Pearl Dream Meaning

Did you know people around the world have treasured pearls for thousands of years? Consider yourself lucky when you dream of pearls as it is considered a very positive dream symbol.

A beautiful and classic piece of jewelry has emerged in your dream representing  wealth, luck, as well protection in your life

Since this rare find is found deep in the ocean it connects the dreamer metaphorically with their emotions – unconscious parts of the dreamer hinting at intellect and wisdom that will be obtained.

Matthew 13:45

“Again, the kingdom of heaven is like a merchant seeking fine pearls.

Pearl Dreams: How To Interpret

Just as you were to examine the origins of a pearl we would need to do the same in your dream. Pearls often appear as necklaces, bracelets, teeth and other random colors. Though each color becomes a clue that will help you decode the meaning.

What part of the body was the location of the pearl? Pearls on the neck will have a different connotation as opposed to it being worn on the hand.

Fun Fact:

The world’s largest and most expensive pearl known to exist: the Pearl of Allah (sometimes called Laozi), which is valued at $35 million and weighs less than 15 pounds.

Why Pearls Are Symbolic In Dreams

In the Bible pearls are mentioned nine times often connected to wisdom. Pearls can be interpreted suggesting you have grown to be wise, how the truth is more precious to you.

Luck is commonly associated with pearl since they are a rare find. This might be related to wealth and opportunities that will suddenly appear.

Pearls have also been known for protection. A sign that you will be protected from evil and negative energy along your journey called life.

Pearl Necklace Dream Meaning

Did you know that necklaces have been the earliest type of adornment worn by people. They have been known for ceremonial, mystical and religious purposes and were used as symbols of wealth.

In dreams it can be seen as protection, prosperity and protection against evil spirits. The location on your neck connects to your throat (communication) hinting at guidance and wisdom – the passage of the energy between the lower parts of the body.

Pearl Earnings Dreams

The ear is connected to the spiral, the whorled shell and sun. Often a symbol of listening thus relating the dream to your wise behaviour. Shells are usually understood as feminine; a symbol of birth, fortune, resurrection, womb and fertility.

Pearl Ring, Bracelet & Jewelry Dream

Pearl Ring: These dream offer you luck and emotional richness in life. Depending the location of the ring will alter the meaning of the dream. If it is on the wedding finger it relates to the heart.

Pearl Bracelet: Often connected to a relationship and symbol of friendship and love.

Pearl Teeth: Teeth in dreams are associated with communication and loss. However in your case this is entirely different. Pearl teeth often connected the dreamer to wisdom being spoken.

Pearl Jewelry: Jewelry is commonly associated with wealth and abundance. Pearl jewelry is a positive yet rare omen that suggests you found something that will benefit you in the future.

Pearls In Oyster

Finding pearls in an oyster connects you to the emotional unconsciousness, a rare find associated with lunar forces. A symbol of something found deep with (soul) a reflection of the moon as it shines iridescently.

Pearl Colors Meaning

Black pearls in dreams suggests hope for wounded hearts, healing powers within, and to ward off negative energy.

Pink pearls bring your attention to love, communication and the past.

White pearls are known for innocence, purity and guidance.