Dreaming of Peacocks

The peacock is a bird that has stirred much lore and myth dating as far back as ancient Egypt. Peacocks are symbolic in dreams that alter between both good and bad depending on their behaviour.

Peacocks emerge in our dreams as a symbol that connects us to the THRID EYE, intuition, protection and sometimes a warning about vanity.

An enigmatic bird that has the ability to bring forth awakening within the dreamer or tell them about their egotistical and pride. They appear during certain stages in our lives usually connected with changes or transformations.

Peacock Dream Meaning

When it comes to analyzing such a magnificent bird you will need to take in to consideration all of its unique elements; and how it was displayed in your dream. By exploring the symbolism of a peacock in past cultures, religions and myths, its shares similar characteristics in your dream. These birds appear as a metaphor reflecting aspects of yourself that need to be identified.

Peacock Dream Symbolism

  • Vision or all seeing
  • Rebirth or transformation
  • Egotism or pride
  • Kindness
  • Attraction
  • Good Luck
  • Protection

Peacock Dreams: All Seeing Eye Connection

Dating as far back as ancient Egypt the peacock was connected to the worship of the sun God, Amon-Ra and correlated Horus (all seeing). When the peacock has fanned out its feathers it is covered an abundance of eyes. This highly symbol metaphor can translate to God’s continuous upholding of the existence and natural order of the Universe. In the alchemical traditions they understood the peacock was a symbol of rebirth similar to the phoenix.

Another possibility could be affiliated with your ‘inner eye’ or ‘third eye’. The third eye is known as the connection to higher consciousness located in the middle of the forehead. Once opened it provided perception beyond your normal vision.

In Greek and Roman mythology they related the peacocks tail as the ‘eyes’ of the stars. If we connect the meaning of stars in dreams it can relate to divine guidance, intuition; and the watchful guardians. In Christianity the peacock is associated with the all-seeing church. The symbol might be associated with rebirth, immortality and revival of spiritual beliefs.

Peacock Dreams Symbolism

The negative side to the peacock can be interpreted with narcissism, vanity and pride. The peacocks gathers attention from its sheer beauty as it shows off its magnificent iridescent colors. A metaphor for showing your colors, reveling who you really are; or excessive interest in or admiration of oneself and one’s physical appearance. Another analysis might be a need to become more attractive to find a mate in its display of colors.

  • Self importance
  • Need constant praise and admiration
  • Sense of entitlement
  • Attention seeker
  • Finding mate

Peacock: Kindness & Luck

In the Hindu culture they understood the peacock to be associated with kindness, luck and self control. They can be symbols connecting you to the spirit through mediation. They are known kill snakes and insects that are considered bad omens in our dreams. Though the process of mediation the peacock wants you to become more selfless, humble and open to higher consciousness. Its call mimicking laughter wants you to open up and stop taking life so seriously.