Dreaming Of Diamonds

Like most dream symbols that appear in our dreams they contain a hidden meaning underneath what you are actually observing. Since the diamond contains geometrical shape of the octagon it becomes highly symbolic connecting to the spirit of the dreamer.

Symbolic Meaning Of Diamonds In Dreams

This so called diamond that you saw in your dreams contains more value than an actual diamond itself.

Geometry Shapes that appear in our dreams connects us to profound wisdom, opening up to life and creation of the Universe itself; a divine bridge between higher consciousness or direct communication with God. The symbol of the diamond in your dream attaches itself more towards the spiritual side of the dreamer that is undergoing a transformation.

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How diamonds appear in dreams

  • Finding a diamond
  • Noticing a diamond necklace, ring or earrings
  • Diamonds mixed with gold, watches or seen with money
  • Colors such as blue, purple, yellow and multi colored diamonds
  • Stealing, losing or falling diamonds from a ring

Diamond dreams & the hidden treasure

If you happen to search other online websites for the Meaning Of Diamonds you might come across similar interpretations relating to wealth, harmony, abundance and prosperity. Sure this could be true, but this rare unique symbol relates more to your inner wealth as opposed to your external world.

Diamonds are often attached to valuable items such as necklaces, rings and earrings in our dreams on purpose; a representation of your inner beauty manifesting in your inner world will shine outwardly. Not only to mention that diamonds are also associated with other iconic geometrical shapes such as the circle and spiral, symbols known for transformations and inner completion.

Diamond Dream Symbolism

  • Cycles, fluidity
  • The connection between heaven and earth
  • Balance & regeneration
  • Totality, peace and calmness
  • The number 8 and infinity
  • Rebirth & transitions
  • Protection to ward off negative spiritual activity
  • Higher wisdom and spirituality
  • Transcendence
  • Faithfulness

Diamond Dreams & Spiritual Power

Now that you understand that the Diamond In Your Dream seems to connect more towards soul of the dreamer, what exactly is the spiritual meaning of the diamond telling you?

The diamond can be a reflection of life itself, the SUN; a symbol of precision or unyielding spiritual power, and the stone that bonds two energies related to faithfulness and the promise between husband and wife.

In Buddhism (Feng Shui) the octagon/diamond is a shape that is used to ward off evil or negative vibrations in a house. In your dream the diamond can also be interpreted as a powerful force that wards of these forces in your life.

Did you know that the octagon is found in most baptisteries meaning its a symbol eternal life as – because the number eight/ouroboros is symbolic of renewal. Biblical meaning of dreaming of diamonds represents durability, value, and things that are impenetrable in our life’s.

Your dream will either use the function of the diamond either relating to mystical elements of life or what has been united in your outer world.

Are You A Diamond In The Rough?

Before you try to piece together what the diamond means in your dream you first need to understand what a diamond really is. If a diamond is the hardest naturally occurring substance known, it reflects what cannot be broken from the inside. The mere fact that diamonds are more than a billion years old, you are dealing with something ancient, even before you were born.

If it comes in every color it might be pointing to your CHAKRAS hinting at awakening of these inner energies. If diamonds can lose its sparkle with oil or dust deposited on it, than it suggests your positivity makes it shine outward.

What color was the diamond in your dream?

  1. If you notice a red diamond  implies excitement, energy, passion, love, desire, speed, strength & blood diamond.
  2. A pink diamond in your dream symbolizes love and romance, but as well connects you back to your childhood.
  3. Yellow diamonds represents joy, happiness, betrayal sunshine, summer and masculine energy.
  4. Blue diamonds connect towards inner peace, tranquility, cold, calm, stability, harmony and unity in dreams.
  5. Green diamonds however connect towards the heart
  6. To dream of a black ring represent power, mystery, courage, or strength, as well as show conviction or belief.

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Dreaming of a diamond ring?

Anything that takes the shape of a Circle in your dream can be considered a symbol of inner completion, self awareness and awakening. The shape that has no beginning or an end combined with the image of the diamond directs you towards enlightenmenttransformation and a rebirth. 

When you dream of a Diamond Ring it is a positive symbol that is letting you know that you are undergoing some sort of inner transformation. Like a wedding ring it tells you about two energies coming together to make one; Yin & Yang, masculine and feminine, unconscous connection to the conscious.

Alternatively, this could in fact be related to an actual wedding or a metaphoric proposal in your life. To dream of a diamond ring on your finger represents new found love, open heart chakra, wishful fulfillment.

