Dreams about Drinking

What does it mean to dream about drinking?

Drinking in a dream is symbolic in the sense it attaches itself to a feeling of that you have been metaphorically thirsting in your life. It represents delight of longings, either emotionally, physically or spiritually. You have been craving this sustenance in your life for so long and now you have just obtained it.

What could this be exactly? Depending on what you are drinking in your dream informs you what specific area in your life is being nourished.

Essentially, by absorbing any substance will either benefit or harm the workings of the mind, body & soul connection. There seems to be a fine line between a good or bad omen when we are drinking mind altering substances such as beer or wine especially if one becomes drunk. For the most part drinking in dreams is a positive omen that benefits the dreamer in the future.

Common Drinking Dreams Symbols

  • drinking alcohol such as wine, beer or tequila
  • cold water, water from a cup, tap or coconut water
  • milk
  • herbal medicine
  • coke
  • drinking dirty water
  • cooking or anointing oil

Dream meaning of drinking milk

Milk is a very positive symbol in our dreams because it come from the cow, a scared symbol in some cultures connecting to mother earth; a symbol of power, nurturing, and fertility. By drinking milk in your dream represents being nourished by the divine feminine energy that is contained within you. Drinking milk is usually connected more with the spiritual side of the dreamer.

By drinking breast Milk In Your Dream represents inner growth, connection with the unconscious feminine energy and luck. You are being nurtured by the great mother. To dream of drinking chocolate milk might suggest new found success and enjoyment in your life or childlike happiness.

Dreaming of drinking either spoiled, rotten, or sour milk suggests neglect of this inner feminine energy that you are thirsting for. A sign to trust your inner feminine traits and find balance between both masculine and feminine forces like the Yin and Yang energies.

 Are you drinking water in your dream?

Water is a powerful symbol and one of four elements that represents life itself. In our dreams water can be associated spiritual nourishment, growth, change, fertility, and refreshment. Waters close connection with our emotional state (bodies of water) tells us about absorbing new emotional states of mind that is now developing within.

We are known to drink water from cups, glasses, taps or bottles and it all equates to the same positive meaning of inner fulfillment (see triangle dreams). Drinking water in our dreams give life to the unconscious aspects in your life that are now developing. Drinking coconut water in your dream contains a lot of spiritual benefits, long lasting nourishment and inner completion due to the circular shape of the coconut.

Drinking dirty water in your dreams warns the dreamer to pay attention to what they are absorbing in their lives. Its unclean nature encourages the dreamer to examine the negative behaviors, addiction, traits, urges that needs purifying.

Symbolic meaning of drinking alcohol dreams

Sometimes drinking beer, wine or other sorts of alcoholic drinks in your dream can be positive symbol related to enjoyment, relationships or pleasures in life. Metaphorically speaking anything negative that we put into our system (mind body connection) result in punishing oneself – being drunk in your dream represents aloofness, lack of control or alcoholic issues in your life.

By drinking Alcohol In Your Dreams symbolizes an unconscious influence that changes the way you feel. A symbol that can sway by moving you toward negative or positive feelings. This can be a conscious shift that is currently taking place. Dreaming of any alcohol bottles symbolize used or conserved energy depending if it is empty or not.

Spiritually speaking the dream could be a play on words representing “the spirit” of the individual, a person’s disposition, or even the Holy Spirit. If you are drinking palm wine in your dream representing nourishing aspects of the self (see tree dreams for more details).

What does alcohol symbolize in dreams?

Depending your religion, life experiences or addictions, alcohol in our dreams alters. The Biblical dream meaning of alcohol represents being given a gift from God that makes life more joyous, but that over-indulgence leading to drunkenness is sinful. However, in the Quran (Muslims) will see alcohol being something that is reflected as wrong doing or should be avoided in their lives.

Dreams about drinking alcohol after drinking is a common occurrence that represents fears of falling off the wagon or relates to repressed urges and craving. Quitting alcohol and experience vivid dreams tend to go hand in hand.

Dreaming of drinking oils

Dreaming of drinking cooking oil can be seen as a negative symbol that might be related to toxic things you put into your body. Drinking olive oil in your dream can be a symbol of purification, healing power and inner change.