Pink Symbolism In Dreams

When the color pink comes to your mind you are probably conjuring up images of little girls in pink dresses or a pink Barbie doll right?

Well when it shows up in our dream the color pink contains a deeper symbolic meaning often associated with delicacy, femininity, romance, harmony, and innocence.

For some odd reason the color pink in our dream is usually attacked to our clothes, dresses, shoes, lipstick or disguised as a snake (see below). Depending what image the color pink attracts itself to will drastically switch from playfulness, to unconscious aggression.

Pink Dream Meaning

When it comes to analyzing your dreams the best interpreter is yourself. Dreams symbols appear metaphoric specifically to the dreamer. What comes to mind when you think of the color pink? What does it remind you of? Were you forced to wear pink and hated it as a little girl?

Remember that pink frivolity lives between red and white. It combines all the passion and energy of red and tempers it with the purity of white. Red can be a symbol of passion and aggression, and white implies purity.

The negative side to this color connects the dreamer to passivity, immaturity, and an unwillingness to take matters seriously. Pink can also be associated with timidity, agreeableness or a tendency to be overly emotional.

  • girly
  • opposite to boys (blue)
  • cute
  • Victoria secret
  • cotton candy
  • kiss
  • universal love
  • playful

Pink Fun Fact:

Did you know during the 18th century pink was even considered to be a masculine color. Pink has been know to tone down aggression in holding cells for violent offenders. It has become an effective psychological mood regulator.

Did You Dream Of  A Pink Snake?

Just when you thought dreams couldn’t get any stranger a pink snake shows up. Snakes in dreams have a duel meaning, they can be symbolize an enemy or personal transformation.

Snakes are one of the most common dreams with an average of 1 million searches a month. They can either appear to be friendly or lethal once bitten.

Noticing a harmless pink snake might be symbols of personal transformation or unconscious negative behaviors. Alternatively the snake might be a female that possesses these dangerous qualities. Usually if you are threatened by the snake or bitten it has a negative omen behind it. If you notice a pink rattlesnake its metaphoric for something that will rattle you up (female); a threat that only attacks once provoked.

Pink Snake: Warning?

You might even notice colors ranging from white and pink, pink and green, or albino. Snakes are considered cold blooded creatures possibly people around us that appear to be nice and innocent but are deadly – usually another female. Colors like green mixed in might connect to money, envy or greed.

The red and white mixture can represent love, heat and passion; and on the other hand, rage, aggression and anger. We can use the albino snake that represents something that is still (red) on the inside but appears white. Hot pink tends to be more vibrant, something that stands out that can be a threat.

Pink Dress Dream Meaning

Dresses are very symbolic that connects the dreamer to their personal identity, image and confidence. A dress can be a manifestation of your confidence, a need to be free; and unconscious hidden desires.

How did you feel in the dream when you were wearing it? Could the dream be suggesting to be free, look sexy and stand out? If you are someone who lacks confidence the color could suggest a lack of power, and confidence.

Pink Clothes & Lipstick Dream

Clothes have an important role in dreams by identifying your personal identity. Pink is obviously a noticeable color often relating to our feelings the time of the dream. A possible need to go back into your childhood and be free and adored.

A symbol that reflects what might be really below the surface, parts of your mind that want to innocent.

Pink lipstick often connects to the sexual side of the dreamer. Possibly a need to feel sexy and be attractive to others.

  • communication
  • love
  • personal connection
  • wanting to be attractive