Are You Dreaming Of Your Dead Father?

Did you know thousands of people search the web each month to find answers for the reason why their dead father randomly appeared in their dreams.

Unfortunately the answers they would have hoped to find still leaves them lingering in the dark, often wondering if they actually made contact, or if this was just some random dream.

Well oddly enough there seems to be some tell tale signs that usually emerge when you see your deceased father in your dream, they often communicate with us in specific ways that can be somehow coded metaphorically. Remember fathers are known as protectors, the masculine energy that show up in different times in your life unlike your dead mother or grandmother – feminine, mother and nurturer.

Dreaming Of My Dead Father

Deciphering between a random dream or a visitation dream is usually determined by its vividness, you might even wake up feeling as if you had spoke with him. They are commonly known to hug the dreamer, talking, smiling or even giving you money; however they are also known to show up in a negative manner such as being angry, sick or dying again.

Did you dead father every bring you something in your dream before? 

#1. Why Did Your Dead Father Visit?

Sometimes the answer might be in front of your face by doing a bit of self reflection. Is this a time in your life when you really need your fathers support? Perhaps he showing up to guide you and let you know that he is watching your ever move? It is not uncommon for them to show up during major shift or transition in your life.

Alternately he was and is still a part of you thus encouraging you to examine your past relationship, your unconscious masculine side that can be distorted based off of your childhood.

#2. My Dead Father Talking To Me In My Dream

Did they talk to you on a phone or was it direct? These dreams often point to contact between the ‘middle way’ between earth and another dimension, the place where you both parties seem to connect then separate – the phone being a metaphoric symbol of contact.

What did you talk about? Usually the conversation can be direct and other times words and symbols appear to be coded in a message. Find out why you are talking to the dead in your dreams.

  • warning or dangers
  • sending love and affirmations
  • appearing when you are an a bad state of mind
  • need help and guidance
  • protection and support

# 3 My Dead Dad Was Angry In My Dream

Not all dreams are chocolates and roses, in fact they usually show up angry or concerned at the living. Why is this? These types of dreams encourage you to reflect on what your bond going up, what might make him angry at you today?

Did you do something that you shouldn’t have done? Perhaps this is something you might do in the near future. Often times locations, emotions and theme of the dream are hints will point to why he could be angry – thinking outside the box by decoding symbols metaphorically.

Furthermore, an angry father might be connected to a negative or toxic past relationship that needs to be sorted out within you psyche. Often repressed memories emotions and behaviors based off your past is lodged in your unconsciousness wanting to be examined.

Usually the dead are not angry unless there is something to be angry about, whereas other times it has more to with your past relationship then a visitation.

#4 Dead Father Smiling and Hugging In My Dream

If your dead father is smiling in your dream it suggest he might be pleased, happy or content with a particular situation in your life. Maybe they are happy about the way something has turned out. Alternately this can also be connected to approval or acceptance, or just dads being proud of you.

Dreaming of your dead dad hugging you connects you to affection and support. Hugging is a powerful dream symbol of protection and security even though he might have passed on he is letting you know that he is there in spirit.

#5 Dream: Dead Father Coming Home & Sleeping

Dreams of your father coming home are more powerful than you think. In fact houses in dreams are symbolic of the psyche of the dreamer, each floor can be a blueprint of you past and unconscious memories and emotions that you might share. Coming home is a positive symbol however you would have to use the content that occurred in your dream and sort it out.

If you notice your dead father sleeping it might symbolize unconscious feelings towards his death, dying and the unconsciousness. Where and how was he sleeping? These are clues!

#6 Dead Father Sick or Dying Again Dream

Dreams of reliving this horrible experience again might be connected to a repressed memory. Usually when are dead parents visit us in a dream they are known to look healthy and refreshed. Perhaps the emotions you experienced while they where sick are raring its ugly head? Maybe you had trouble processing what you experienced and the way he died?

A sick parent causes a lot of  repressed psychological trauma usually these feelings are never accepted but rejected, hence why it is coming out in your dream. This is why it is very common to dream of your father dying again.

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