Dreaming of Ducks

If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it probably is a duck. Sorry to break the news to you but in the dream world if it looks like a duck it is farthest from a duck, but something more significant.

Symbolically speaking ducks can be ranked as some of the more interesting dream images as they have the ability to swim fairly deep underwater, walks on land, and of course flying high in the air.

Containing three out of four earth elements of which the entire world is composed such as earth, water and air. The close relationship with the water brings the dreamers attention to their emotions that are often unconscious to them.

Ducks tend to appear in our dreams both in a positive and negative manner depending on your interaction. These powerful omens carry a message for you to decode metaphorically, manifesting into different shapes, colors and sizes.

Duck Dreams: Earth Elements

The fact that ducks fly in the air it connects the dreamer attention to their  intelligence, creativity, and beginnings. Air is considered a masculine element, shapeless, intangible, invisible that relates to the spirit (wind). The wind/air close attachment to the spirit donates that the duck might be a messenger from a world that is felt but not seen.

Water on the other hand connects the dreamer to the element of emotion and the unconscious side, searching through the unexplored depths of your mind. The masculine traits of the air combined with the feminine traits of the water, the duck appears to represent balance (grounded).

Could the duck describe aspects of your personality that glide across the waters of your life with ease and confidence? Maybe it suggest not to neglect your emotional needs.

Noticing the duck on the ground focuses on your stability, groundedness, fertility, potential, and stillness. The middle ground between water and air, new life, rebirth, death and new beginnings.

 Duck Dreams: What You Should Know

Since dreams like to appear metaphorically to deliver messages this might be a symbol of vision as ducks have three eyelids. Could it suggest that it relates to the third eye, intuition (wind), or earths grounding energies.

Ducks are known to echo that can relate metaphorically to communication, thoughts or beliefs are amplified or reinforced by communication and repetition inside a closed system.

Did you know that they fly as high as airplanes. They can be seen as symbols of major transition that relate to emotional aspects of the dreamer. Ducks normally migrate between 200 and 4,000 feet in the air connecting the dreamer as they are instinctively navigating towards a transformation in life.

Duck Symbolism:

  • Rebirth, transition & transformation,
  • Commutation,
  • Message from the spirit world,
  • Emotional unconsciousness,
  • Balance and harmony.

Common Duck Dreams

Dreaming of duck eggs hatching can be considered a very powerful omen that represents a complete transformation. Eggs are symbols to the self, wholeness, completeness, as their is a rebirth taking place.

Dreaming of baby ducks and ducklings suggest that new growth is now ready to take place in your life. This will result to new movements, understand emotional depths and freedom.

Noticing a duck attacking or biting suggest you have annoyed or irritated something in your life. The enigmatic nature of the duck might be hard to decode, however the male duck (drake) is known to attack if you get close to its hatching’s.  You might be too close to something that is trying to protect its young, stepping in the wrong territory.

If you dream of a white duck it is considered a positive symbol relating to purity, protection, love, and innocence.

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1 year ago

I dreamt of a pheasant or peacock that sat in the grass and allowed me to pick it up and pet it. It had wonderful fall colouring. I have not idea what this means