Dreaming of Fruit

Fruit comes in all different shapes, colors and sizes. They all contain unique properties that are beneficial for the health of human beings. Noticing fruits in your dreams are very symbolic that contains a hidden meaning, however each specific fruit contains a different meaning.

Fruits are portrayed metaphorically in your dream suggesting richness, abundance, enjoyment and internal wealth coming your way. Though rotting fruit brings your attention to opportunities that are left to decay.

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Dreams About Fruit Meaning

Depending the context of your fruit dream the symbol can alter however it is displayed. Dreams where some eat fruit, some may pick it from a tree, others notice being ripe or rotten, while some are frozen. If you are receiving or giving food/fruit to someone it is a very positive omen connecting you on an unconscious level.

Many saying that we use in our daily life are pulled in our dream world via unconsciousness. Dream symbols are like parables or metaphors to get the message across. Its not often you will receive a direct message, you will get a hint or clue using certain fruits. The color of the fruit is also symbolic relating to energy or your emotional state. Think of the fruit and what it means to you and how it can apply to what is taking place in your life at the moment.

  • Cool as a cucumber
  • Going bananas
  • Pear shaped
  • An apple a day keeps the doctor away
  • Peaches and cream
  • A lemon

Dream Of Picking Fruits From Tree Dreams

Dreaming of picking fruits from a tree are positive dream symbols that show you that you will achieve future success. However, the type of tree and what fruit you are climbing may alter the meaning.  Determining if it was hard to reach, how much did get and the location.

Noticing of rotten fruit in your dream brings you awareness to the neglected opportunities in your life. Some valuable to you was forgotten and no longer able to use. If the fruit was frozen it suggest something that will take time before you can benefit from it.

Ripe fruit is a positive symbol that shows you perfect timing. You are going to obtain something at the right time and will benefit you to the fullest.

Dreaming about eating fruit shows you that you will benefit from your work. You will enjoy the fruits of life, a time to relax and enjoy.

Types Of Fruits Dreams

Apples In Dreams: In depth analysis

Dreaming of apples are symbolic to temptation. The apple is a divine gift, translated for  perfection by its shape and beauty. In the biblical tradition the apple is considered to be an image of paradise, representing joy. Think of Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden, how he was tempted by the snake. The color suggest passion and emotion, the redder the color the better. Thanks to Steve Jobs it could refer to apple products that you may want. It could also bring your awareness to your health and what you put in your body.

Bananas In Dreams: In depth analysis

A powerful dream symbol connecting you to future success, balance and vitality. It empowers you to follow your true path and create the life you have always wanted. It connects to your inner energy, solar plexus wanting the layers to be pulled back to get its benefits.

Oranges In Dreams: In depth analysis

When oranges appear in our dream they are positive dream symbols that represent the sun, enjoyment and relaxation. The symbol associated with the combination of the passion of red and the happiness of yellow. A symbol of power, strength, positive, sacral chakra and creativity. Drinking orange juice brings you endurance and determination.

Grapes In Dreams: In depth analysis

Extremely symbolic showing you abundance and wealth is heading your way. Known for making wine that shows you happiness and relaxation. Grape vines are metaphors for the children of God; they are chosen for growth and progress. A symbol of transformation, death and rebirth and fertility.  If you are eating grapes it shows you are now ready to obtain this personal transformation.


According to the Aztec society they connected the avocado with love. The avocado appears to present something that lasts long in your life would be be full of abundance. They enhance our sexual desire once eaten in the dream, showing you good things to come.

Guava Dream Meaning 

Guava in dreams hint at love, fertility and romance; the more ripe the better. The dream connects us with good health, positive energy and happiness. A symbol of beauty, social status that relates to your life.

Pomegranate Dream Meaning

When the pomegranate appears in your dream you are close to obtaining an abundance of soothing. This might be with a new career or in a new relationship. They are the fruit of the Gods, you have been chosen for a reason.

Strawberries Dream Meaning: In depth analysis

Strawberries represent the good fruits of the righteous man. Whatever you are doing in life to keep going as you will continue to prosper. A symbol of goodness, virtue and righteousness.  Did you know that this was the symbol for Venus, the Goddess of Love, due to its heart shapes and red color. The color of passion and vital energy.

Mango Dreams: In depth analysis

A powerful dream symbol often associated as the fruit of the gods. The king of fruits symbolism fertility to the Hindus – ripe mango is often held by Lord Ganesha as a symbol of attainment. It is also sacred to the Buddha a symbol  of love, wealth, fertility and even immortality.

Watermelon Dreams: In depth analysis

A protective shell that takes a knife to cut it open. This might be relating to opening up aspects of your emotional side. Watermelons is a positive omen relating to balance, grounding and fertility.


Connecting to youth and immortality. This is a positive symbol that shows you purity, renewal on life as well as the feminine archetype. The color, softness and sweetness bring us closer to softer side of our personality.