Dreams about Peeing

Dreaming of bodily fluids is a lot more common than you think. These gross dreams puts us in situations of embarrassment, vulnerability and disgust that often reflect areas in our lives. Though for the most part it brings your attention to ‘letting go’ things that are held within.  As unusual as these dreams might seem they serve as a benefit to help us understand what we are holding in.

Subjects who dream of peeing often wake up in the middle of the night because they actually need to go.

Urine Dream Symbolism:

  • pent up issue has now been released
  • releasing mental or physical issues
  • holding something in for too long
  • loss of vital energy; or life force
  • loss of control or ability to hold thing in

Releasing Toxic Energy

The symbol of peeing  translates metaphorically to emotions or feelings that might be unconscious to us. Releasing urine is actually a positive dream symbol that connects the dreamer to relief in his or her walking life.

If you think about the sigh of relief when you use the toilet after holding something in for a long time. Essentially your dream is reflecting a comfort level that you where once used to.

The release can mirror emotional blockages, emotional trauma, or natural flow of your energy (chi) that was stagnated. These are past situations or events that have stopped your progression from moving forward.

Blood In My Urine

Negative associations surrounding peeing often entail ‘blood in the urine’. Does it mean you are going to find blood in your urine? The answer is no! These dream focus on your loss of energy, life force and virility.

This disturbing dream theme purposely wants to grab your attention because you have been ignoring something for too long. Metaphorically speaking when you have blood in your urine it would point to an infection that relates to your thoughts, emotions and feelings.

What could that be exactly? Your dream is unique to you and will provide you with clues such as locations, people and emotions expressed during the time you saw blood. These dreams might come across as a nightmare but it’s main objective is to help you. You must find where the root of the problem and fix it.

  • emotional trauma
  • lack of direction
  • lost creative spark
  • fatigue
  • financial loss

 Urine On The Floor/Bed

Peeing on the floor is considered a negative dream symbol alluding to the dreamers inability to control aspects of their lives. Randomly doing something that should be done in private is metaphoric to speech, behaviors or impulse control.

In essence what you are doing that might be out of your control at the moment is inconveniencing others. Releasing tension and pressure to others when you are unable to hold it in yourself. What could that be? The floor is also symbolic to where people walk and you have made it a problem.

Beds often connect the dreamer to their intimacy, relationship and pleasures. Peeing will serve as a metaphor for releasing pent up emotions revolving around these feelings or experiencing. If you are someone who has had issues growing up wetting the bed it might reflect unresolved issues.

I Am Pissed Off Now!

Oddly enough dreaming of other people urinating on you can be quite common and annoying. These dreams bring your attention to people that like to ‘piss you off’, or use you as a form of a punching bag. You might be an empath absorbing the negative energy of other people. A symbol to keep grounded and be careful who you listen too.

A baby who pees on you might not be such a bad symbol. Babies are symbols of new development or growth in your life. Sometimes it might suggest your inner child needs to be released.