Why a diamond necklace means in your dreams

The location of the neck bridges the mind and body – a symbol power but its close tie to the throat suggests that this transformation might be connected to your expression, wisdom and communication.

A diamond necklace in your dream represents your inner beauty will be presented in front of others. A symbol that suggests that you will shine and attract positive energy in your life and keep away negative vibrations that lurk around you.

Diamond earring dream and the spiral

The ear is never really your ear in dreams but something much more powerful. Because of the spiral shape of the ear connects us to divinity or The Source. Dreaming of a diamond earring is a very powerful symbol that represents your connection with the Self or higher power. You will be protected along your journey as you head towards inner completion or enlightenment.

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Gold Diamond & Money With Diamond Dreams

To dream of a gold diamond is a very positive omen that represents renewal, growth, spiritual awakenings, renewal and purity. Gold In Dreams contains more inner richness similar to the diamond; a symbol that suggests you will shine and develop in a particular area in your life.

If you dream of money and diamonds it suggests you hard work will finally pay off.  Money In Your Dream can be seen as one of the most lucky symbols we can experience that represents new found confidence, spiritual knowledge, gaining wisdom, love or prosperity.

Diamonds that are lost, stolen or falling dreams

Dreaming of falling diamonds can be seen as a negative omen depending what it fell from. We understand that diamonds are durable, shine, connects with marriage, balances emotions and protects you from negative energy. What the diamonds fall from helps determine were this loss might be stemming from.

To dream of diamonds being stolen is a negative omen relating to regrets, bad decisions, someone gaining from you, or a loss of protection or support. To dream of lost diamonds suggests something valuable has been misplaced in your life.

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6 months ago

I found a diamond treasure in bottle, and I killed some bad insects inside the bottle.

8 months ago

In 2003, I was dreaming with my dad, a man who did not wear any jewelry. However, in the dream, he was wearing a diamond necklace and a diamond ring. I remember telling him in Spanish, “Wow, look at you looking sharp.” He just smiled. When I woke up, the hospital called and wanted to speak with my mom. One hour later, we all learned that my dad had passed away.

I will never forget that dream.

9 months ago

I keep dreaming that my grand mother gives me a stunning large diamond and that there is anther one hidden or that she lost still at her house that I keep looking for.

9 months ago

I dreamed last night. In my dream I saw a dead blue butterfly soaked in a clear water. I held it in my hands and felt very sad. Then I heard someone’s say, a guy, whom I never saw before said, we need to go. As we walked we cross the road. Beside the road I saw a bulk of blue diamonds and a bulk of red diamonds. I scope the red ones in my hands and look at it and was amazed because it was very transparent and then I asked the guy with me if it was real… Read more »

Stephen Shaw
Stephen Shaw
1 year ago

I dreamed my deceased brother gave me 2 matched diamonds telling me they were for me

Last edited 1 year ago by Stephen Shaw
1 year ago

I dreamt that round diamonds kept falling out of my bellybutton. One or two at first, than many of different sizes started to pour out of my belly button. I tried to catch them with my hands and put them on the table but they were going everywhere.

Judy Goetz
Judy Goetz
1 year ago

I dreamt that my wedding rings broke while on my hand and the diamond got lost. I’m worried. My hubby and I are very happily married.

Reply to  Judy Goetz
1 year ago

Sometimes negative dreams are a trick of the adversary. It doesn’t like that you both are happy. Rebuke that negative dream and don’t allow it to have you look for something that’s not there. Stay happy and enjoy every moment. And when you both are old and grey you can look back on your wonderful memories and smile.

2 years ago

3 days ago I had to put down my cat (Royce) of 18 years. I had a dream last night which only went for a few seconds, he had a large Pink Diamond (I wish the dream went longer). Im so sad at the moment I’m not dealing with any of this well.

2 years ago

I had a dream my friend that passed a few months ago was at my aunts house, whom also passed. My friend was showing me jeweler that she was making. It was I diamonds necklace with a heart. She put it in my hands and I had a handful of beautiful white diamonds necklaces. I cried in my dream of joy, I knew she was in heaven. I woke up still crying in joy.

2 years ago

I had a dream that my husband gave me 2 large diamonds. Instead of their point(s) pointing down, they pointed upward and the larger side was/were resting calmly one in each of his palms as he presented them to me. They were clear, shiny, and sparkled beautifully. I woke up before he could tell me where he got them or why he was giving them to me. I was in shock, overwhelmed, and amazed by their beauty and his genorosity.