Did Your Doppelganger Appear In Your Dream?

You might be familiar with the German term doppelgänger or what we might call our “body double” or “look-alike” that is known to  have a spookily resemblance of you.

With 7 billion people in the world we are bound to find someone who looks similar to us right? Well according to mythology texts this isn’t just a look a like but an exact replica – one that is known to be evil or harbor bad luck once encountered.

So what happens when you dream of seeing yourself or doppelganger or evil twin in your dream? As strange as these dreams are they actually contain a very valuable message that points you towards the things in yourself that remain unconscious.

Does this actually mean this is a bad omen? Actually this is quite the opposite, in fact seeing yourself in your dream contains hidden secrets that you need to make conscious.

Doppelganger/Seeing Yourself In Dream

Dreams have a strange tendency to send you symbols in a metaphoric manner for you to decode, unfortunately it often leads to most people scratching their heads when they wake up.

Dreaming of a doppelganger or look alike in your dream represents a mirror reflection of yourself, aspects of how you are that remain unconscious. Depending on your interaction with the doppelganger will either determine the good or bad aspects of you. The bad parts commonly known as what Carl Jung described as the shadow side of the dreamer, contains all the evil or bad elements that need to be recognized within you.

The main purpose of noticing yourself in your dream would be to shed light on your own darkness – that which causes destruction and hurt to others. By killing him or her would be considered a good symbol. Often times in your dreams you will encounter the “evil” doppelganger that is out to hurt you – an image for you to be aware of your own inner demons.

Killing The Evil Your In Your Dream?

Since dream speak to us in a foreign language killing yourself is actually metaphoric for killing off the bad parts of yourself. In essence you are killing off particular traits that were once unknown to you. What could that be?

  • greed, lust or envy
  • sexual desires
  • belief systems
  • rage, hate or anger,
  • racism or prejudices
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3 months ago

I had a dream I was zoning out on some stairs after I got rescued from a flying house lol. As I’m sitting there my late aunt comes and is telling me to leave and “that’s not who I am” and I’m so confused. I turn and see myself just staring blankly. And super still. My aunt tries to get me to get up and leave but I face the look alike and grab her hands and start praying . And it starts turning ugly and screaming really mad. I wasn’t scared at all it was more like … I… Read more »

Reply to  The Dreamer
3 months ago

I have always lived a “double life” and I am really close to achieving my goals to finally leave that old life. I feel like it’s that but it can go so many ways. Thank you I will do some more internal work.

4 months ago

So I had a dream last night. I was in a city, This man was running from the cops, and he threw a bag of something from the other side of the street to me. And I threw it to a nearby cop Bc I didn’t want it. So I continue with my walk and turn down an alley way when I notice this dude that was running from the cops was chasing me. He had a light blue tshirt on with black pants and he was kinda buff. I started running from him and found myself either up a… Read more »

5 months ago

A few years ago, I had a dream where I was standing in the middle of my brother’s room. Some other stuff happened before then but I can’t remember, though I don’t think it was important. Suddenly, I saw my doppelganger near the door. I was so scared and just stared at her, screaming so much that my throat hurt.( I never scream out loud irl.) As I kept screaming and staring at her, all she did was stand still and stare back at me without any expression on her face. Another thing to mention is that irl I have… Read more »

1 year ago