Dancing In Dreams

Dancing in your dreams is often more frequent experienced with women than men. This is more than just an expression of joy but a symbolic meaning that dats so far back it resonates deep within our soul.

In fact that the first archaeological proof of dance comes from the 4000 BCE year old cave paintings in India. According to researchers the ability to dance was connected to our survival as a way for our prehistoric ancestors to bond and communicate, particularly during difficult times. The humans who had the ability to coordinate and where rhythmic with their feet had an evolutionary advantage.

In our dreams dancing seems to contain a hidden message within each step, location, song, and the person you are dancing with. As if two energies are in unison simultaneously moving together as the world stops. What makes dancing such a fascinating symbol is the fact that we are often dancing with dead loved ones.

Dancing Dream Meaning

I was wondering why women dream of dancing more than men until I found out it is to attract a mate. This can date back to 1.5 million years ago when early humans danced to attract their future prospects. Furthermore, the dancers were found to have higher levels of serotonin, known to boost moods in humans and mice.

Dancing with someone in your dream might signify meeting a potential mate in the near future, or perhaps a unification of both your masculine and feminine energies – the psyche androgynous nature contains both counterparts. According to Carl Jung he believed that a dancing female in your dream was related to the archetype of the female.

Maybe we are digging too deep and dancing can be just a symbol of exciting life movements, a need to express yourself, or have some fun. What where the feelings expressed in your dream? Was this just more than just moving your feet.

Your dream will provide you with clues often in metaphors such as songs played, locations, type of dance, who is taking the lead, or if you are dancing solo.

Dancing Symbolism In Dreams:

  • A fun exciting movement and confidence,
  • Boosting serotonin and mood,
  • Connecting two energies,
  • Communication, movement, and bonding,
  • Expressing joy about the body;
  • Spiritual connection to the deceased.

Dancing With The Dead

Do our passed loved ones really communicate with us in our dreams? Often times when the emerge they come with glad tidings usually offering us gifts, sending us flowers, or in this case one last dance. This cannot be a fluke as many people actually report dancing with their deceased father.

In my experience connecting with the dead in dreams is possible, however their seems to be a fine line between actual contact and unconscious feeling or repressed emotions expressed in the dream. Dancing with our dead loved ones seems to be some sort of non verbal communication as they are unable to speak with us anymore.

Could these dreams represent the connection you had with them on earth, or maybe your energies merged from far beyond the grave. They are moving with you in spirit, body and each step of your life… As if you life is a song being played for the universe to hear!

Common Dancing Dreams

Many accounts of dancing dreams are commonly found in a church as its a very positive dream symbol.  An image that might connect you closer to your spirit, belief systems or some sort of unification in your life.

If you are dancing with a baby it might be related to your own inner child that is now developing. Although babies often appear to be related to new growth and transformations in your life.

Singing and dancing in your dreams is often a positive symbol of fun and excitement to come. You are expressing yourself in ways you never did before, it relates to communication and your movements in your life.

In Exodus 15:20, dancing was first mentioned during Miriam’s dance, which will be covered momentarily. … dance was often considered an act of victory and celebration, seeing dance as prophetic decree or enactment deepens its significance to one of a mighty weapon of war.