, which is unusual for me. I’ve dreamt that I got thrown into a Chinese prison (with other travelers, Chinese were only guards). In real life I speak a Little Chinese and could use that to help me figure out why I’m in the prison, but I didn’t know Chinese in my dream. So I was walking around between cells, we were allowed to do that sometimes, trying to find a way to contact my family, because a) I thought they must have been worried sick and b) they needed to try and… Read more »